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  1. Thanks for that Tiglet, I will write another letter and give it a try. Regards Laineybelle
  2. Last year I successfully won my battle against Barclays and had all my claim returned. I changed banks to RBS and started afresh. It hasn't gone too badly but after just over a year i still can't quite get my head around the way they deal with their banking days as in when payments go in and out (at the end of the banking day not the start as Barclays did). Anyway, to the point. I have had one or two charges because of the way they carry out their payment system but would love some advice on one I feel very strongly about. Just before Christmas last year a DD went out which took us over our overdraft. I paid money in on the day but because I neglected to tell them that I had paid money in to cover the DD, they returned it and charged me £38.00. Unwillingly, I accepted the charge feeling I was to blame but the charge incurred was more than the original DD they returned so it took our account still over the overdraft by a couple £'s. The next morning wages went in to the account and then in January I found we had been charged a further £28 for going over the overdraft. I contacted my local branch and tried to explain the situation to them but they said I would have to write to head office. I did this and explained that they had basically charged me twice for the same thing and that I felt it was unreasonable (Barclays never did that!). I had not heard anything at all back from head office and when I asked in my local branch the other day they said that RBS were not dealing with any claims whilst the appeal was going through. I explained that mine was more of a problem with the 2 charges for the same thing but they said it did not matter anything to do with bank charges was not being looked at at the moment. I haven't even received a polite letter back explaining this. Can anyone out there tell me if they are right to charge me for returning a DD which then takes me a couple of £ over my overdraft overnight and then charge me another £28 for that? It was them that did it in the first place. It means I have been charged £66 for a £30 DD not going out. I would accept one charge but two? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Hi Bubble Butt, VERY Cool name, I like it. I wish I had thought of a more original name when I started!!! Anyway, you will see from my thread that I have recently (yesterday to be exact!) won my claim so hang on in there. YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY. And every last penny may I add (a touch more too sometimes!!!) I even got the 82p extra out of them. I will follow your thread with interest now I have found it and just shout if you need any guidance. We are all here to help each other. I like your style by the way, with your local branch refunding you your 'odd' charge. Stick with it and you will soon be joining me in the 'successes' thread!! Laineybelle
  4. DOH!!!!!!!!!!!! Apologies, have tried again and been successful this time!!! Please disregard previous post. It just takes a bit of brain thats all. Probably pickled on the champagne I had last night!!! Thanks again to all. Survey done (I think), donation done (definately). Off on well deserved break next week. See you soon on pre 6 year battle!!! Regards again to all laineybelle
  5. Hi again, I have just tried to make a donation and can you believe I haven't got a clue what I am doing!!! Typical, I get past a big bad Barclays and then can't do a simple payment. Are there instructions anywhere??? I would like to do it today as I have hubbys card and we are away next week. I may never get his card again!!! I clicked on button but did not know what to put in detail and password. It would not accept the one I use for CAG. It is a Paypal one, is that right? Any help appreciated Laineybelle
  6. By the way, how did I become a 'Classic Account Customer'? I have only just noticed it! Laineybelle
  7. Thanks Gary, I was right it does look cool having 'WON' by your name. I am right in thinking that the survey we are asked to complete are just those 4 or 5 little questions? If so I think I have done that. I will make the donation when I can prise my hubby's bank card from him, hopefully it will help towards others like me getting back what is rightfully their's!!! Never heard of the successes section, but it sounds pretty good. Ready when you are Gary. Never thought I would actually get there. I have a friend I have encouraged to join the fight so hopefully she won't be far behind! You know who you are scrumpy girl!! GO GIRL!! All my best to everyone Laineybelle
  8. Thanks to all you guys!!! I got home to a bottle of champagne tonight. I get nearly the whole bottle as my hubby doesn't like it much. Another triumph me thinks!!! You are so right Rich, you do have to keep checking the account to make sure its still there. First time my hubby has been in the black for a while!!! I definately agree with you both Rich and Micky, it really does sometimes go to the absolute 11th hour and you almost lose hope but in the end they were screaming to settle and we kept our cool and still are. We have to get moving in the morning to let the Courts know though. I am pretty chuffed I got the last dig about the 82p too. I must have looked so petty..but hey!!!! them's the breaks. By the way, could someone please add a 'WON' to my thread please.........that will look sssoooo cool!!! All the best to all Laineybelle
  9. YEH!!!!! Finally, barclays have credited our account. I checked at 3.00pm and it wasn't there. Checked at 3.30pm and there it was!!!! My husband received a fax with the offer on this morning and they hadn't added the extra 82p for todays interest but had included the £6.00 p&p which they didn't have to pay so I made my husband scribble the amount out and put the new amount with the added extra 82p. can you believe it, I am soooo tight!!! Anyway they credited the amount with the 82p!!! Guess they knew not to mess about at that stage. Have rang the courts but can't fax through the papers cancelling the court hearing until the morning, so it will be very close as the hearing is at 10.00am. It is amazing to see the money there and it's all thanks to this site and everyone on it, I could never have done it on my own, I wouldn't have had a clue, so thank you to all. I will complete the survey asap and make my donation to the site. And to the rest of you keep the good fight going!!! It truly does work out in the end. If anything was going to go wrong it would have been us as money never comes to us easily. It has been a battle but WE HAVE WON!!! Thanks again and good luck to all out there continuing the fight. I may attempt another one, either pre 6 years with Barclays or maybe RBS for the small amount taken. I will have my holiday next week first to get over this and then see. Regards Laineybelle
  10. Hi Rich, Thanks for the interest mate. Not a dickie bird!!! My husband has called time and time again and we have had absolutely no response at all, so unless something has gone horribly wrong with my paperwork, it looks like we are off to Court tomorrow. I did e-mail the bank very late last night. I e-mailed to Krysta as it was her e-mail I had from on this site and copied in Paul Quinn (he is dealing with ours) as I wasn't sure of his e-mail address. STOP PRESS, STOP PRESS!!!! I have just had a call from my husband!!! Paul Quinn has apologised for not getting back to him sooner, he said he has been a bit busy!!!, he said he is going to fax our FULL settlement offer to my husbands works for my hubby to sign and fax back and the money will be in his account by tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a close shave, my e-mail must have done the trick!!! Not counting my chickens yet, but my husband is under strict instruction from me about what to sign and not to sign and Paul Quinn reckons he is going to pay every last penny, even the £6.00 P&P I requested. I have told hubby to cross out the confidentiality bit and not to sign anything for the Courts. WE will let the Court know when the money is in the account. Watch this space guys!!!! I will let you know as soon as. Regards from a hopefully better off financial person Laineybelle
  11. Hi all, Thanks for feedback. My husband did talk to Krysta the first time he called (last Tuesday) and she said Tom (I think that was his name) was dealing with his claim and that he would have a letter out to him by the end of the week (last week)and that was the last communication we had with them. Every time since my husband has rang and got a/m and left messages which have received no response. Nothing today so far, so he is now preparing to get time off to attend court on Friday. We'll see. I'm sure they will be flapping more than me at this stage!?! I will let you know of any changes. Thanks again to all for support, thanks Rich. Hope you are enjoying your windfall!! Regards Laineybelle
  12. Hi Guys, Well I have to say, I am starting to worry a bit now. Court date is this Friday. We have had absolutely no contact from barclays whatsoever. No calls, no letters, no credit of account. My husband has called them several times and left messages since this time last week but still nothing, although they have acknowledged his call once, the first time. He has called the courts today and as far as they can tell nothing has been put on their system about receiving a bundle from barclays but they work 2 weeks behind so they can't be 100%!!! I expected something from them by now and had hoped we wouldn't need to show up on Friday. Surely they shouldn't be leaving it quite this late. Other threads I have followed have been paid before now and sometimes a lot earlier. Regards A slightly worried Laineybelle
  13. WELL DONE RICH MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really pleased for you, you really deserve it. Enjoy your money mate...along with the moment and good luck with your next 'project'. We are awaiting a letter from barclays as my hubby did ring on Tuesday, then again Wednesday and was told a letter would be with us by the end of this week. I might sus out whether he has any more charges on his account since the original claim and see if I can wangle them also. There should only be a couple so worth a try. Congratulations again. laineybelle
  14. Nice one!!! Well done. How on earth did you get them to settle so quickly though with your Court date still being quite a few weeks off? Regards Laineybelle
  15. Good going Rich, not far now. I am just trying to get my husband to ring now. I would love to do it as I have done the whole thing from the start but unfortunately one of the accounts is in his name so they probably won't give me the time of day. Little do they know that its me who has caused them yet another little problem. Half of me wants to see what they do as they will have problems getting hold of him and the other half wants to ring them and set the ball rolling. Ooohh this stage is sooo exciting!! Let us know your news as soon as. Laineybelle
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