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  1. This topic was closed on 03/05/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks again guys...the pennys dropped now. I'll get onto the spreadsheet tonight and see what figure I come up with. Cheers Jim
  3. I think its me that should saying Doh !! Sorry again guys , I'm still struggling.... I don't understand how the total of my monthly payments for PPI (60 x £74.38 =£4462) would be less than the £6122 that they charged me, or even more puzzling why they would pay me £5927 back. Sorry if I'm givin you guys a headache !! I'll sleep on it and see if I can get the penny to drop...back tomorrow. Cheers Jim
  4. Just edited my original response...it made sense to me until I thought about it. If my monthly payment for PPI is approx 74.38, then would it make sense to assume that the total paid to them would be 60 x 74.38 ? If thats the case then it doesn't add up to the 6122 that they charged, nor to the 5927 that they refunded. I'm now confused again...sorry guys
  5. Thanks ims...i found that spreadsheet earlier, the one you helped "Eggie" with. For my case, on my loan agreement I do not have a breakdown of how much of my monthly payment was for repayment to the loan and how much was for payment protection. Do you know how I can work this out ? The only figures quoted are, Amount of Advance £25000 Optional PP premium £6122.50 Total Loan £31122.50 Monthly Interest rate 1.019% Estimated Number of monthly payments 180 Monthly payment £378.10 looking back at it now it doesn't even have the APR on it, they used the monthly rate to make it
  6. Thanks dx...I've just read the link you gave me....certainly seems its worth a shot. Looking at it, I don't really fall into any of the specific categories quoted but the closest would be under "what’s the position on the refund of premiums, where the loan is paid off early (or re-arranged)?" I've no problem with searching the forums to find the answers, but if you can, or anyone else let me know the steps I should now follow it made make it a bit easier to start off. Do I first write to First plus or the FOS ? I think it should be Firstplus from what I've read, and give them ei
  7. FirstPlus PPI and Interest Help....please.... Hi guys..looking for a wee bit of advice. In June of 2002 myself and my wife took out a First Plus loan to consolidate our debt. The loan value was £25,000 and £6122.50 was added for PPI giving a total loan of £31122.50. We, in common with many others on the forum feel we were mis-sold this PPI as we had no idea at the time of the implications and obviously subsequent hardship that this has caused us. Now 9 years in,based on current monthly payments we still have approx £30,000 to pay until the loan reaches its 15 year term....Similar to oth
  8. I haven't checked back on the site for a while............... I sent two DPA requests to the Abbey on the 28/2/06, both by recorded delivery. According to the Royal Mail site, one was received and the other wasn't ( I've taken that up with them). When I sent these off, there was no real mention on the site of requiring the £10 charge for releasing this information. Should I re-submit both requests along with a cheque for £10 and basically start the process again, or can I just send the cheques with a covering letter and still expect an answer 40 days from the 28/02/06.
  9. Thanks........... Special Delivery it is then.
  10. I am in the process of sending the PDA letter to the Abbey asking for the total amount of charges that I have incurred in the last six years. I have searched the forum and found a few references to the difference of law in England / Wales to that of Scotland, but nothing really firm. I have also searched for any successes posted by Scottish Claimants and could fine none. Legally I believe, I am still right to claim back what is rightly mine, but would I be correct in saying that my chances of success are somewhat less as I am pursuing this within a completely different legal system to
  11. Can I send recorded delivery to a PO BOX address.. ... I know it sounds silly but surely with a large organisation there will be a facility to get these received. If not, will I have to find another address to send to. I am sending my request for bank charge details to the only address that is stated on my Bank Statements.
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