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  1. Update and question After issuing my claim using the online process I recieved a letter from FDs solicitors offering me an amount slightly below my claim and without including my court charges, plus a request to sign a confidentiality agreement. I really don't want to settle for less than the full amount, and plus my court fees I will be light by around £300 from my total claim - anyone been here before or have any advice ?
  2. Exactly what I got. They did reply, more or less within 10 days, saying that in their view the charges weren't penalties, I should see my Ts&Cs, and stating that the next level of complaint was their customer services director and then the banking ombusdman - as if it's for them to tell me who to complain to !! Anyhow I put the Letter Before Action in the post, recorded delivery today. If I were you I'd get your LBA ready, you need to include another copy of the spreadsheet, or whatever you used to calculate the charges, and get ready to post it the day you get the reply.
  3. Yep I only claimed the difference. Anyhow they have got back to me with a standard "we don't belive our charges are unenforcable - see your account terms and conditions". Strangely they have quoted me as asking for £2,724, when I have only claimed £2,155. I'm going to send the LBA today, registered post, using my original figure.
  4. Cheers for that mate I'll post when something happens !
  5. Sent off a request for details of charges over the past 6 years and got a very polite reply saying there was no charge for the service, about a week later received my bundle of statements, drew up a spreadsheet which came to £2155, the total all charges going back 6 years minus the £12 "reasonable" charges on each occasion. Didn't bother claiming the interest. Sent a request for refund letter on October 2nd, giving them 7 days to refund the charges. Today got a letter saying they were sorry I'd had cause to complain and that someone would reply within 10 days. I have noticed that other
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