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  1. They are based in Preston now as NCO Europe but used to be NCO Financial Services in Norbury, they have offered me a 50% settlement figure to clear the debt so I can only assume that they bought it very cheaply from Abbey. Can't understand why, if I am paying in small installments they expect me to suddenly have thousands in my pocket. Of course, if abbey hadn't piled on the charges I wouldn't be in this situation anyway...
  2. Good luck! I haven't heard anything from them since making a court claim and nor has the court, so I have sent off the claim form to ask for a judgement by default, no doubt it'll be this time next year before they stop stalling....
  3. I got into trouble because despite being ill, advising the abbey that my salary would drop to 1/10th of its previous level and asking them for help the minute I knew I was unable to pay DD and SO on my account they insisted on adding charges, in one instance £32 for a £2 standing order. I tried and tried but they were so shoddy that even when I tried to cancel everything going through the account they still paid everything and charged yet another load of fees. I was too ill at the time and have had an agreement for years with NCO paying off what I owe but at the rate I can afford, still being
  4. Hi there, has anyone had any success with getting money back from the Abbey once they have passed the debt onto a collection agency? I've been through all the letters and have now submitted a court claim but would like to know what they'll have up their sleeve because the debt was passed on. All help very much appreciated! Thanks, Kirsty
  5. Just had a letter back from the Abbey, i'm asking for £807.50. they are offering.......nil. This is one that I will fight hard as the charges came about when I had to leave work through illness. I wrote to them, pleaded with them but nope, tough luck, here's another bunch of charges. I've written back to confirm that if I get no joy in 7 days (they've already had a month of letters back and forth) then i'll be filing a claim. Fingers crossed.... 09/11/06 Letter to Abbey - not on your nelly - where's my £807 ?
  6. Sent a letter on 9th Oct claiming back £100 of charges, got an acknowledgement a few days ago and today my account was credited in full. Hurrah, and thanks to this group. Will send some cash (once I have it - unfortunately this account isn't an active one as it's on a repayment plan) as soon as I (hopefully ) get lucky with my other claims. Thank you all who give advice and support, Kirsty Abbey £807 - 1st letter sent 09/10, acknowledgement rec'd today Barclaycard £100 - 1st letter 09/10, settled in full 17/10 Capital One £454 - 1st letter 09/10 - no response yet Citi £7
  7. Hello, Thanks for the kind advice. I have to own up to be such a hoarder of paperwork I still have all the statements. My cat and I have just spent a while going through them - though I think he just wanted to play in the box. I will sit down now and start the process. Fingers crossed!
  8. Hello, I'm new so hello to all .....and any any advice would be very much appreciated. My question is, if a debt has been passed by a bank to a collection agency and I have been paying that DCA, having agreed a token sum, can I still make a claim for refund of extortionate charges made? My problems began in 2002, I had an overdraft with Abbey, a loan with Citi and a credit card with Citi. I was insured with the last 2 against ill health et.c but when I became ill they declined to pay out as it was a psychiatric illness which needed to be proved by a psychiatrist, not a GP. By the ti
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