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  1. Hi Martin, Its a Cashminder account, no overdraft facility, have been with them 13 months and overdrew just 4 times, no more than £5.00 max each time and monies was paid in same day to clear the debit. Terms and conditions state 3 strikes and your out, but even so, I thought they had to look at each individual account sympathetically. Its just plain black and white with them, you overdrew, you're out! I asked if I could appeal the decision and they said no, that was final. I just find it frustrating that the banks have so much power and those that have suffered financial hardship through no fault of their own get penalised. We are all human and all go through times of difficulty, its not like I abused the account and overdrew hundreds every month!
  2. ....because I overdrew 51p!!! The first I realised my account was closed was when I received a letter from my car insurance advising me that my bank had cancelled the DD. How come they knew before me? The letter I received states they are giving me 30 days notice but will cancel my card as of the 12th April. The letter was dated the 29th March, I received the letter on the 1st April, and with the bank holidays etc this only leaves me with 5 days to open another account, which isnt going to be easy as I went bankrupt last year! From what I have read on the Banking Code, if I have read it correctly, they have to give 30 days notice, yet why have the cancelled my direct debits already before informing me? Are they within their rights to do that? Anyone have any advice please?? Im getting pretty desperate here wondering who will give me a bank account now???? Clare
  3. If you have storage heaters, make sure you are on an economy 7 tariff! If you are on economy 7 do a load test to check to see if the reads have been transposed, ie take a read during the day, carry on as normal using the normal amount of electric then take another read an hour later and see which rate has moved on, the day or the night. Also be sure all reads are not estimated and are actual.
  4. I totally understand Pelham and apologise to the OP for digressing on their thread. Just so you are aware Pelham, I too as a customer have had my problems with Eon and have had a dispute with my own account so fully understand the frustrations of the people posting on these boards, and also as an employee who gets pulled for trying to give a good service and try my best to "get away with" extending payment plans for those that are truly struggling. As for your questions, I have very little knowledge of new builds as that is an entirely different department from which I work in, but will do some investigations for you next week and try my best to answer your questions. The use of DCA's is probably Nottslads department as I believe he has more experience in this area. Billing code I may be able to help with, so again, will gather all the information I can and start a new thread.
  5. Well you can expect the customer service to get worse as from what we have been told, they are recruiting temps who have no experience in utilities as well as using Gasbox who just havent a clue what they are doing!
  6. And another Ex employee here soon after just being made redundant!
  7. Sakarette, I think if you look back on some of the "eon staffs" posts, you will see we are helping the consumer and not here for the suppliers benefit. Im sure if we were not welcome here, then the moderators would have asked us to leave by now.
  8. bluestwo, I am with Eon, also an employee and I rent privately. I had a prepayment meter installed, they dont notify your landlord as its not his meter so he has no say basically.
  9. Concillia is nothing to do with Eon! UDS is Eons in house debt collectors
  10. It is a bit complex when it comes to IGT's, but every supplier should be able to advise you which IGT your gas supply is registered to. Most people can check their gas bills and if the MPR number starts with 74 or 75 then it will be an IGT, but they should check with their supplier as to who they need to contact incase of an emergency. Would be a good idea if suppliers automatically sent this info out as soon as a new occupant takes over a property as a matter of routine.
  11. Mines for average call handling time and the call marking sheet because I dont harrass every customer who calls in to bring all their supply to us and to take out chc! One of my team members has been there 13 years and the same is happening to her too. Just cant find any other jobs at the moment, it sucks!
  12. Funny that as I had the same last week with my manager and we had crossed words as I wanted to backdate this for the customer as she had called in previously about her high electric bill!! I did win and managed to get her debt almost written off!!!! How are people expected to know unless we point it out and ask the right questions! Needless to say I am now being threatened with a capability review for my stats!
  13. Even if you change supplier there may be a charge to have the meter removed. I know with Eon you would have to be a customer of theirs for 12 months before they will let you have the meter removed and then there is a charge of £50 along with a credit check.
  14. The £200 debt from when you moved in, im assuming that is your debt? Just the way you have worded this gives the impression the debt was on the meter when you moved into the property. can you confirm this?
  15. Ok, the op may not have a debt, but that is only going to be based on estimated reads. The utility company really does need to get a reading within a 2 year period at least, maybe the OP can provide the supplier with the reading?? What will happen if the utility company has under estimated all this time? Will that then be disputed because the reader was refused entry? and yes I work for a utility company but im not here to drum up business, im here because i see this kind of thing every day and am only here to give the best advise to help the customer! Although sometimes wonder why some of us even bother with some of the abuse we get from posters on here. Yes, Mattlamb may come across as tactless sometimes and as Zazen said "knee jerk", but he is not a troll. I believe he is a meter reader or was. Zazen also gives good advise on here, but at the end of the day, its down to the op to chose whether to take that advise or not.
  16. It could have been empty for a while if the landlord was doing any work in there? Have you checked the inventory with the letting agent?
  17. complaining about what? Being undercharged as that is the case if they are being charged as though they use most of their electricity on the night rate?
  18. You are right there Mattlamb, the supplier assumed the op was using most of their electric at night, hence getting the lowest rate possible. If it was billed correctly the bill would have been far higher, I misread the original post. Then can only assume the op has the issue with regard to their tariff which the supplier should have now amended to single rate tariff, but the supplier does not have to backdate that tariff.
  19. The E7 tariff you were on they will do little about, as I have already explained, just make sure you are not on that tariff now. The transposed read MUST be backdated right back to the first day they started to bill you incorrectly. They then need to reverse all the readings from the first day and cancel every bill they have sent you between then and now. The agent may not have been reading them wrong, it could be the supplier had them on their system the wrong way round.
  20. You shouldnt, they have to bill you correctly ie readings correct way round. Have they said why they wont amend your bill?
  21. With regards to the wrong tariff, you are lucky that they will amend back to September. They wont know how you heat your proerty unless you tell them. Some people have gas heating but still use their E7 at night ie washing, tumble dryer, dishwasher etc. With regards to the readings being transposed, that should be backdated right to the very first time the meter was misread!
  22. You wont be able to claim your bank charges back from Eon as they did inform you that the DD would be increased, this gives you the opportunity to cancel it or query it. Have they said how long they believe your meter was faulty? I would call back and speak to someone else as normally they would spread the debt over a longer period, but would need to be sure you were covering your useage.
  23. Was this flat rented by any chance? Just that a regular occurance is when the property has been vacant between each occupant, the landlord has gone in and done some work but passed the reads onto the previous or current occupant. Naughty, but has happened. Also if it was rented, was it through a letting agent as they normally take readings as part of the inventory.
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