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  1. thanks for answering so quick i will do that now thank you again:)
  2. hi well quick update they payed me back my halifax charges,but no intrest but the visa is still hanging on so i will now send my lba to them
  3. hi was reading your thread with great intrest am having the same problem i payed them a settletement and was told i was now clear and on my creidt file it says no balance owing but when i started to claim my charges back they now say i owe them the outstanding balance,my account has been closed for years, so am just waiting to see if they take it out when they pay me back,good luck
  4. hi can someone help i dont have the money to make my claim online, so can someone explain how i go about doing it in my own court sorry for being so thick i did claim of bos but(i done my bos claim on line )
  5. hi just a quick update just about to take cap one to court,got another letter statting the usal not giving you anymore so take offer, so here i go
  6. It Says Bank Templates Libary,
  7. Go To The Libary At The Start, It Will Give You A List Of Letters And Different Thing You Need
  8. send a letter to cap one asking for your statements, if you follow the step by step guide on here you cant go wrong ,its a great site and everyone is really helpful good luck
  9. does anyone know a fax number for them
  10. well still nothing,their 14days are up today should i give them a little more time or should i just put into court.
  11. not to sure what you would write to them, pm a mod, guess the bank knows whats comming next so they are sending you the next letter, sorry not to be of much help but good luck
  12. well got statements,can someone help me with the con intrest still cant work it out,
  13. yes i would , have you got your statements yet,maybe the letter was meant for someone eles. good luck
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