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  1. This is a very silly argument This is a very simple case the garage is responsible for the car while it is in there care no ifs or buts I should put miniconverter FIMI any body with an understanding of the motor trade will appreciate I have a knowledge of many things in the motor trade including many aspects of the law I also have a level 4 NVQ in motor trade management regarded by many as a degree level this has law as one of the 9 elements. 30 years motor trade experience including many years in management in dealership and group level now self employed in a partnership. I have dealt with this kind of issue on many occasions including taking advise from group solicitors. If the damaged was notified immediately to the garage before it was driven the garage are liable if it was taken away by the customer they aren't as the damage may have occurred after it left there care. Any damage on the vehicle when the customer left the car should have been noted at this time, this is standard practise at all properly managed garages
  2. If repairs are satisfactory why is it only worth £2000 who has told you this or did you just pay to much for it in the first place. If cat A B C or D information is entered when original owner is paid by insurance company. Cat A and B cannot be re-registered if cat C or D new V5 is not issued till a VIC has been done and it is then noted on the V5. What car (make and exact model) is it what year and how many miles let me know and I will give you an indication of value
  3. If the car is not recorded any body damage would be regarded as a normal repair and if carried out correctly should not effect the value of the car. If you had owned the car at the time of the accident and it had been repaired at the insurance company's cost you would have been happy and would not have expected to get the normal price for it at resale. If the repairs are not satisfactory I suggest you point out to the garage that sold it you the vehicale is not of merchantable quality and possibly not fit for the purpose intended if unsafe or likely to cause a failure in use.
  4. I have a court date for 11th April I have taken my court bundle to court and sent Barclays a copy which they received on the 21st (post office track and trace) My question is should I ring them and if so when, who shall I ask for and what is there direct number or do I just ring there legal department? Well it's actually 5 questions.
  5. What car is it as many cars now have a tensioner and the alternator is not adjustable? As for the description of alternator on the way out what did they mean as an alternator either works or doesn't unless the bearings have failed then this could damage the fan belt as the pulleys may run out of line Don't want to add further misery but unless you car is very badly looked after fowled plugs mean more expense is round the corner especially if fowled with oil Anyway let me have the exact make and model, year if diesel or petrol and if fitted with power steering or air con and I will let you know how the belt is tensioned and if the alternator would have had to be adjusted or the bolts in it touched to fit the belt
  6. They closed my account and withdrew my overdraft when they found out I was taking them to court. I told them I wouldn't pay them the £179.00 till the dispute was settled, and in court if need be so they issued a default notice even though I am claiming over £5500 from them. They have refused to remove the default saying they are totally in there right to do this but then offered me £1000 for the third time in full and final settlement and said if I accepted it they would mark the default as satisfied. As my credit rating is pretty poor anyway the default can sit there for the time being and guess where I told them to shove there £1000 Now I have a court date for early April I will wait till I get judgment or they pay up early and I will ask for the default to be removed not just satisfied. If they refuse I will then start court proceedings to have it removed plus I will ask for the court to consider awarding some kind of compensation for the financial difficulty this has caused to both me and my family members. As they have done there best to give me an hard time I will then start claiming back charges plus interest for charges older than 6 years. I have been having a look at the various threads on here regarding this on here and belief we all have a good case. I am also going to see my MP about the banks abuse of the court system for there own means and the way they issue defaults with out any regulation or any proof of debt (if you owe me money I can't put any thing on any credit register as it has to go court and be proved first). I will also make complaints about there handling of the dispute to as many government and official bodies as I can thing of suggestions are welcome. As you can see they have p**sed me of and I fully intend repaying them as much as possible I have even thought of having leaflets printed about reclaiming bank charges and handing them out side there branch's Any way what i am trying to say is don't let them grind you down just make sure you return the favour
  7. Let me know exactly what year model engine size and if diesel or petrol and I will let you know what the belt drives and if this would effect the engine temperature.
  8. Received defence from Barclays today with AQ which seems to be about the same as most people get. Main defence seems to be that I consented to the charges when i signed the contract but as we all know about the UFTCC1999 this is irrelevant. The main question is if barclays are to defend on the terms of the contract shouldn't they have included a copy with there defence as I know I have to provide any document I intended to use in court.
  9. The problem with the coil is very unlikely to have caused a fire or for that mater caused a particularly dangerous problem. It is also very unlikely to have contributed to a head gasket failure. Two weeks to repair a head gasket is a little slow even taking into account getting it skimmed etc However as a motor trader he must take some responsibility for the goods he has sold you but this will depend on age mileage purchase price and that sort of thing. He cannot sell you a car and take away your legal right for the goods to be of merchantable quality and fit for the purpose intended (unless you bought it as scrap) although I know many traders that try this. Speak to trading standards As for the mileage on the mot that could be a genuine mistake but having worked in the motor trade for over 30 years I have seen many strokes pulled with mileage and various documents, to many to list here.
  10. I have gone through all the process and got to the stage of starting court proceedings. Barclays had untill yesterday 03/01/07 to enter a defence so I rang the court first thing this morning and was told they received Barclays defence yesterday. I then received a call from my wife to tell me barclays had rang and they need to talk to me urgently. I rang them on the number they left and the man that answered said Barclays banks so I assumed it was Barclays bank. After a very short while I realized something was wrong and when I questioned him it turned out he was actually from central debt collection services. He informed me that Barclays had closed my account yesterday and issued a default notice as I was overdrawn by £179. I told him if they wanted the money take me to court. He declined my invitation and admitted that this would never happen. Previously I had received a letter from Barclays dated 17/11/2006 which they called a termination notice but was just more threats. Further to that letter I received a second letter dated 01/12/2006 which again was full of threats including a threat of issuing a default notice. Upon ringing Barclays they claimed they where unaware of any dispute on the account and they where completely in there rights. I gave them the dates and there reference numbers from my pile of correspondence they then gave me a load of excuses about how they where a different department etc and told me to ignore the corresponce as it was there mistake and no action would be taken. Upon ringing Barclays today after talking to the debt collectors they apologised said it was a mistake they would have the default removed straight away and reinstate my account and also said they would confirm this in writing Does anybody have any comments or any advise? Have I done the right thing and do I need to do any more?
  11. The great train robbers got 30 years for 3 million Brinks mat was head line news all over the world yet 10 billion seems to only get a passing mention.
  12. If you are having problems talking to someone at paypal ring there number then instead of trying to use there imposable call routing system which just takes you round in circles press 0 and this will connect you to a real person not just another list of options
  13. Try SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers for an alternative number if you really want to ring them I also believe the use of 0870 by dca's is considered an unfair practise by the oft so go to there web site and grass the **** bags. I complained to the oft about Geoffrey Parker Bourns use of 0870 number a couple of weeks ago and it turns out they have no consumer credit license. This is currently being investigated by consumer direct and trading standards see my other post Go on complain it's easy on line. Do you think they would let it go if they thought they had something on you.
  14. Depends which pipes it has failed on or did it fail on them all. Can't give you a labour time for the job as the software we use only gives times for hoses not pipes and to be honest brake pipes don't seem to be one of the many faults on french cars and can't remember replacing any on a Xsara. How old is the car? Also seems like a very strange description of the fault "very slightly seeping fluid" as I can't remember seeing a pipe that very slightly seeped but have only been in the motor trade for 30 years so might have missed them. Seen plenty with excess corrosion and a few that have p**sed fluid out when they have rotted through. Do you have a copy of the fail as this should give an accurate description of the fault and which pipes and I should be able to give you a rough idea of the labour time
  15. I have just spoken to a very helpful lady at consumer direct got the number of the Internet. Explained what had happened and the reply I got from oft. She says she believes it is a criminal offence to operate without a consumer credit license if you are collecting debt on behalf of somebody else. Told me they will definitely investigate my alligation and get back to me within three working days. Also asked her if the original creditor was responsible for the actions of a third party when collecting debts but she was unsure about this but did say she would find out and let me know
  16. Not really sure if I am posting this in the best place but am sure somebody out there can put it in the right place if not Now I have been having a bit of grief lately from a firm called GPB ring me up but won't put anything in writing so I tell them politely what to do. Anyway noticed somewhere that DCAs arent allowed to use 08700 numbers as it is considered unfair practise by the oft, so i sent oft an email complaining about the number and the fact that they keep ringing. I have now had the following reply from oft Your ref Direct line (020) 7211 8413 Our ref E/Complaint/33326 Fax (020) 7211 8777 Date 5 December 2006 Dear Mr miniconverter (that's not my real name just changed it) CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 COMPLAINT ABOUT: Geoffrey Parker Bourne LICENCE NO: UNLICENSED Thank you for your email received on 22 November 2006 regarding the problems you have been experiencing with Geoffrey Parker Bourne. I apologise for the delayed response. Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (“the Act”), if a business wishes to be involved in activities relating to consumer credit or hire, including debt collection, they must have a consumer credit licence. The Office of Fair Trading (the OFT) has duty to enforce the Act, including a duty to monitor the fitness of all traders that hold a consumer credit licence. Upon checking the information provided in your email, it appears that this trader does not hold a consumer credit licence. The OFT is therefore unable to consider your complaint for further action under the Consumer Credit Act. I have however forwarded your complaint to the home authority trading standards department where Geoffrey Parker Bourne is based and they will consider investigating the matter of unlicensed trading in their area. You may wish to contact your own local authority trading standards service for individual redress and advice. Yours sincerely Digna Castaneda P.PAndy Lowther Consumer Credit Fitness Investigations Group Markets and Projects Don't really know if this is any use to anybody but thought I would share the info just the same and if anybody has any ideas how I could us it to stick the boot in a bit more let me know as they are 2 faced ****.
  17. 1.5 DCI is 8 valve. Renault recommended replacement at 72000 miles or five years which ever is soonest so should have been replaced around 14000 miles ago. Just had a quick look at the labour time and would expect a small independent garage to charge around £400 for labour. Can't comment on parts prices as it depends on what damage has been done to valves and guides etc but would think from experience including any specialist services (machine shop work) and parts around another £400 so should get change from a grand which is a lot less than £1500-£2000 but unfortunately still a hard hit Hope this helps. Just ask if you need any more info
  18. If you let me have the exact model, year, engine size, and if it's a 16 or 8 valve i can give you the manufacturers recommendation on time and mileage for cam belt replacement. More than likely it will be 72000 miles or 5 years which ever is soonest but will confirm if you give info. If you are any where near Sheffield could also do you a much better deal on the repair possibly half or less if it helps.
  19. Been having fun with Barclays they have tried to get there overdraft back but rang them and reminded them that the account is in dispute. Never known a bank back down as fast also told me on the phone they had charged me another £30 but would put it straight back in my account didn't even know they had at that time. Had a letter offering me gesture of good will etc told them to stuff it and would see them in court. Now for the question I am filling in my N1 which I will be taking Monday. I am claiming reciprocal contractual interest from day 1 (Vampress sheet 2) can any body tell me do I fill in the section "value" and put 'more than £5000 but not more than £1500' or do I put £5344.04 in the box marked 'Amount claimed' I am unsure as I am claiming till the day of judgment or till the defendant settles so it isn't a fixed amount. I have also put the following in my particulars of claim which i have prepared Contractual interest of £2839.04 as set out on the attached list of charges plus £3.56 per day till judgement is made or the defendant settles the claim or at such a rate including but not limited to interest pursuant to section 69 County Courts Act, or for such periods as the court deems just.
  20. I am currently in the process of claiming over £5000 back from Barcleys. I will be starting court action on 23-Nov-2006. I have a small overdraft with a limit of £140 which I have been reducing for a few months and they reduce the overdraft limit each month. This month I have just slipped over the currently allowed £140 they have sent me a letter with a £30 charge which doesnt bother me at all as i will just add it to the spread sheet before I make my claim in court. They have also sent me a letter demanding I pay back the overdraft within 14 days which again doesn't bother me as I will tell them to take me to court which would be great fun. However I know they are now going to mess me about with my direct debits which cause a bit of a problem as i then have to sort out the s**t it causes. Any ideas or help would be great.
  21. The 2.0 DTI is definitely chain driven but there is no service interval for changing unfortunately I don't see many of these so can't comment on there reliability. Best bet would be to give your vauxhall dealer a ring and see if they are troublesome or not. It isn't usual to replace chains as a service item and I have seen 350,000 cars with chains that have never been replaced but have also seen 40,000 mile car that they have snapped on. You really do need to ask at the vauxhall dealers.
  22. Sent my LBA on Thursday 9-Nov-2006 which is exactly 14 days from the last letter and have included the following. Furthermore, I shall submit a Consumer Credit Act 1974 complaint to the office of fair trading upon the basis that you have failed to comply with the office of fair tradings direction of 5 April 2006 and are therefore not a 'fit and proper person' to hold a consumer credit licence under the 1974 Act. If you do not understand what this means then seek advice from your legal department. Has any body else done this is there a template for a letter on here and where do I send it (address of OFT)? I fully intend to complain to OFT if they don't pay up. The clock is ticking and I will be outside the court on Thursday 23-Nov-2006 waiting for them to open as that is the day there time runs out before I start court action. Barclays please note the boot is well and truly on the other foot now. I will show as much compassion as you have showed me in the past NONE.
  23. I have just checked the labour time for the cam belt on 91 CRX and depending which engine is fitted as there are 5 variations on this year the time is 2.2hr (2hr 12mins) or 2.3 hr (2hr 18mins). I would think you would pay between £70 to £100 an hour plus vat (you would round here anyway) so you could be looking at £270.25 for the labour only. This leaves £179.75 inc vat for a belt kit which seems a bit much but at Hondas prices you never know. There is only 1 tensioner on any of the engines fitted to this car for this year. Do you really want to spend this amount of money on the car as it certainly won't add any where near that amount to the value of the car. Why not get it done at an independent garage (but not the fast fit type which are more accustom to fitting tyres and exhausts). Have a none genuine kit fitted from a reputable manufacturer such as gates or QH as many of the gates belts are OE equipment any way. This should bring the final bill down to somewhere around the £200 mark or less.
  24. It's 1 calender month not 28 days as i previously stated
  25. It is correct that the car can be tested up to a month early and an mot issued for up to 13 months (it is 1 calender month) but you must present your old certificate at the time the car is presented for test. If this has been done it is the testers mistake which is down to him to rectify if not the tester is not compelled to issue an amended certificate but most will if you ask in a civilized manner
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