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  1. Fantastic, hope you are enjoying the long weekend with a beer or 6....
  2. Conni Thats the same chappie that I had, seems a decent bloke and was helpfull, even when we had to re-calculate the interest in our favour as we had made a mistake. I phoned him 3 working days prior to the court date and agreed the fig, letter for me to sign was delivered the following day. The cheque followed on the day of the court hearing..
  3. Conni Sorry I havent got back sooner been away with work. They are the worst to deal with, no doubt someone will come back and say their bank is harder to deal with, but Barclays are hard work and will take it to the bitter end as they are busy with loads of claims. Stick it out and you will get your money, your date is the 8th, in my case they didnt send an offer 'till I phoned the name on the court sheet 6 days prior to our court date, two of those days were sat/sun. He said an offer would be in the mail, it arrived, we had made an error in the interest, I phoned, he agreed the amended fig, money was placed in the Barclays account the following day, which was the Thur prior to a monday court date. We posted a letter tothe court on Fri, I guess they got it Mon morning. So please play their game and wait till you get a little closer to your date and then phone the name on your piece of paper. Moggs
  4. I guess after reading Dunnie's posting the one thing that everyone who is still waiting for their settlement should note is to get your court bundles in and make sure they are correct, if you do it early it saves so much hassle and also decreases the chance of it being, either stayed, or thrown out.
  5. Hi Just got home from a weekend break and waiting on the mat was the cheque. Have posted the letter to the court but they wont get it till after the hearing is set, wonder what will happen ? Not my faukt that they waited till the bitter end before paying up. Paul & Heather
  6. Nadia Spoke to Mr Unwin this morning, we agreed about the difference in interest, so I posted the letter today and the cheque will be sent to my house, not into the defunct account. Been a long wait but well worth it. Thanks to everyone for their help Paul & Heather
  7. Hi Conni My court date is 26th March, next Mon, after a reminder they sent me an offer today, so I wouldnt expect anything to soon. they seem to be making offers about one - two weeks prior to the date. Moggs
  8. Hi Well the letter was waiting with an offer, very nearly correct but not quite, the interest was wrong will be on the phone in the morning. Paul
  9. Hi I e-mailed Mr Unwin y'day and informed him that we were inside the 7days before we go to court (26th), and I was expecting to see him or his representatives in court next week. I had a reply within 10 mins apologising for the delay in getting back to me as they were inandated with cases. He said that they were sending a letter with an offer for the full amount y'day. We wil see what has dropped throught the letter box when I get home. One question he mentioned that they would credit our Barclays account I would prefer them to credit our new bank account, can I tell them to do that ? Paul
  10. We are hopefully on our last few days, court date 26th March, maybe we will go there but I hope not. Keep going and u will win
  11. Hi Anyone else who is on for this court date been settled ? Paul
  12. Hi Just spoke to my chappie and he said that for people like me.. not sure what that means it will be in the next few days...
  13. Hi Congrats to you Dene, hopefully I will get my offer soon. was it via the phone or by post ?
  14. Hi Spoke to Mr Paul Unwin who is dealing with our claim y'day. They are checking that our claim is in order and will be making an offer within the next 7 days. We are confident that our claim is correct so all I will have to do is add the court fees and the % since the claim started. Paul
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