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  1. I have wrote letters for refund to Halifax as described, but haven't registered the case with court as yet, what should I do now due to circumstances with stay etc? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have had same problem with Halifax. I couldn't pay in cash at desk & was told to pay in by envelope & postbox. I did at approx 2pm. I still got charged even though the money was in there on same day. .....rs!
  3. Just had a letter from the Halifax, they have now put my claim on hold due to the test case! Do I carry on with the original procedure? I have had the reply from the 1st letter giving them 14 days before the LBA. Now how do I proceed? Any advice please ..Thanks
  4. Congratulations too.......... Well worth the wait, they offered me only a fraction out of court, but I stuck with it, saw the process through, and after a long battle I did it, they lost, I won.......What a Great feeling that is!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeeeee....
  5. Just to let you know that I have just donated to the site, and also I have just completed the survey..... Many thanks for all the advise on here, it helped loads, I wouldn't have bothered with the claim had I not stumbled onto this site in 1st place..........THANK YOU.......
  6. After a long battle with the Halifax, I am now feeling the benefit as they have today credited my account the charges, plus interest( although their addition of interest didn't quite work out the same, but I phoned them, brought it to their attention, so now hopefully topping up the payment into my account, bless them.!!!) I did have to enter judgement (Mcol), then sent Halifax copy of print off & giving them basic 7 days to get in my account, and like magic it only took a day!!! lol......yippeee.....
  7. I'm in the MONEY.........yes the Halifax have just paid out in full, a long battle but well worth the wait. My donation will be with you shortly, many thanks for all advise received on this site, very helpful. Yipppee....... :D
  8. Update, I have now entered Judgement stage with MCOL etc, also phoned MCOL, they advised waitng 7 days before Warrant issue. I phoned Halifax, not that they sounded bothered, so sent another letter with copy of the Judgement to Halifax, stating they now have until Tuesday next week latest to pay up or a warrant will be issued.....(Fingers crossed...won't need to), I sent the letter Special delivery too...Even added the extra interest to date as requested, oh my god, they must have too much money to be bothered about the extra charges!!
  9. Hi, I in same boat, I entered Judgement on Tuesday this week, I had rang Halifax twice, but they just said that it will be dealt with as normal process!! I have also sent a letter to Halifax, stating they now have until 1700hrs next week to pay up or I issue warrant! (advise from MCOL, allow them 7days) Will keep you posted. Good luck with yours
  10. Still nothing so hopefully judgement day tomorrow....
  11. Still not heard from halifax or mcol. Tomorrow is judgement day. Fingers crossed.
  12. Hi just to update, my 28 days is up tuesday next week, i am hoping to issue judgement on tuesday if no cash received. will update again next week. fingers crossed......
  13. Hi my 28days is up on Tuesday next week, I still haven't had or heard anything, they were defending, but not heard a dicky bird since, so fingers crossed.
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