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  1. Rotherham, but customer services in Hull also say it's not there responsibility which they have confirmed in writing
  2. Will let trading standards know as it may help others.
  3. Not going to bother with trading standards as they allways take for ever to do anything. Would much prefer to just take the direct court route as I am feed-up with big companies thinking the can push the individual about. In fact was told in store by comet that the SOGA doesn't apply as there policies are better. Lets see what a judge has to say about that
  4. Bought a laptop from comet about 8 months ago which has now developed a fault on the DVD/CD drive so toke it back to comet for repair. They refused point blank to accept the laptop for repair and insisted that as it was covered by manufacturers warrant I must contact the manufacturer. As they had refused to accept it for repair I then told them I rescind the contract and required a full refund, this was also refused. I have written to the comet store involved again rescinding the contract and giving them 7 days to issue a refund or court action would be taken. Comets customer services have contacted me twice by telephone insisting I must contact the manufacture as it is the manufacturers responsibility not comets. There 7 days where up on Thursday and today I received a letter from comet customer services which again says I must contact the manufacturer. I have a N1 sat here waiting to be filled in and am looking for the best way to word the section brief details of claim and the Particulars of claim. Any help would be appreciated as wording thinks like this aren't my strong point
  5. Yes homeserve are a bit on the naughty side by the look of things. They have sold my mother-in-laws aunt who's in her 80's and has age related mental problems all sorts of useless policies and are taking a fortune in direct debits from her account every month. Only came to light at the weekend. I spoke to somebody at homeserve who was about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard. Will right to them and ask for her money back but if they refuse will go down the miss-selling route and court action if necessary.
  6. My son recently took out an 18-month contract at the carphone warehouse with 3. Part of the deal was a free 80GB Playstation 3. The carphone wherhose do not hold these in stock but promise next day delivery. The Playstation came the next day but was only the 40GB version so my son went to the carphone warehouse and told them this. He wasn’t particularly bothered it was only 40Gb but the 80Gb comes with some kind off vibrating controller so agreed if they supplied this he would keep the 40GB playstation. He was told it would be delivered the next day, it didn’t come so he contacted them and was told not to worry they sometimes take a couple of days. After about 10 days and several trips to the shop he rang 3 who suggested he contacted the shop again and try one last time to get it sorted but if all else failed as long as he let 3 know within 14 days of taking the contract they would cancel it. He visited the shop again but still no joy so on the 14th day I went with him to the shop. The manager more or less said you’d get it when it comes and there is nothing you can do about as you have signed a contract. When we returned home he rang 3 who advised him to cancel the contract which he did over the phone, 3 gave him a cancellation number. 3 also advised him to cancel the direct debit which he did. He then wrote to 3 confirming the details of the call and to the carphone warehouse shop informing them he had cancelled with 3 and the goods where available for them to take back. He also wrote to the carphone warehouse head office explaining the situation to them and enclosed a copy of the letter sent to the shop. This was about 3 weeks ago. He has had a letter from 3 which says the contract is suspended not cancelled and today we have had somebody on the phone demanding payment of £35 and if he wants to cancel its £600. He has told them not to ring again and put everything in righting. He has heard nothing from the carphone warehouse. Any suggestions what our next course of action is?
  7. What the diffrence with a business loan whith a cca request or do you have to ask for somthing else and is the payment still £1.00?
  8. Labour time is 5.8 hours and the pump sounds about right at £500 but would be exchange. There is a large seal bonded to a plate that must be replaced when the pump is fitted that costs about £40. A special tool is needed to align the cover but can be done without the tool if done with care and you understand how it has to be fitted. If this is done wrong it will p*ss oil out everywhere. Don't understand why you should have lost oil pressure unless they have used the wrong oil or filter.
  9. Baby bear39 I have a confidential agreement with Barclays from after the date of this alleged debt and after the date the account was closed. The agreement involved a full and final payment by them
  10. Thanks Nailpost Have already asked for proof debt exists and for details of there complaint procedure have also reminded them of there obligations. I have PMed a copy of the letter I sent them as I don't want to post it on a public forum just yet as they are probably reading them and this would positively identify me
  11. Will send them an invoice every time I have to do anything to deal with Lowells including time spent dealing with people such as trading standards. If they don't pay I will probably sell the debt to Moorcroft or the likes. Seriously I have no problem pursuing them through court if need be they have cost me time and money with there stupid actions.
  12. Yes was aware that Hamptons is Lowells but will wright to Stephen Hunter and remind him of the b***cks they keep dropping. Forgot to mention when I wrote to Lowells told them there would be a charge for each letter I sent them so will definitely wright to him along with an invoice.
  13. Having had loads of different dca’s chase me for an alleged debt to Barclays I am now confronted with Lowell’s. They have sent me all the usual rubbish along with a letter allegedly from Barclays saying that the debt now belongs to Lowell’s which is strange as I have evidence from Barclays that this debt doesn’t exist. This letter came in an envelope from Lowells with one of their silly letters and looks like they have now let there employees have some Crayolas. I have sent them a prove it or go away letter with all the usual bits about OFT ect. Unfortunately as I was fully expecting Lowells have totally ignored this letter and have fired up the threatomatic printer up once more and sent me a letter threatening they will instruct Hampton legal to start proceedings. It also warns me that this debt won’t go away and I am only making matters worse. What and their not Now for the big question. What offence have Lowells committed? What breaches of codes of practise have they committed? Who do I report these to? I was thinking of OFT and TS. Please let me have as many as you can think of along with the relevant acts and sections. I haven’t got much work on Monday so can spend most of the days reporting them and hopefully making Lowell’s life a bit harder.
  14. Replace it with a bar code from a tin of beans, that should confuse them. But then again there not that difficult to confuse llllllllllllllllllllllllll Here's one for them to make a start on. Bet you don't know what it says
  15. You must report this to the police. It is THEFT. If you haven't authorised the transaction and they refuse to repay the money they can't even claim a mistake was made. It makes no difference if you owe them money or not they can not take what they want at will. They wouldn't just walk into your house and take money if you owed them money. They have taken money from your bank account without authorisation with the intention of permanently depriving you of it, this is THEFT. Get of your arse now and go to the police station and make a complaint do not wait another minute do it NOW. Do not be fobbed off by the police it is there responsibility to investigate.
  16. Get in touch with the bank and tell them they have taken money from your card without permission. Explain you had previously made a one off payment but they have saved your details and taken an unauthorised payment from your account. Also go to the police and tell them they have taken money on your card without permission. Insist they look into this and don't be fobbed off. Do not leave the police station till you are satisfied. Insist they give you a crime number then pass this number to your bank. The crime number will make the bank realise you are serious.
  17. You might need this as well FV-1 inc 25 CABOT SQUARE CANARY WHARF LONDON E14 4QA Direct from the information commissioners web site Same address as Morgan Stanley
  18. These where chasing me through the courts even though they had defaulted on a cca request over 12 months ago. Went to court in the middle of June only to be told there case had been struck out as they hadn't paid there £300 hearing fee. So never even got as far as a judge. Have been waiting for a copy of the paper work and finally rang the court yesterday and was told I wouldn't get any because the court had written to the claimant and told them it would be struck out if they hadn't paid by a set date. I asked the lady at the court to read to me exactly what it said and it included that they would be liable for the defendants cost. Then ask what I need to do to claim costs and the lady told me she was not legally qualified but if I wrought to the court and asked for the letter to be put before the judge he may make an order for them to pay my costs if not he would wright and tell me what to do but she seemed pretty confident because I was a litigant person he would act favourable and more than likely not require me to do any thing else. She told me to include how many hours I had spent on it, postage, stationary, travel, time off work, parking, and anything else which could be directly attributed to there actions. I am also going to include the UK address of FV-1 inc which should help simplify matters
  19. Simple answer pay the ones that have treated you with respect understanding and consideration, and don't pay the ones that have threatened, abused, added ridiculously high charges and generally given you a hard time. In other words treat them as they have treated you.
  20. Looks like the threatogram machine is in full swing at the moment. Don't worry as they are a set of incompetent w**k*rs and don't seem to carry out there treats. There will no doubt be somebody along shortly better qualified than me to offer some advice
  21. I think the agent that took the call got that wrong. If you really have recorded this let the OFT have a copy of the recording as it's a lie. I would also ask lowells to let you have a copy of there complaints procedure. Must be also against that new unfair commercial practises thing that I can't remember the full name of. I am dealing with Lowells at the moment and they are complete set of useless w**k*rs and definitely nothing to worry about.
  22. When a car is sold on finance the dealer gets a commission from the finance company. This commission comes with clauses which include what is generally known in the motor trade as a debit back. This is where the finance company recovers from the dealer part of the commission paid to them if the finance is paid of early or before a set date or number of payments and is normal every day practise. I have never heard of any dealer having an agreement with the customer not to sell the car or pay of the finance and I have worked for and know some pretty dodgy dealers. Why not speak to the finance company and ask them if they are aware of these agreements where you end up paying the dealer for his loss of commission. Dealers as a rule will buckle very quickly if put under any pressure from a finance company.
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