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  1. I would suggest that currently no V5 exists for this vehicle and the story about the V5c (new keepers supplement) being sent of to the DVLA is a fabrication of lies to cover the fact that the vehicle has been a cat C or D total loss. A VIC (vehicle identity check) is as the name suggests only confirms the identity of a vehicle that has been declared a total loss and not to check the condition or quality of repair. No V5 will be produced until this has been completed after the vehicle has been reported to DVLA as a total loss. I deal with the DVLA regularly and they are an nightmare being staffed by incompetent jobsworths. If it was me and I had given £180 for the car I would take it back to the trader and see if I could get anything out of him but to be honest I doubt it as it appears he has lied about the V5 as he knows full well the problems. Failing that cut your losses as mixed scrap is doing £125 a ton on the weighbridge so unless its a very light car you should see a large chunk of your money back. Believe me it really isn't worth dealing with DVLA for a car of this value. Possibly not what you wanted to hear but that's how I see it. Sorry.
  2. What model renault and what year is it as I may have the programing info
  3. What vehicle is it? It wouldn't happen to be a freelander by any chance?
  4. Don't worry about this set of clowns. Barclays set them on me for £200 during my claim for just short of £6000 from Barclays. They are the most disorganised incompetent useless set of idiots it has ever been my pleasure to deal with. If I was the main man at Barclays someones head would roll for employing these idiots. Send of a cca request along with £1.00 and I bet you never hear from them again in fact I bet half of them don't even know what a cca is
  5. Try MX5parts, Brakes genuine and cheaper than a Mazda dealer also supply non genuine. Can buy cheaper still but this gives an idea of what the man in the street can buy for
  6. Brake squeal is caused by high frequency vibration this is why brake pads have developed over many years and now have things like anti squeal shims and coatings on the backs of pads to prevent it. High temperature lubricants are also used on contact points to prevent the noise being generated when the pad vibrates. Brake dust dos not cause squeal but is a great reason for garages to give and a reason to charge you to do the work again. My suggestion would be poor quality pads or poor fitting.
  7. Brakes shouldn't squeal take it back and get them to sort it. Ask them if the pads they fitted are regulation 90 if not ask them why and insist they use them.
  8. What has actually failed on the car as they are prone to piston failure with or without the right oil
  9. Read about wasted costs orders last Saturday (28/04/07) so got my act together. Used the template letter got a list of settled cases together made a list of my costs and sent it all to the court first thing Monday morning. Today Saturday (5/05/07) got a letter from the court with the following response Re: Mr miniconverter-V-Barclays Bank Plc Case Number: 6SE***** With reference to the above and to your letter dated 30th April 2007 please note the comments of the District judge as set out below. "The claimant has accepted the Defendants offer of settlement, therefore the proceedings are concluded and no further orders are appropriate" The bank was that late making an offer (about an hour before the case) I actually had to attended court and the Judge stayed the case to allow them time to pay. Any ideas or comments.
  10. I couldn't work out how to change the title. I assume that's what you where wondering about.
  11. :grin: Go for the contractual interest rate adds up to more than the charges in my case:grin: :grin: :grin: Now what shall I do tonight it's a toss up between starting work on charges older than six years or getting pi***d. Think I'll have an hour or two on the charges then perhaps a little drink to celebrate. :-D
  12. How do you change the title then? :grin:
  13. I have just tried to change the title of this tread to happy Wednesday so it might say happy Wednesday or it might say miniconverter v Barclays. :grin: Now to get to the point it's Wednesday the 11th April and I have a huge smile on my face need I say more other than the best web site in the world and thanks to everyone that has made it possible:grin:
  14. If enough people want to back me I'll stand for parliament. Could be the start of a new political party the CAG party. I'd kick some arses and wouldn't be upset at losing a couple of arse licking friends as I bet I'd gain a few new friends
  15. I am preparing just in case I end up in court on Wednesday and am trying to put together a list of the important points from my court bundle such as the section numbers from the various acts. I have used the court bundle from the site and added my bits such as statements schedule of charges etc. Does and body have a list of the important points as I don't want to miss anything? I must be prepared as you never know and they are cutting it very fine.
  16. Disc skimming is now common in dealerships but normally only to resolve vibration problems caused by distortion and is done on car. Skimming is not normally used where corrosion is the problem as it is unsuitable due to the amount of material it is necessary to remove. Very rare for discs to be skimed in the aftermarket due to cost of equipment and the low cost of after market discs. Brake disc spec for 2 year old MX5 both 1.6 and 1.8 is Front disc minimum thickness 16mm or 18mm with abs Rear disc minimum thickness 7mm or 8mm with abs Runout both front and rear 0.1mm
  17. Should have mentioned not all cars have the water pump driven of the cam belt but in this case it does. It is also a good idea to have the serpentine belt replaced at the same time (this is the flat grooved type of fan belt) as I have seen these on several occasions start to brake up into long thin strips these then wrap around the bottom pulley push there way under the cam belt cover and fetch the cam belt of. Result another big bill.
  18. The water pump is driven of the cam belt so if the car has done reasonably high mileage it is often a good idea to replace the water pump at the same time because a pump failure would cause the belt to fail giving you one big bill. Manufacturers don't give any recommendations for this and some people say it's not necessary really a mater of personal choice. Just remember the manufacturer has an interest in it failing as long as it's out of warranty and as for making a decision about replacing are you a gambler?
  19. Spoke to Krysta Cambell early in the week and she said it was been handled by Paul Quinn. He promised it would be settled before the court date but seamed to be under pressure telling me how they where stretched to the limit and didn't have enough staff to cope with all the claims. Will have up to date figure with me on Tuesday as am claiming contractual interest from day one. They won't be able to do a bacs transfer because I won't give them my new details but will tell them unfortunately I no longer have a bank account since they closed mine but am prepared to collect cash from my local branch. Just puts them under a bit more pressure. If all else fails Wednesday morning of to court and get a judgment against them after all they have had 8 months to sort it out
  20. I have a court date for Wednesday and still haven't received an offer which only really gives them Tuesday to sort it out due to the bank holiday. They have been in contact earlier in the week and said they would settle before court. Have they cut it this fine with anybody else or will I be going to court on Wednesday or is it just another dirty trick they are trying? They have closed my account so if they intend paying on Tuesday they will have to get cash to me as I am not accepting a cheque from them and am not giving them my new bank details. Any thought on this would be much appreciated
  21. It's very difficult to say if 2 years is reasonable as it depends on the use the car gets. Is it a fine weather car that sits for long periods without use as this allows the discs to corrode. Personally I would say 2 years isn't very good but you have to remember they are a consumable item. Try ringing Mazda customer services (not the dealer) and tell them how disappointed you are with it and how its your 4th or 5th Mazda (make it up) and you don't understand why it's like this as youve never had problems with them before and if the quality isn't as good as it used to be how you might buy something else next time they will probably authorize replacement of at least the discs as a good will payment. Worked at a Nissan dealers a few years ago and just about every one that phoned Nissan and complained (nicely) about a car less than 5 years old got what they wanted.
  22. Brake wear depends on how you drive the harder you drive the more the wear. It would not be unusual to need front pads at this mileage but you would need to be hard on the brakes to need front discs as well. As a general rule we normally find you need new discs every second set of pads which can be anything from 40 to 70k miles. Rear discs on the MX5 are prone to corrosion as they do very little work and is also the type of car which stands for long periods. Pad replacement would be normal whenever discs are replaced. If they say the front disc's require skimming ask them why. If they are worn you can't skim them and if they are distorted they should be covered by the manufactures warranty as this is not normal wear and tear. Price looks a little on the steep side I would have thought of the top of my head around £300. That would be using Ferodo pads and discs which are OE on many cars. That would also include new front discs as it's not really worth skimming them. Could be done cheaper with other makes which are fine as long as they are approved to ECE R 90 brake safety regulations. Hope this helps if you need to no more just ask and I will try to help as we are Ferodo authorized agents and we also have a close working relationship with the local independent Mazda specialist
  23. They closed my account and issued a default saying saying that I owed them £249 even though I have a court date for 11th April claiming £5600. About a week ago I rang them and was told they where going to settle before court as they do. Had a letter from a debt collectors today so have just put together a get f**ked letter which I will post in the morning. When they make me an offer (must be full amount not 1 Penny less) I will ask them to reopen my account and remove the default. Don't really want them to remove the default as then I can take them to court to have it removed and claim financial hardship and distress to me and my family caused by the default. The default doesn't affect me as I don't borrow money anymore and do every thing cash but have a search around a few post I am sure you will find help somewhere
  24. Difficult to diagnose a noise from a description but my best guess would be something to do with the covers. If your any where near Sheffield I would have a listen failing that get a second opinion from somebody reputable. Tensioner shouldn't make a noise so if that's what they say definitely get it investigated before you have a belt failure.
  25. If the brake pads are visable without removing the wheel or wheel trim a car can and will fail if there is less than 1.5mm left on any brake pad.
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