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  1. I'd send them a back-dated invoice for £20 re: their Telewest name-change!
  2. Here's how stupid Capital One are - ring them from a new number but do not enter your account number or talk to anyone... Result: Endless call-backs from their National Lottery Dialling Machine On a related note, same person has had 30 silent calls out of 35 in the last week.
  3. Just had a letter back (my Terry Wainwright is an efficient chappy!), he says that whilst "he is not at liberty to provide a breakdown of the costs involved, the Non Direct Debit fee is actually more (my emphasis) than what is being charged." He then gives me the registered office in London if I want to send my court claim to them.
  4. Consumer Direct say that only a Judge can decide whether a £5 charge is fair or not, same with the £10 late payment fee. They suggested OFCOM which I rang - went through the switchboard and got a pre-recorded message saying that their findings will be announced Autumn 2008..! It then cut me off. Nice. I'm going to spend some time tomorrow on this, so if anybody has some ideas or experiences that they'd care to share - I'd be very grateful.
  5. Right... letter arrived today saying that they're giving me 30 day's notice to cancel my services as I do not agree to their T+Cs with regards the charges. I won't scan the letter but will quote a portion: "The charges in relation to payment handling and late payments are fair and have been scrutinised by our regulator OFCOM and we have not received any feedback that they are inappropriate..." This letter was from Terry Wainwright in the CE's office at Manchester. I know that either party can give notice but surely (like with the bank cases) they are action in a malicious manner by
  6. I'm about to do this - just waiting for my SAR to arrive. But I've actually had a final response from the Chief Executive's office saying that they are not obliged to offer a breakdown of their charges blah blah. My thread on this subject is "Virgin Media have been Naughty". Good luck.
  7. Well - my "contract change" letter has been received and has now been deemed "accepted" by Virgin Media. But this morning, would you believe - my bill includes a £5 payment administration charge. This invokes Paragraph 3 in my revised terms which states a £25 charge shall be applied for each breach of contract
  8. You can also try this address - this is the one used on letters: Allied International Credit Anderson House 389 Argyle Street Glasgow G2 8LR If they persist in calling you back as soon as you hang up, tell them that every call is recorded (even if they're not). Simply state that you do not wish to be called. In the meantime, send the "do not call or prove it" letter and see what happens.
  9. This came in the post (recorded) today... However, I'm still waiting for my SAR to come through (seem to be missing a few bills and would like all their notes on me anyway!) - but at least I've got their "final response" Once I have all my charges, I'll probably send the 7 day letter or maybe just for the MCOL as they've had plenty of time. Fun fun fun
  10. Oh - so VM ARE monitoring this forum, thanks for the confirmation I had a feeling they were.
  11. Is there any (legal*)reason why we can't put our tax disc on the driver's side ? That way, you'd see it almost every time you got into your car. Whilst I have sympathy for you, I think that taxing your vehicle should be something that is towards the front of your mind (especially if you're going to be stung another £60 to do so!)... However, me being the person I am - I would write back to the DVLA saying that the car needs a wash every 3 days, a hoover once a week and a daily oil/tyre check *I appreciate that it's probably so that TW's and the Police can check without having to step
  12. No - tell them the matter has been resolved with the original creditor, and as they have accepted the payment (I trust your MyeBay account balance is 0?), the matter is closed and you will not enter into any further correspondence with them. I would also send eBay a message requesting them to cease the pursuit of this "debt" via IJ as the money has been paid. IJ should give up after that - but tell them if they want paying, you have a payment processing fee of £10 that will be required before you pay them the £8 they want
  13. But what about the contract that says (for example): we may vary this contract from time to time by writing to you blah blah... - What about the consumer, have they then lost their right to vary, also ? It seems that Virgin Media's is similar to this, on Company Terms and Conditions (On Cable) Section B 1.b states that As well as these terms and conditions, our services have other legal stuff which apply to the services and their use, as published by us on the Virgin Media website. These may be updated by us from time to time. Obviously a consumer cannot update their site to alter terms
  14. Do you have any overdue accounts/debts like a Mint card ? As stated above, AIC have been known to deal with RBS accounts. You could CCA (or SAR) your original creditor to find out if the account has been passed on - that way you don't have to deal with AIC or offer any further information to them. So, I guess the question is - Do you think AIC have a good reason for ringing you
  15. Well, despite numerous e-mails to our friendly Matthew Dowdall - I'm still hitting a brick-wall... So they've got until 5pm Monday before I file a claim. Hi, Again I cannot provide this information for you. However, I am aware that this breakdown of the direct debit charge has already been provided to our regulator, OFCOM. They have made it clear that at the moment they are happy at the current level of the payment handling charge. Again, if you wish you can take this to the small claims court. Regards Matt
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