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  1. On first line of my post!!! are you always so quick to jump down someone neck? On the 17th March I bought a 1.6 16v petrol Citroen Xsara Picasso 77k on clock from Trade Cars of Cleckheaton for £1200 paying £700 cash and £500 on a debit card. tried to upload a copy of the pre inspection sheet but it kept failing will try again later, in the fluids section of it they have ticked the Power steering fluid as satisfactory, which it wasn't the level was low and its leaking. As for the valve oil seals in the engine section they have ticked it satisfactory for fluid leaks but an x un
  2. Sorry its long just want to include all the details. On the 17th March I bought a 1.6 16v petrol Citroen Xsara Picasso 77k on clock from Trade Cars of Cleckheaton http://www.tradecarscleckheaton.co.uk/ for £1200 paying £700 cash and £500 on a debit card. On viewing the car when I first started it the car gave off quite a bit of smoke for about the first 30 seconds which cleared, the garage staff said, "it will be just condensation as its been standing for while". I test drove it and it drove ok apart from a front anti-roll bar needing replacing which I agreed to do so I bought it
  3. Another update my file was passed to some firm called Zinc who bombarded me with texts and phone calls for a while all of which I ignored. Now they are emailing me. Last week they offered me a discount if I settled with them. This week its: We note that as yet you have been unable to contact us so that we can start the process of closing your account. As a result we are concerned that time is now running out on the options we have made available to you as a Zinc Priority Customer. Today and for a limited time you can still: Call us on 0141 230 9101 and ask to speak to your personal accou
  4. Another update. Sorry its taken me a while to post, my dad's still in hospital so lots of visiting to fit in with working full tine coaching kids rugby and looking after my own lad who I take to rugby, boxing and gymnastics. Anyway to the real issue I have received 2 letters from CRS as well as numerous calls and texts all of which I have ignored, The first letter dated 27th April stated: They still wanted to reach an amicable solution. They believe I am breach of a legally binding contract and if they decide to pursue through the courts the following proc
  5. Thanks will do, just having a moment of weakness my dad's in hospital in a bad way n think it must be getting to me.
  6. I sent the letter to Harlands and the gym on the 22nd Feb and gave them 2 weeks to accept it
  7. Update on this., I did write as advised offering a months fee as a goodwill gesture and sent it to the gym and Harlands. I have since had numerous phone calls which I have not answered just by chance followed by text requests that I ring CRS. Also I have received letters on the 12th Feb from CRS stating my debt is now £196.42 and they want to reach an amicable solution offering me a chance to pay and start going the gym or to arrange a payment plan. Then on 2nd March a more threatening letter stating they would like to reach an amicable solution, but they believe I am in breach
  8. No I didn't write to them, is it worth doing so?
  9. Quick update had a letter today from CRS saying my debt had been passed to them, advising me I now owe £196.42 including their fee of £66.50. Should I just ignore this???
  10. Thanks for the advice I will keep you updated as things happen.
  11. Signed up in July there was a fee cant remember if it was £15and first months membership of £9.99, then I also paid for August and September
  12. Hope somebody can help advise me how to proceed with this, sorry is a bit long. I work as a support worker for people with mental health problems as part of my job I promote healthy living and exercise with the service users I work with. In July I agreed to take a service user to our local Exercise 4 Less (Wigan) and train with him, I can claim back my expenses from work as long as I am taking service users. We signed up but it was never pointed out that it was a 12 month contract I even asked "what if I can no longer make it to the gym due to work", in fact the
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