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  1. Man has both ears ripped off in accident. Doc says "only got these two animal ears 'ere so I'll put them on" "Do what you must Doc" man replies. So Man has Pig's ear and Dog's ear grafted in place. Few weeks later Man goes for check up. "How's the ears?" Doc asks "This Dog's ear is great. I can hear a whistle from 500 yards away, but I've got a bit of crackling in the other ear"
  2. Once I've paid my last month's rent it will take me to middle of next month,so not an issue really(due next week). Just wanted a starting point for any possible aggrivation following return of deposit. They(LA) have ignored my letters in the past so I can throw "Ten days since end of lease and you haven't replied" etc. Not that I want a fight,anything but. It's just so I know where to start if I have to. Thanks for the prompt response.
  3. Hi All, long time no speak....been busy. This may seem an obvious question,but....... I put my notice to end AST lease for middle of next month(eg 14th). As things have zoomed along it looks like I'll be able to get out by start of next month(1st or 2nd). When I hand in the keys and give the final meter readings is that the end of the lease ? or will it be when I originally intended in my letter ? (even tho the property will be empty). Just wondering so that I'll have a starting point for the "ten days from end of lease" scenario. May be obvious but tired from moving and not thinking straight. TIA.
  4. Despite playing it for 20 years , the BBC will now beep the words "faggot" and "slut" from the Pogues/Kirsty McColl hit "Fairytale of New York" in case they cause offence. Are they going to apologise for playing it uncensored for all this time? What about other hits? "Stop the Cavalry" by Jona Louie may offend war veterans for a start. "Mary's Boy Child" by Boney M may offend non-christians I could go on but I'll leave it to you lot.
  5. After watching last night's Eastenders , could you have had "Hazel" ?
  6. Tried local brokers ,but they weren't too good....."oooh,that's a tricky one" so went thru the AA who were much better. Got it sorted but at a higher price , which I was expecting. On a few comparison sites it was coming in at £60 to £80 ish for a year but ended up with £240 for the higher risk. Thanks for the tips folks.
  7. I know of one family that has a daughter with Downs and Mencap has helped them a lot. Perhaps you could find the local one to you and have a chat with them.
  8. An elderly relative is now a long term care patient. We have started taking care of her finances,etc. and I have realised that she has no insurance on her property whatsoever. I can accept that contents insurance isn't so essential but I really need to find buildings insurance of some sort. This is proving to be a difficult case. I've been thru a few comparison websites with no joy. I've even tried phoning some companies direct to no avail (you'd think certain companies who specialise in products for 'over 50's' would be more sympathetic wouldn't you?) . Does anyone know of any insurer who would take on buildings insurance for a property that is unoccupied for more than the 60 days rule ? I would be extremely grateful for any help/knowledge on this.
  9. As you have said , put as much paper as possible. Your DLA award will be a strong item in your favour as your would have had an independent medical to be awarded that. Good Luck.
  10. This is a very complex issue as far as Is the item specifically for a disabled person (eg Wheelchair) Has the item been adapted specifically (eg car adaptations) etc. You could be eligible for one item , but not another. Start Here VAT relief on products and services for disabled people : Directgov - Disabled people
  11. I have requested my LL's agents if I can move the payment date for my rent. It will only be a week. I have offered to pay the difference as a one off to make up for the change of date. The agents don't seem keen and as far as I'm aware haven't even asked the LL about this. Otherwise I have a good relationship with the agent and I don't wont to rock the boat , but should I just nag them or contact my LL direct ? I've got other direct debits with other companies and have had no problem in moving payment dates when I've needed to. Are they being unreasonable?
  12. that's why the advertising campaign for FCUK was so successful
  13. Are you buying or on lease? Either way,you should have handed over a blue form to the vehicle supplier when you were arranging the vehicle's order. This blue form off the DLA office would have authorised the dealer to release the vehicle as it would have had a 'cut off' date as to when you would stop receiving your money and it would start to be paid to Motability (may be a little different if your supplier had the online system).If you weren't in receipt of sufficient award you wouldn't have been able to have the vehicle in the 1st place. Sounds like a DLA mistake to me. Don't worry about it too much.
  14. Cymraeg

    Continuing Care

    Thanks for that link Rob S I've got a feeling now that they'll wait until Monday until they start anything so that everything will then apply to the new guidelines. Easier for all than changing the rules halfway thru'.
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