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  1. Thanks for your replies, the agent is flight centre and the airline is BA
  2. Hi... I booked a ticket through flight centre with an agent. This guy was hurrying me up for a week to offer me this special deal which apparently closed by 6pm on Friday. I eventually booked it on the day...and paid over the phone. Prior to that I received a terms and conditions note, then paid for the ticket. I received the itinerary confirming the flight and ticket two days ago. The agent then asked me if I was still looking for hotels and I said I was, asked if he could help with that as well... a day later he sent me an email saying: "I only ask becau
  3. tthanks for the reply. I have been working there for 18 months so I just miss the 2 yr cut off for compulsory redundancy pay. am I still able to claim anything if the company is liquidated. I have heard of a govt scheme in these circumstances
  4. hi there ppl, as the topic title states, i havent received my wages since may, and no commission since march! as of the end of august i was also made redundant, based on the financial difficulties the company has been going through. I worked as a business developer selling courses for companies. the crux of the matter is not that the company fell into difficulty whereby the credit crunch affected our sales or anything, it was just down to mis management. The people who provide the funding to my former company are the learning skills council, so in essense..the govt. and they didn
  5. i havent gotten to that stage yet tbh. i am facing hardship at the moment and i want to know the steps to take to applying to the court or if there is anythign i need to do in between. my last course of action was to send the letter asking for my money back, with my shedule of charges and i got the standard reply about the OFT case from Abbey.
  6. hi, indeed, i am one of those people:rolleyes:. i sent my preliminary letter around august and got a reply in September regarding the new OFT ruling, and i assumed that big corporate money had won, and the case would go on for years and in the mean time we had lost. i am facing serious hardship as i was made redundant, and im still in search of work, i have been eating into my savings which is running low, and ive tightened my belt up to its last hole, and knowing that abbey owe me about #3,200, and i would like to pay for an IT course that would greatly improve my employment chances, a
  7. hi all, thanks for this great website. from reading whats been gong on it seems to be working and the banks are getting what they deserved for their theft of our own money. i bank with abbey, they have been absolutely atroscious in chargin my account. they made me one of the "working poor" whereby all my slary did each month was reset my over draft, which would have had some charges £35 for each transaction, then it went down to £30. the final straw came when last yr i booked a holiday over the phone directly with air france who charged my card. i knew i had enough money there so t
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