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  1. Sorry I should have said she has only been late since she started college and it finishes later than school does.
  2. Thanks She started the shifts when she was at school and has requested a change of shift start time but this has not been approved so is struggling to make it on time. Thanks for all your help,she will go to her meeting this week and hopefully still have a job as she is a young worker (
  3. Thanks for your replies. She goes straight from college and does not drive. So it is not possible to get to work half an hour early.
  4. Hi and thanks for reading. My family member is getting another discplinary for lateness. She has worked for a company for over 1 1/2 years and in that time was late twice. A few months ago she was late a third time (due to buses, phoned in and explained). She got a disciplinary and apparently had received 'verbal warnings', and received a written warning at this meeting. She was late again last week (again due to buses) and phoned to advice she would be late. She is now getting another disciplinary and has been told she will possibly get a final written warning. These things hap
  5. I have searched the internet and still cant find what I can reply to Jet2. Surely this is just a stalling tactic?
  6. This is actually for my daughter not myself.Thanks to everyone for their responses, they have all been really helpful. She tries to 'do herbest' but she is quite a stressed person the best of times and feels very pressured into running about like a headless chicken to keep the customers happy (I have told her she can only do what she can.)It is not a supermarket however it is a large retail business that sells chemist goods, toiletries etc and I would imagine some over the counter medicine may be age restricted? also things like shavers etc? Does anyone know what age related items these would
  7. I travelled back from Spain last year and we were delayed 3.5 hours due to a technical fault with the wing of the plane.I wrote to Jet 2 for compensation and quoted the the EU Denied Boarding Regulation 261/2004.I received a letter yesterday refusing compensation because under Spanish regulations the technical fault with the plane IS exceptional circumstances.Has this happened to anyone else and is there a template letter I can send challenging their decision.many thanks
  8. Hi I'm a 17 year old and work for big store. I am left alone at the checkouts AND self-scan alone for between 3-3.5 hours! I've queried this as it is extremely stressful and I get customers complaining, also if I need to leave the checkout eg an item has leaked/wrong item I am unable. There is a bell to ring for a manager but the other week I rang for over half an hour and nobody turned up! I am also in charge of 4 self scans at the side of the checkout and if I have a queue and all 4 self scans require my attention, I can't physically do this!!
  9. I ordered a Lay z Spa at the offer price on 23rd June and paid using debit card. I got an email verification stating they will contact me by 22nd July for delivery. I got a phone call from cuts services the next day (24th June) and delivery was arranged for 3rd July between 12-6. I got a phone call on 30th June saying they had a supplier problem and item would not be delivered until 15th August! I explained this item. Was for the summer and August was not good. The lady said sales had exceeded stock and it was their supplier that was the problem and nothing she could do. I phoned the nex
  10. Hi I recently applied for my charges back due to hardship (the charges are over £500 in the last year, I have had to take money from credit cards at high rates, I am a full time student with a low income and I regularly go oer my overdraft). The RBOS got back to me wanting me to fill out about 3 pages of very detailed income and expenditure. My account is with them and most of the information is on my statements anyway. I supplied copies of credit card statements and my University confirmation letter as evidence in the original letter. My question is do I have to supply this info
  11. Thanks Tilly They are getting worse aren't they. Starting my request tomorrow!!!! Alison
  12. Hi I claimed for my bank charges and was successful in 2006, but have had more charges since on the same account. Has anyone claimed again and had success??? Thanks
  13. HI Again sorry about the delay in responding, have been soooo busy. The letter from RBS states:- Thank you for your letter .......... As we outlined we explain all of our T&C's including our fees and charges at account opening and they form the basis of your agreement with us. We must therefore, disagree with the views expressed in your letter. If on reflection you would like to accept our offer of £152.69 (claiming £498) as outlined in our previous letter....... This figure represents a refund of the difference between our original charge and the current £12 late pay
  14. Hi Sorry about the delay, I am starting a uni course soon and head all over the place. The letter from BOS first was:- Thank you for your letter....... I am sure you will appreciate that like other organisations we incur costs for administering your account for late/unpaid payment of overlimit situations. The Bank believe it is fair to pass these costs on to the accounts affected, rather than absorb them into other areas of our organisation, penalising all our other customers as a result. HBOS clearly outlines our charging policy in the T&C's that apply to your account. I
  15. Hi, nice to meet up with you too! yes, I have claimed for both banks and they are both coming back with roughly the same response!! Another tactic. I have sent partial payment letters to both, and they have both came back with the same, our offers stands as final settlement blah blah!!
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