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  1. Thanks very much I was hoping you'd say I could claim as a consumer, but not to worry, I'm going for it anyway. I've looked at the standard business letter, so I'm sending that off recorded first thing in the morning. And so here starts the battle... I'm quite excited! Just got to finish going through my statements with a highlighter. My only other issue is that the amount is more than the £750 small claims amount allowed in Scottish courts - how do I deal with that? Do I ask for the full amount now, and then lodge separate court cases if they don't do anything in the fir
  2. Hi all, My ex pointed me to this forum after managing to get a small amount of money back from her bank. I've had a sole trading account for since 2004 and the charges have crippled me. At first, I was honest with the bank and told them when customer payments were coming in late which meant bounced cheques and direct debits, but each time I got a resounding 'there's nothing we can do', even though I told them in advance, so I just gave up doing it. We did work for government agencies which meant each and every month the payment date to us fell further and further behind which meant w
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