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  1. Interest? Are you only reclaiming the charges?
  2. Yes they have refunded too much. The refund occured two weeks ago, and they have not picked it up. Whilst i would like to make that kind of donation to CAG, it is likely they will contra the amount back. I think I will wait for them to do that, I am sure if I send a cheque to them they will still apply a contra because they are such a shambles.
  3. I actually wrote Cobbetts a short letter, advising them which account the cheque was being paid into, and once the cheque had cleared then I would be in a position to discontinue the action. Not sure it made any difference, but put my mind at rest that I had covered every angle, and they would be sure the cheque had not been hijacked.
  4. I would initiate the MCOL for the revised total without delay. In my opinion another LBA would only delay things further. They are not going to settle prior to legal claim for a significant amount.
  5. My NatWest account was closed a couple of years ago, but the cheque had my name and old account number (as reference), I paid it into my Smile account without any problem. There is no need to make any reference to the account number when you pay it in. That is just asking for it to be queried, and the point is they have conceeded to pay you. Any other debts you may have with the bank are a seperate issue.
  6. Go to your subscribed threads, and you will then be able to open your previous threads. Stick to just one thread. Telephone the Data Processing department to ensure they have received your request and are processing same. They are usually very helpful.
  7. This is the situation, having some success in charges recovery I decided to recover my Daughters charges, not a huge amount £225.00 plus interest. Well we conducted the standard process, and arrived at MCOL. Almost simultaneously Lloyds agreed to refund only the charges, however the MCOL was initiated. So the next thing to happen was a credit from Lloyds in her account of £750.00. The action has not been discontinued because they have not agreed to pay the £10 SAR, the £30.00 MCOL fee or the interest. They have now produced a defence along the standard lines, no mention of having settled the matter. Any ideas of how we sort this out. No doubt they will realize their error so the additional money has not been touched.
  8. Here is another way to look at it, the penalty charges are savings and they are paying you 8% on your savings. Now where can you get 8% return on savings? It is just the withdrawal process that is a little complex!
  9. Hate is bit strong and a waste of energy, just remain dispassionate throughout the process. These financial banking monoliths are not interested in the misery they inflict on those that can least afford to pay, so, as they say, 'don't get angry, just get even'.
  10. The paranoia starts to gnaw away. It will be fine, there is a system of batch processing going on, and final delay is exasperating, but makes the final settlement even sweeter.
  11. They may it is a risk. But if you have the telephone conversation and explain this was very much a one off you should be OK, however if your finances are a bit shaky and it happens again then you will be up against it.
  12. Try a prelim letter to your bank manager, recorded delivery. Request that it is very important they call you at a specific time (give them an hour window that is convenient to you), when you wish to hear their response and justification. Advise in your letter that if they do not respond as requested an LBA will be sent in 14 days to Stuart Higley at Borehamwood. However it they do contact you by telephone and the response is negative, tell them about the LBA and the timescale. My hunch is that they will refund at an early stage. Hope this helps
  13. Yes it is straightforward, many,including me have suceeded, but you are not relying on the 'Unlawful under Consumer Regulations' argument, your argument is that penalty charges have to reflect the cost of the charge, if they do not they are illegal. Hope this helps.
  14. OK, go to the home page on this site read the FAQs and the step by step instructions. Check the templates on the Prelim letters and the LBA. Don't panic, it may seem as if the situation is out of control, but if you have the relevant information, not only will you recover the charges but you will be able to control the process of recovery to your timescale. If you have the resources and they refuse to refund your charges at this initial stage it may be as well to pay them, and subsequently claim the charges back plus interest. However i would be inclined to tell them you are unable to pay these charges, and the situation will spiral out of control, and then they will have to refund all the charges and the interest. So my advice is still to set up the initial face to face, and go fully prepared with your letter and schedule of charges, and be quite resolute. Good luck.
  15. I had a postive result on my business account. Have you other charges in the six year eligible period? I doubt they will close your account and call in the OD, but expect your business manager to be extremely unhelpful. I suspect they are under instruction to refuse point blank to even accept you may have a case to recover charges. Slightly different strategy on business acounts but the resolution will be very pleasant for you and a small dents in NatWest profits. Good luck.
  16. They certainly know how to charge, and irritate their customers. It is not your fault, it is their unreasonable regime of charges, which you will be able to recover. I would do the following:- 1.Compile a schedule of charges. 2.Write the prelim letter. 3.Arrange a face to face with your personal banker (in the next day or two) 4. Request full refund, accept nothing less and advise you are familiar with the process of the recovery of charges. 5. If they refuse hand them the letter with the schedule, advise copies going to the line manager, and Stuart Higley at Borehamwood. 6. They should reconsider at this point and refund, if not advise them you will recover the charges plus interest. 7. They may not, and you will have to go through the process, but you will recover your charges eventually. 8. Once you have resolution close the account forthwith Check this site for the Prelim template, and adjust it your personal circumstances. Hope this helps, and good luck.
  17. Yes 14 days, then the LBA, you may not have to go the full distance because the amount is relatively small, but be prepared.
  18. If you are claiming on line, then use the POCL that apply, it will fit. Send your evidence (analysis of charges) under seperate cover to the court and copy to Cobbetts once you have received the acknowledgement. 28 days from date the claim is deemed served, i.e a few days time as specified on the acknowledgment. Good luck you on track now.
  19. I don't think it will help. You have to bide your time.
  20. Just extract all the penalty charges, then prepare your analysis on a spreadsheet to calculate the interest. You will be claiming the interest on the charges, which you will add on when you file your legal claim. If you have an authorized overdraft then you have agreed to pay the interest on the OD, and obviously you cannot claim. However if the charges have forced you into unathorized borrowing then you may be able to claim a higher level of interest. (Contractual). Hope this helps, just ask away if you have anymore queries.
  21. Yes it is check the templates, Vampiress has the perfect spreadsheet for you. Add interest up until the date of the MCOL. Did your amount in the POCL include the interest?
  22. It is their idea of brinkmanship and it is of a low order. You are about to embark on a legal claim against a multi national financial corporation. It is a big deal, but with the help of this site you will succeed. Good luck stick to your guns. Hope this helps.
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