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  1. Just thought I'd post an adequate response that I'd found on other forums regarding Wentworth; this seemed adequate!!!!


    Avoid like the plague,

    I got the same letter last year, sent off my cheque, and all I got was more hassles.

    They pass your details on to another 'broker' who then sends out your details to all the high interest rate lenders, e.g. citi finance, you then have to take time off work, go to their offices, wait for about 3 hours, only to be told you can have a loan but they will not 'give' you the money, they will contact all the lenders etc. directly, !The interest rates were about 40%, totally stupid,

    I finally got my money back, less £5 administration fee, after complaining and writing several letters, i told them that the letter was misleading, as they only done what i could have done, applied to any old dodgy company, I had so many calls at work from loan companies saying i must call back an 0906 number etc. to get my agreed loan, they could only have got my work number from wentworth,

    sorry to go on but please don't waste your time or money, just bin the letter,

    hope this helps


    End of quote!





  2. Is what you asked and I answered it! Resident schemes are for those that live in the street not those that own the properties and live elsewhere. The fact that the owner lives in Canada surely makes it common sense that they do not need a permit to park in the street.

    Your story does not even make sense you say you didn't have a permit because your friend is not entitled to one then go on to say you didn't see the signs or letter until after you got the PCNs. Did you apply for a temporary permit before you got the PCN I would guess not. Most Councils in this type of circumstance would issue a temporary or visitor permit if you explain the situation but from what you have written it seems you didn't bother asking.



    We did read letter stating that they were going to introduce a residents only parking scheme onto that street; but as it was delivered within last 5 weeks we did not think that it was in force yet!


    We didn't however see the sign situated 19 semi-detached houses away though! (Sorry but some of us do have more pressing things in life to focus on!)


    No we didn;t ask council for visitors parking permit, cause hey guess what........we didn;t know that the residents parking was in operation on that street yet!

  3. Is what you asked and I answered it! Resident schemes are for those that live in the street not those that own the properties and live elsewhere. The fact that the owner lives in Canada surely makes it common sense that they do not need a permit to park in the street.

    Your story does not even make sense you say you didn't have a permit because your friend is not entitled to one then go on to say you didn't see the signs or letter until after you got the PCNs. Did you apply for a temporary permit before you got the PCN I would guess not. Most Councils in this type of circumstance would issue a temporary or visitor permit if you explain the situation but from what you have written it seems you didn't bother asking.


    No that's not what I'm saying! Learn to read before you answer!


    We HAD already seen letter stating that they were bringing in a residents parking permit scheme on that street, but as letter had only been sent in previous 5 weeks (& yes we didn't see sign at end of street which is 17 semi-detached houses away!) we actually thought that this scheme was still in the making so to speak!


    So as we did not realise that the residents parking permit was in operation at this point, no funny enough we did not apply for a visitors parking permit-why would we?


    Seriously though, if i need your advice again in the future I'll ask for it, until then go & find soemone else's thread to be useless on eh!

  4. Because its a RESIDENTS permit scheme not a landlord permit scheme, the fact that your friend lives 3000 miles away from the property highlights the reasoning behind the policy.


    Great thinking Batman, thanks for your useless input; reminds me of something my mum used to say........if you've got nothing interesting to say; best not say anything at all! (I asked for help not criticism!)

    Just to clarify…..

    If the owner was residing in the property they'd have a residents parking permit & a visitor one, so fact is there would be 2 less parking spaces anyway, I hardly see how this is causing other residents hardship? (& if the new tenant did drive they'd also take up 2 parking spaces!)


    & yes I do think that this is ridiculous; especially as the person who is moving into the property is a very nice now homeless woman with 3 kids after she lost her home of 11 years due to her landlord being made bankrupt.


    It's one thing the council demand a fine payment but they've done nothing for the new tenant in 4 months she's been homeless, she has to stay with relatives!

  5. Just at work at moment, tickets are at home, i will have a look & let you know about 1.30pm, I do know that there is a website address on the ticket, if that gives any indication?

    PATROL Online

    I'll post back about 1.30 & scan tickets for you, thank-you for advise so far.

    I am still rather bemused as to why my friend cannot park outside her own property & also can't even apply for a permit!

  6. Hi, I have a friend who lives in Canada, she ownes 2 properties in England, 1 of tenants has done a bunk owing her rent & she was here for her mums birthday anyway so I've been helping her sort out house & find new tenant etc (she's only here for 10 days).


    Today we're at house cleaning, there's also a tiler doing bathroom (charging her extra of course for Sunday service), my friend (the owner of the house) & the tiler go outside to find they each have a parking ticket as its resident parking only! (My friends car is a hire car, tilers is a small van with logo on side)


    Please bare in mind that there is a letter to 'occupier of house' from council stating that they are going to introduce residents parking on that street enclosing an application form (no date on letter) & tenant only left property 5 weeks ago; so letter is less than 5 weeks old! (& no i didn't notice sign at end of st before, we were slightly pre-occupied!)


    My friend cannot actually apply for a residents parking permit as she does not reside at that property; neither can she apply for a visitors parking permit as again only the resident can apply for one!


    There is no where else to park in that area (nearest car park is approx 1/2 mile), we are obviously going equipped with my carpet cleaner amongst other things.


    Tiler wants my friend to pay for his ticket.


    Each ticket is £35 (£70 if not paid within 7 days!)


    I am shocked to say the least, my friend ownes the property, we need to clean it & can't park elsewhere & my friend can't even apply for a permit as she doesn't live in her property!?!?!


    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated as I'll be damned if she's paying these rediculous fines!





  7. totally agree with that melly31 but one better is if they send you a load of forms and leaflet with a prepaid envelope just post all thier junk and send it back in thier envelope - that way they get charged for receiving thier own junk mail back - petty i know but it does give you a small degree of satisfaction


    Ah, what a refreshing change to find someone after my own heart! Lol.


    Excellent advice, bravo.



  8. I'd just write to them at the above address telling them that you no longer require the loan that you completed an online application for; send it recorded delivery.

    Have you not heard from them (or anyone) since submitting your application?

    I would have thought that you would need to sign documents/a loan agreement that would be sent by the lender by post before they gave you any money?



  9. Mel


    Just a question but what is classed as a official error?


    My Mum is dyslexic and as a result she went down to the local tax office and THEY filled out the paperwork on her behalf. Took copies of all documents etc and basically said sign here after everything was done.


    now she has been told that she was overpaid buy over £5,000.00 and they are taking this off her but have admitted that the local tax office may have made the mistake. All tax credits stuff has been taken to the local office and explained to her and as far as she is concerned she gave them the info they asked for so they are in the wrong.


    Is this classed as a error on there part or mums or is this classed as a official error.


    Hi Godmother,


    This is classed as an official error; your mum is Dyslexic, therefore she could not have possibly been even expected to read through the completed form (let alone actually made sense of it); if you for example had completed her application incorrectly she would more than likely be responsible for the overpayment, but as it was actually 1 of them who completed the form it's there error!


    They may try & say that she misinformed them at the interview (they prob will) don't get too upset, they'll try this with every individual in the hope that they walk away; every error THEY make is noted & publicised, so they'd be doing their jobs incorrectly if they did not try to convince you that it was your (your mum's) mistake!


    (Just to point out that I am actually a civil servant (hence reasons for me knowing a lot about their procedures), I am not however the enemy & me working for DWP did absolutely nothing to get my complaint resolved any faster!) I still think that they are absolutely useless!


    Here is a pasted part of their official error document I happened to have:



    2. Interpretation


    (1) In these Regulations -

    "The Board" means the Commissioners of Inland Revenue;

    "Official error" means an error relating to a tax credit made by -

    (a) An officer of the Board,

    (b) An officer of the Department for Work and Pensions,

    © An officer of the Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland, or

    (d) A person providing services to the Board or to an authority mentioned in paragraph (b) or © of this definition, in connection with a tax credit or credits, to which the claimant, or any of the claimants, or any person acting for him, or any of them, did not materially contribute, excluding any error of law which is shown to have been an error by virtue of a subsequent decision by a Social Security Commissioner or by a court;"


    3 [No heading]


    (1) A decision under section 14(1), 15(1), 16(1), 18(1), (5), (6) or (9), 19(3) or 20(1) or (4) may be revised in favour of the person or persons to whom it relates if it is incorrect by reason of official error, subject to the following paragraphs.

    (2) In revising a decision, the officer or person in question need not consider any issue that is not raised by the application for revision by the claimant or claimants or, as the case may be, did not cause him to act on his own initiative.

    (3) A decision mentioned in paragraph (1) may be revised at any time not later than five years after the end of the tax year to which the decision relates.


    A word of advice for you & your mum; don't be intimidated by them, unless they videod the origional interview & they are correct (we know they are not & they did not) they cannot possibly try to blame your mum. They are there to provide a service for Dyslexic people & it is their job/responsibility to get it correct 1st time every time! If you can get it, a doctors letter to confirm your mum is Dyslexic forwarded onto their head office with a covering letter will move this on considerably (esp if you mention going public with this!). Another useful aid I've found is Welfare Rights; they often set up drop in advise centre's at your local library & I feel that they would love this kind of problem (CAB are yet to help me in anyway with any prob!)

    Hope this helps; please feel free to pm me if you have any more questions (or post them on this thread) & I’ll do anything I can to help,



  10. I came across this thread whilst trying to help a friend on a similar prob (ie overpayment) & being (what I would call an expert!) at fighting these useless b£"$%^ds I thought a reply stating 'I FOUGHT & I WON' would help drive you forward?


    Just to try & give you a brief (the briefest) circumstances of my case;

    When WTC & CTC first came out in April 2003 (I think?) I was awarded £5200 pw towards childcare costs, I immediately questions this & I was told sometimes childcare costs are stated as a yearly figure (which I was told mine were) & to divide by 52 to get weekly amount etc, this made sense & thankfully I kept a booklet that also said this (which was deleted from their notes a yr later). But when I reported the birth of my 4th son my award went down by approx £90 a week! How why what.........it seems that I had been misinformed & I was therefore receiving the max childcare entitlement of £140 pw (I was only entitled to 70% of £100 = £70 pw), not sure if any1 remembers but the breakdown of money received & what it was for was never stated on early notifications so I was completely unaware.

    By time I had my 4th son I had to go on income support-after maternity money ended as my partner & father of my 4 sons died in a car accident whilst I was pregnant with son no 4 & I could not afford the £255 a wk childcare costs on my own to return to work.

    So them taking £90 pw off me (which did not include the extra I should have been receiving for having another son or the baby element) really hit me hard!

    As far as I was concerned it was their mistake, I did not know I was being overpaid & I made every effort to question them about my award in 2003.

    They however did not agree; I finally got the £3640.00 I had by this time paid them back, refunded to me in April 2006!


    It was a long & hard fight; they were relentless in their pursuit of me & were very inconsiderate. My MP contacting them made no difference whatsoever!

    But I got there in the end (so much so that they actually refunded me twice-NO I have not brought this to their attention & I do not plan to, but I do think they'll work it out 1 day?!?!? But the pure hell & hardship I had to endure when I went from being in a partnership with both of us working full time to being widowed & on income support raising 4 kids alone puts me off bringing this to their attention, call it a little compensation payment!)


    Facts I have learnt along the way:


    Forget the helpline staff & the helpline managers; neither can help (& most would never even try!), YOU NEED TO SPECIFICALLY ASK FOR YOUR OVERPAYMENT TO BE LOOKED AT BY THE DIRECTORS OFFICE, this is a department within the tax credits office (they are not independent) but they are the only ones who can overturn/change a decision & you cannot go to an appeals tribunal unless they have looked at your case, (if you somehow got to court without this it would be 99% likely your case would be thrown out of court & you'd be back to square 1!) they don't seem to direct a lot (other benefit agencies call them adjudicators/decision makers) & it takes months if not years but they do eventually cave in; esp as if they disallow your dispute & the courts then say that they were wrong they get into trouble-3 strikes & you’re out so to speak!


    They can legally deduct 25% from your current entitlement if you are working, 10% if you are receiving Income Support etc; this amount is per entitlement (ie if you are half way through the yr-say its end of Sept-& your are entitled to £50 pw tax credits, this is an annual award of £2600 for full yr & £1300 as its half way through yr, the 25% is only off the £1300 you are yet to be paid-not the full yrs entitlement; so you'd pay back £325 over remaining 6 months of yr & you'd receive £37.50 a wk-£45 pw if you were only repaying 10%) This amount DOES NOT change if you have a partner & if they are deducting more than this either contact you MP (this is 1 area that they can change with 1 phone call) or find your nearest tax credit office open to the public (there are over 2000 throughout the country but they aren’t well advertised-ask your local job centre where your nearest 1 is), go in there & the advisor will ring tax credits on your behalf to discuss your situation; REFUSE TO LEAVE THE OFFICE UNTIL THEY HAVE AMMENDED YOUR REPAYMENTS! If they try to intimidate you with the police, tell them to do it (in return tell them that you’ll ring your local newspaper & invite them down for the show!) DO NOT FORGET THAT IF THEY ARE DEDUCTING ANYTHING MORE THAN THE 25% OR 10% THEN THEY ARE ACTING UNLAWFULLY/ILLEGALLY & YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG; THIS STAND OFF HAS WORKED FOR MANY INDIVIDUALS.


    If you are struggling for any reason (in or out of work) they must cease all deductions & have the case assessed by an adjudicator in the overpayments department, they should write to you further asking for a full breakdown of your incomings/outgoings; based on this they can pretty much do what they want; ie half your repayments & even write off the debt (or some of it). If they halved your repayments without halving the debt though, this would mean that you would pay the debt over twice the time & you would have to go through this hardship claim yearly!


    You can appeal against any written entitlement you receive from them; this can even be a year down the line (if you'd been paying the debt off for that yr for example). To explain your delay in questioning your apparent overpayment, 'this is the first notification I have received confirming my debt' would be sufficient-your award notifications are not sent recorded delivery after all! (Just to reiterate, the appeal would not be at tribunal, but carried out by the director’s office within WFTC/CTC before that stage).


    Your MP may be able to help, but mostly they can’t; I however have found that constantly hounding them on a daily basis (if you can afford the phone bill) works much better. But DO NOT ring the helpline; instead go straight through to the director’s office; this can be done by many ways; your MP can give you their direct line tel no, or you can ring the tax credits head office (tel: 020 7667 4001) they will either transfer your call or give you the direct line number for the director’s office; try for the latter! You can also write to the head office (this option also gets your dispute dealt with more quickly, their address:


    Higher Complaints Department

    Inland Revenue Head Office

    Somerset House



    WC2R 1LB


    What happens if I have been overpaid tax credits?

    If you have been overpaid tax credits, the Revenue will normally try to recover the overpayment by reducing your tax credit payments. They should not recover an overpayment that is the result of an ‘official error’ as long as you could not have reasonably been expected to realise you were being overpaid. The Revenue also has the discretion not to recover an overpayment if you can show that this will cause you hardship.

    Seek advice if you are told by the Revenue that you’ve been overpaid or are likely to be overpaid. If you dispute that an overpayment has occurred or dispute the amount of the overpayment, you can lodge an appeal.

    But if you accept you’ve been overpaid, you have no right of appeal against a Revenue decision to recover the money. Instead you can ask them to use their discretion not to recover it. If they insist on recovery you can challenge this through the Revenue’s complaints procedure.

    If you are disputing the recovery of an overpayment on the basis of official error, the Revenue should suspend further deductions until they have made a decision on your case. For more information about tax credit overpayments phone our helpline.


    For more advise on Tax credits overpayments see leaflet COP26; which can be found online here:




    Hope that’s helped?



  11. For anyone out there who needs info on this company; I just got there leaflet through the post-there telephone number is 0870 421 4834 address:


    Castle Finance Direct

    FREEPOST NAT 19327




    DA2 6BR




    It does state on the paper application form 'In using our services you are authorising Castle Finance Direct to place your loan with a relevant lender who may credit score your application' in tiny tiny writing at the bottom of the page. Note it says A relevant lender-not multiple lenders!


    Although the accompanying letter makes out like the loan comes directly from Castle Finance Direct & states 'PERSONAL UNSECURED LOANS From Castle Fincance Direct' at the top of the leaflet!


    There is no registration number anywhere on either application form or accompanying letter?

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