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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Don't let them intimidate you ,sit tight, refuse any offers they make untill you get the one for the full amount. trust me you WILL get all your money.not too sure what the cpa 18 is all about but i'd bet it's just another angle theyr'e trying to pull good luck
  3. Hello all, heres an update on my situation- I sent the letter before action giving 14 days notice of legal procedings in march and heard nothing back until a couple days after the deadline when i got a letter from the grand fromage of the customer relations dept.the letter just went over old ground about charges being fair ect and taking it up with the FOS if i'm not happy, but no mention of of legal proceedings which i find curious? I issued the claim on 5th april,it was served on 11th,on the 19th they filed an acknowledgement. on the 10th(yesterday) i got the particulars of the defe
  4. hello candice, sorry my post wasn't very clear, instead of hyjacking your thread i'll carry on with mine and explain where i am with it all on there cheers mick
  5. Hello candice your not on your own, my claim was served on 7th april for over 3 grand,i've got a hundred and one things going on at the moment so i haven't got round to getting on here much,just spotted your thread tonight. All i've had is the usual 'sorry your unhappy' speil other than the last letter that was as unfriendly as a letter from a bank can get i think, but no acknowedgement of the legal procedings and it arrived after the deadline had passed ??? Its strange that they've made you an offer as they certainly havn't made me one (obviously if and when they do i'll knock it
  6. Cheers for your help robert, fortunately i live in england so this hopefully won't be a problem
  7. Hello john, i don't know if this is any help but i've had stacks of referal charges applied to my accounts which are just normal current accounts so these don't seem to be exclusive to business accounts. when i asked what they were for they said it was purely the fact that someone has to make a decision at branch level whether or not to pay it. i assume they would refer to this as manual intervention.
  8. Cheers bankfodder, sorry to be a pain in the arse over this ,taking on board what you've said i think i'll send them another letter asking them to justify their charges and give them a further 14 days before action,i just didn't want to seem as though i was wasn't serious as i'd already given them a deadline but at the same time i appreciate that i've got to follow the correct procedure thanks again mick
  9. I'm really sorry but i'm a tad confused I've sent the consumer version what i thought was the opening letter basically saying that i'm not happy,asking for the charges to be refunded and giving 14 days notice for action. Iv'e had another look in the libary and seen another letter headed something like 'prelimary approach' which is similar but asks for the bank to enter into dialogue ect. In my last reply from the bank they have said that they stand by their charges but if their are any particular charges that i dispute they would be happy to discuss them. Iwant to go straight
  10. cheers Buzz, i addressed my initial letter to the branch manager and she just passed it to the branch ''service quality'' manager. I'm thinking that as i gave them 14 days notice i should just go ahead with the claim as thats now expired.
  11. Thanks for your help Richard,much appreciated.
  12. I got the standard "sorry your not happy,we'll look into it " letter a week or so ago followed a few days later with another predictable one stating that they see their charges as fair and transparent - blah blah blah and that they are not prepared to repay any charges. i need a bit of help with filling out the court form as i'm not sure wether to put the the branch address or maybe a regional office???? i've got a rbs address from this site for telford ,not sure if thats the one to put down?? can anyone advise please.
  13. appologies for the lack of spacing in my 1st post ,it won't happen again. thanks for your help with those points,i'll have to do abit more research with regards to the mortgage angle to find out exactly what i did sign. I got my first response from my branch this morning which is a pamphet titled "charges and rates of interest" Along with a compliments slip with nothing on it!! I dont think they've taken it too well!! I think i'll notify their head office that i've lodged a claim then just sit tight and start the ball rolling after 14 days,thanks again, mick
  14. Hello everyone, I took great pleasure today delivering my opening letter to my branch of the rbs asking them to return over 3 grand which they've squeezed out of me and the mrs over the last 6 years.I've got a couple of things i'm not too sure about, firstly the claim relates to two acounts ,one is my sole account and the other is my joint account with the wife,both of which are held at the same branch,i'm wondering if there are any legal issues in the fact that i will effectivley be partly claiming on her behalf???? The other thing is that they had a few grand off us a couple of years back
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