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  1. Hi All some advice needed. I have been through the claims process myself and so have agreed to help me sister with her HSBC claim. All was going well and we sent off the letter before action clearly stating HSBC had 14 days until legal action started and interest charged. When this expired we started the legal claim and allowed the court process to start. About a week after the expiry of our deadline and 3 days after we started the court claim my sister received a letter offering her most of the money but not the full amount which we decided not to reply to as we assumed it had crossed with co
  2. Well I feel I may have fallen at the last hurdle, sorry for not having more of a backbone guys. I accepted the offer which was just over £1000, maybe it was the way I argued my case regarding the costs However, if anyone else speaks to Paul regarding the same matter and he says he has never heard of anyone claiming for work carried out on the case you know that he is telling a big old porkie. My arguement was the following maybe someone can point out where I may have gone wrong:- 1. Appointment letter stated "cost rules for the small claims track applied" 2. I am a litigant in person, i
  3. Still not backing down despite stating all the above, Paul's adamant I am in the wrong even though it's a small claims and the letter from the court states "the costs rules for the Small Claims Track should apply". However they have agreed extra interest to this date and to remove the confidentiality part of the offer letter, I've said I need a minute to think and frankly feel brow beaten by his rude and incredulous telephone manner. I suppose one good thing from this is without the confidentiality it has left me free to discuss my case with my work collegues, for once it may actually help to
  4. Agh can someone help me please?! I have spoken to Paul Quinn today and he is refusing to pay my fees for being a litigant in person. He says that under CPR 27 Barclays does not have pay my fees even though these were outlined in my CMIS form. Although I pointed out that I am eligible as a litigant in person to charge £9.25per/hr for time and effort in this case and the court clerk also said this, I am concerned I sounded a bit stumbley and didn't back my arguement up very well. I said I will call him back soon and he said he will advise the court that I have hindered a settlement should I refu
  5. Hi All Right after refusing to answer any calls I got an answerphone message from Paul Quinn on 23/03/07 offering me a settlement in full, I have tried to return the call but surprsie, surprise it goes straight to answerphone therefore I am going to have to wait until Monday (day before case) to discuss the settlement. Yes this is good to finally get things moving but this morning I received a letter offering me the orginal ammount which was the interest at the start of the claim in November, Paul has also ignored the litigant fees set out in my CMIS form. I'm going to try and negotiate t
  6. I keep calling Barclays Head Office but to no avail as yet, I get transferred to Adrian Ruffhead but it's straight to answerphone and despite leaving a message he doesn't get back to me. To be honest I'm starting to get stressed as court is on Tuesday morning which means time off work etc, also should I bring a bulk or anything else to the hearing? The clerk at the court said I only needed to provide CMIS as Barclays must provide the rest but I'm not sure if to bring it in case the Judge wants to see it.
  7. Hi rrfcfan Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner have been laid up ill in bed. I see Calculator has given you all the details you need, keep me posted & good luck! x
  8. Thanks everyone for your help with this I have drawn up my CMI with the help of J. Barton1's posting and will send it out to both Barclays and London Mercantile court today. Barclays so far have been totally uncommunicative despite numerous attempts to contact them by both post and telephone hopefully this will force their hand into speaking to me.
  9. Hi My case against Barclays has been transferred to the London Mercantile Court and I have received a directions date of 27th March at 9.30 is anyone else going on that date? I have read some of the threads and spoken to a clerk who confirmed that as an individual it is Barclays responsibility to submit paperwork, I will however need to provide a Case Management Information sheet. I think I have found the pdf form online but it's got guidance notes on it and I don't know how to remove them, can someone tell me if it's the correct form? http://www.dca.gov.uk/civil/procrules_fin/conten
  10. I'm also fuming about Barclays today! My claim was supposed to expire on 23rd December and they acknowledged it on 21st giving them till 9th, I tried to submit a default judgement this morning (10th) only to be told have to wait until midnight but when I checked again at 3pm guess what ...they have filed defence just hours before expiry! It's so annoying that they wait till very last minute this claim feels like it's going on for ages! Keep us posted on your case and what you are providing as evidence.
  11. Thank you so much for all you help and advice with this Ukaviator x
  12. Hi All Firstly can I apologise for the long thread! My flatmate and I are both currently in the court process against HSBC and Barclays. I have received an acknowledgement from Barclays and should they not put in a defence before Monday I will win by default (fingers crossed)! However, my friend has had a less easy ride from HSBC and I was wondering if we could get some advice. After starting her calim and receiving an acknowledgment she received a part offer from HSBC stating should it go to court they believe they would win. After declining the offer she received a Defence Counterc
  13. Hi All This is my first post and apologies if this question has been covered in the past. I'm just starting an application against my Barclays current account, when I opened this account way back in my student years I also took out a Barclaycard which I had from 1999 - 2005. When the interest and penalites became ridiculous I took advantage of a balance transfer offer with a different credit card company. Please could someone tell me if it is possible to claim for unfair charges on a an account that is now closed? Any info would be a huge help. Thanks x
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