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  1. Woo!sorted! I won. Got a cheque yesterday for just over £3000! Can a Mod change the thread title?
  2. Had a date for a hearing from the court! Can i expect a settlement soon? starting to panic.
  3. OK. So we sent the letter saying thanks but no thanks for the early partial settlement with conditions attached. Today i have recieved a letter from cobbets with their allocation questionnair attached saying the case can be struck out as i haven't served a reply to the request for further information? I sent both the court and cobbets a reply for the cpr18 request - standard letter etc. Is this just more scare tactics by cobbets?
  4. WOO! Got a letter from Cobbets this morning offering me around £1500 to settle now subjuct to certain conditions. Sure i read somewhere a while ago on her to accept the money, but not the conditions and to carry on through the courts for the remainder. Is that right? Do I need to let the court know i'm claiming for less money now?
  5. Thank You! Sent letters and fees back to the court, and sent a copy of that to cobbets. fingers crossed!
  6. Right. I may need some help. I've recieved a defence from Cobbetts which has come from the court as well. Looks like a fairly stndard response but i was expecting an N150 form. They have sent me a N149 Allocation Questionnair (small claim track) form. What do i do now? Also have to enclose £100 to the court - do i get that back if i win?
  7. LOL, just checked the site now, It's changed to defence. Oh well, I'd better start reading up!
  8. Still no word. When can i enter a default judgement thingie?
  9. Hi, I thought it was about time i started my thread. Submitted my claim early december and it was acknoledged on the 13/12/06 Now waiting for them to sort themselves out. Thanks everyone for all the advice on here i've already pinched from other threads! Carl
  10. I sent my claim last week and today the status has changed to aknowledged. So they now have 14 days? is that correct? so i should have heard more by the 27th?
  11. Hi new to all this, but just called natwest and requested my statements for the last 6 years. i have been charged £5 and they are now in the post. this worked out cheaper than the £10 under the DPA. is there a catch? once i have my statements i can just calculate the total amout of charges myself and then send a letter requesting them back.
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