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  1. Hi, I took out a Lloyds TSB credit card back in 1999. At the time they did not record information with credit reference agencies and, while I haven't got a copy of my credit agreement, I have checked one for a loan taken out around the same time and it seems that there was no check box to provide permission for recording details with a CRA. I have asked Lloyds to send me a copy of the original agreement and will check at home to see if I can find my copy. If I do find it and there is nothing on it giving my permission for them to provide my details to CRAs, can I prevent them from doing s
  2. No, I did live there previously, but alomst 7 years ago and have had no financial association with the address since then. The link only exists because the bank changed addresses without my authority.
  3. I had a default registered on my account over a statue barred debt a few years back. I only found out about it through an online Equifax report, so I contacted the company responsible, pointed out that the debt was statue barred and that no default notice had ever been serverd and politely asked that they remove it. It was gone the next day! Sometimes all it takes is a simple phone call. I know some people are too shy or scared to call, but if you have it in you, it may well be worth a go...
  4. Hi, I had a joint account with my ex-wife, which, for some reason, we never changed into single names after we were divorced. She never uses the account, but it is still linked to her old address. After we divorced, about 6 years ago, I moved to a new house and transferred my bank details there. However, I was working away most of the time, so set up a correspondance address at my rented flat. I moved home about 18 months ago and, as letters were still being sent to my correspondance address, I never thought to change my home address with the bank. I stopped receiving letters from the bank, b
  5. Hi folks, There are a lot of posts on here about bad landlords, but I think I'm a pretty good one. I always follow the law and I do my best to be fair to my tenants and ensure that they have an enjoyable stay in my property. This has always ensured that I have had a good relationship with them and I have never had any problems. Until now! This is a bit of an unusual situation. I put one of my properties, a 3-bed flat in London, on the market with a local agent in February. Given the state of the market, I expected that rental rates had dropped since I last rented it out, so I was sur
  6. A lot of agencies will simply ask for a slightly higher deposit if you fail the credit check, so there are ways around it. As far as I'm aware, though, the check is not really done on credit scoring. They tend to use public records and look for CCJs etc, so you should hopefully be fine. Good luck!
  7. I have to agree with Planner on this one. I don't know the ins and out of the situation, but as a landlord myself, who has experienced a similar problem, I can tell you that it is not always easy to get things fixed. First of all, when the boiler in one of my flats failed, the agency didn't tell me for three days. I then had to find a plumber, but the earliest appointment was a week away. The plumber came out, serviced the boiler and then had to order some new parts, which took another week to come. In all, it took 15 days to get the problem resolved. Fortunately my tenant was reasonable and u
  8. Hi Nicki, sorry to hear of your problems. Hopefully somebody will give you advice to sort them out. However, I would suggest moving your post to its own thread, as responses can get very confusing with two problems in the same thread FM
  9. Hi folks, I'm in a bit of a sticky situation and could do with some advice. I don't want to go into too much detail, but will paint a quick background. My girlfriend started a business, which I mostly funded. Due to the pressures of the business she suffered badly from depression, so had to give it up. Throughout the time she was running the business and while she was recovering, I paid for absolutely everything in our life, as well as giving her whatever she needed for stock. When she finally pulled out of depression with the help of counselling, she found a new job, which involved a lon
  10. Ptothej, I'm a little bit late coming into this one, so you may already be beyond this stage or have found an answer elsewhere, but just in case, what you should be claiming is all of the money you paid out, plus statutory interest. There are spreadsheets on here to help you calculate that. Essentially, though, what you are looking at is the cost of the PPI plus interest at 17.9% over the five years. (Is this a flat rate or APR?) In addition, you are able to claim statutory interest on money you have paid from the date you paid it until present day. This is where the spreadsheet com
  11. Hate to be pedantic, but isn't this a 'Successes' thread? Can we take questions about new claims into another thread, please?
  12. There is a licence number listed on the back (454095), so it is worth checking to see if this is valid, but from what I can tell, this does not comply with the terms of the Consumer Credit Act. There is nothing to state the total amount payable, the APR or the number of payments, so it could only be enforced with a court order and I think they would struggle to get one based on this agreement. Have a look here for more information on the CCA.
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