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  1. I think in England its 5 days after issue before its deemed to have been served. Just received my notification back from the court, issue date 1/12/06 deemed served 6/12/06. Got all my dates carefully marked on a big calender so I can keep things moving.
  2. If you were going to claim contractual interest (29% ish) this needed to be included from the start, but this is still debatable and most people aren't doing this. When you actually submit your claim against the bank the 8% statuory interest is added as part of the N1. This can't be included before the claim is submitted so your right on track for this.
  3. rbrears this is excellent. I will definately be sending this of to BOS as soon as they respond to my claim. Getting your retaliation in first is the way to go.
  4. BBC - The Law Essential Guides - Small Claims Court gives the reasons for sending the template letters as well
  5. Isn't the whole thing about small claims that you are not liable for the other sides costs, even if you lose. Reading the cases where the bank agrees to refund (just about all of them) they always send the same letter stating that it would be too expensive for THEM if even if they won.
  6. Thanks, that will definately make things easier:)
  7. Hi all, I have just started process (sent prelim approach letter). I live in England and thought I could use MCOL. But just checked the site, trying to plan ahead, and it says defendant must have address in England. Anyone know if i can just use one of their English addresses, or can i still go to my local court and use the Edinburgh address i have used so far. My branch address is Edinburgh.
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