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  1. Will try and make this as short as possible. My son rented a house through a letting agent. Had loads of problems whist there, water leak in the kitchen, faulty boiler (serious problem) damp in a bedroom which caused mould growth, along with loads of other bits and pieces all of which they refused to repair even blaming him, saying things like the damp was because the bed was in the wrong place. In the end he moved. After he moved they sent him a letter asking him to pay for alsorts of things including things which where wrong when he moved in proven by photos supplied by them. Obviously he refused to give them anything. He then received a claim from court. There particulars of claim just asked for money with no details of why. He did a defence and a counterclaim. His counterclaim was for his deposit which still hasn't been returned loss of use of a bedroom exesive gas bills caused by a faulty boiler week of work due to breathing problems possibly caused by mould spores along with the costs of a forced move. He got an allocation questioner which he filled in returned to the court and sent a copy to the letting agent this had to be done by the 27th Jan. He has now received a letter from the letting agent with a copy of a letter they have sent to the court withdrawing there action. He rang the court to find out what they had received but had nothing from the letting agent no defence to the counterclaim and no allocation questioner. He asked for advise about his counterclaim but the where unable to offer any advice. My main question is can he carry on with his counterclaim and can he ask for a judgment in default as they haven't defended his counterclaim. Thanks in advance.
  2. A friend of mine is trying to claim back his bank charges from Lloyds and has stumbled along till he started court action against them. Since then he has had the following and is looking for some help and advise. I am doing this for him as computers and forums really aren’t his thing, to old. This is what he received, sorry cant scan it as the scanner has packed up so will miss out the unimportant bits. General form of judgment or order. Upon considering written submission of the defendant dated (date) And appearing to the court that. A) proceedings in the test case under the title office of fair trading v Abby national plc and others (claim no.2007 folio 1186)(the test case) have concluded B)it was determined by the supreme court in the office of fair trading v abbey national plc and others (2009) 3 WLR 1215 that any assessment for fairness of the terms relating to unarranged overdraft charges as relates to the adequacy of the price as against the services supplied under the unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations 1999 is precluded by regulation 6(2)(b) C)there is no appeal against the office of fair trading v abbey national plc and 7 others (2009) UKSC 6 (2009) 3 WLR 1215 D)the claim as currently pleaded discloses no reasonable grounds for bring the claim and has no prospect of success It is ordered that 1 Unless the claimant files at court and serves on the defendant his amended POC with a properly verified statement of truth which discloses reasonable grounds for continuing with the claim within 6 weeks from the date of this order then the claim will be struck out without further notice. 2 This order has been made without a hearing ect ect ect. I suppose what he is looking for is a POC which will help him on his way. I have had a look but am unable to find a POC on the site anymore.
  3. Could be because it's new years eve but did send it about 2. Must finish work before me then at BT I was there till nearly 6 will try for a job with BT in the new year. As long as I say I am useless in the interview I should get the job and fit stright in.
  4. Thanks have sent an email with my number but no call or email yet.
  5. As the title says I am looking for contact details for Nigel Stagg who is currently MD of BT business. All the correspondence when you are buying is signed by him unfortunately when things go wrong he is as elusive as the scarlet pimpernel. I was promised my business broadband would be up and running by 16/11/2010 this has been delayed several times and am today told 31/1/2011 at the earliest. Just thought it would be nice to ask Nigel his views.
  6. I didn't want to go it was the wife. I didn't get out of the car. Yes the parking is a bit silly we have decarated the kitchen wall with yellow and black parking charge sticky envolopes most of which are my daughters. She has started sticking them on to other peoples cars as its only fair to share. Getting a bit feed up of the letter box getting jamed up with there daft letters asking for payment had another two yesterday.
  7. Just thought I would post this as it made me laugh. Went to a shopping centre near home yesterday called Crystal Peaks and dropped my wife and child off in a child and parent bay then waited for them to return. Whilst waiting a bloke with a yellow jacket on displaying the emblem TCP came over and told me to move as I was in a child and parent bay. I explained I was waiting for a child and parent. I refused to move. He then radioed for his mate who came over and told me I would be fined if I didn't move this made me laugh which upset him a bit. He once more threatened me with a fine and all the nasty thing that go with it. I explained I understood the law and there was nothing he could do. I asked him to explain where in statute it allowed a private firm to issue fines. He told me they where allowed to as it was Crystal peaks land so they made the law and could do anything they liked including issuing fines. I told him I was getting cold and would be closing the window and to do there worst. I shut the window and they looked at each other in a dumfounded way. They moved about 10 yards from the car and stood looking at me till my wife returned upon which I drove off. I just hope Crystal Peaks don't decide to bring back hanging or I have had it.
  8. Was just having a look on here as my daughter has a few scamvoices from a ppc I was going to send them a letter confirming she is the registered keeper and all future correspondence must be accompanied by the standard admin charge of £60
  9. £40 an hour 8 hours a day = £320 a day 5 days a week =£1600 52 weeks a year =£83200 a year I thought only parking [problem] operators earnt that much
  10. My Daughters car recently had a Town and City Parking scamvoice placed on it. It is printed by some kind of machine and is about 4 1/4 inch wide and a couple of foot long. I have the perfect use for it just need to get some more.
  11. 1 came into force 27th Febuary 2007 2 came into force 24th September 2007 3 came into force 30th July 2008 4 came into force 18th august 2008 5 came in 18th December 2008
  12. Road safety act commencement no2 came into force 24th September 2007 I suppose commencement no1 came in before that and 3 after that and 4 is next. The Road Safety Act 2006 (Commencement No. 2) Order 2007 No. 2472 (C. 91) Not going to read it all now but if somebody wants to read it all and clarify the situation it would be helpful to everyone. You will have to do a search for 1 and 3 as I don't have a link.
  13. Yes I am aware that currently you don't need insurance if the car isn't used but did think the CIE came into effect this year. The point I am making is that part of this is the road safety act 2006 which stops you using the dov extension on an uninsured car.
  14. Do you live in England or Norway? If you live in England you could always us there silly invoices as fire lighters or toilet paper. Just ignore them and they will go away. Unfortunately if you live in Norway I can't help.
  15. When I log into MID to update vehicles on my policy there used to be a notice about this which confirmed the part relating to driving cars which weren't insured using a dov extension actually was finalised in 2006. As far as I am aware other parts have been finalised at different times and the continuous insurance comes in later this year. My insurance broker mentioned this about 18 months ago but prior to that I had no idea and I think not many people are aware of it.
  16. Link below Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) This is the important bit but have a look around the internet and you will find more The Road Safety Act became law in November 2006, and introduced a new offence which is aimed at overcoming the problem of vehicles not specifically covered by any insurance policy (even a blanket policy) being used by drivers who claim cover under their “driving other vehicles” extension. The requirement for insurance will apply to vehicles whether they are being driven or not.
  17. The law states that the car must be insured so even if you have cover to drive a car not belonging to you if that car has no insurance you are not insured even if your policy covers it. I know loads of people will disagree and tell me that you can drive so hang on a short while and I will find a link.
  18. I understand there may be no provision in council tax regulations but the council have been unduly enriched. If you are late paying or don't pay they take you to court and claim 8%. Whats the difference? Not looking for something in council tax regulations more just statute and common law.
  19. Not blaming them for the product breaking down more the total lack of interest they have with you problem and there belief that they are in no way responsable and they are doing you a favour.
  20. I have had dealings in the past with Comet. Search my previous posts for the court case I won, and to be honest I don't think there aftersales service is a joke as I was allways lead to believe a joke is supposed to be funny. Incompetent, unhelpfully, liers, abusive, poor, waste of space, the list is endless but certainly not funny
  21. I have never heard of the supreme court act 1983 and would have thought it would be more likely to be an act connected with county court. Do you have a link so I can read up on it please. I have googled it but am unable to find anything
  22. This came out of the blue just over a week ago. The thing that concerns me is it is there mistake. They have had this money a long time some of it 17 years has anybody managed to get interest on it and if so was it straightforward or was it a fight. After all they where negligent in valuing it wrong
  23. As the title says I have been over paying council tax for the last 17 years. Last week I got a letter from the Sheffield group valuation officer informing me of a "notice of alteration to an existing entry in the valuation list" Basically this is to tell me my house has been re-banded and has gone from band B to A. The effective date of alteration is 1st April 1993 or 17 years ago. I rang the valuation office who confirmed that when the house was valued for council tax a mistake was made and should have been in band A. He was unable to give me anymore info other than the council had been informed and they would contact me. Today I have received 10 council tax adjustment notices covering the last 10 years. I don't know why they have only sent 10 as I am due 17. Now what I need to know is has anybody had a similar scenario as I believe I am due to all 17 years plus interest. If I had took them to court I would be entitled to claim interest at 8%. Do you think they will offer up if asked or will i have to take court action. If the boot was on the other foot they would want 8%. Thanks for any help or advise in advance.
  24. Spoke to my insurance yesterday with a view to having payment in lieu of repairs. They will contact me with a date when the assessor is coming to look at the car. Once they have paid me they will start legal proceedings as they will then have a financial loss. Also tried again to speak to the other party's insurance which is Norwich Union. Even though they promised to call back they never did. When you call them they contact you to an Indian call centre where you get to speak to somebody who has no understanding of the situation, can't make a decision, and can only read from a script which isn't in there native tongue. They then pass you on to the same again and again and again until you are that feed up you just give up. Also emailed the customer service rep from Norwich Union that posts on here on Thursday evening but haven't even had a courtesy email back. Seems to me Norwich Union are just another poor quality company that will do there best to avoid payment at all cost even when it's obvious they should now sort this. I doubt any reasonable person would disagree they have had long enough to sort. Looks like I will be adding Norwich useless to the list of companies I personally will never use and will allways recommend to others not to use.
  25. Thanks I will ring my insurance in the morning and will ask for payment in lieu of repairs.
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