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  1. This is the first time I have entered a new thread and would be grateful for any advice. I have just received the allocation questionnaire from the courts. I have seen a couple of threads which suggest alternative letters to the CPR18 form. Do I still need to complete the CPR18 now that I have the AQ.? Also, the correspondence from Cobbets suggested that the bank had never received the schedule of charges, even though I had in fact sent three copies and they have also got the original figure that I was claiming for wrong. As I have to pay another £100 for the AQ, can I
  2. Is there anyone who can help me???? I have received diddly squat from NW, despite sending the two letters with charges. I rang the bank yesterday and they have only logged one of my letters, saying they received it on the 5.12.06 (it was dated 22.11.06). They read out to me that it was "resolved". How can that be when they have not even responded to me. I have got my husband to hand in a further and last letter directly to the bank today, asking for a response within seven days or I will take legal action. I am only asking for £1300, but am REALLY scared if this goes furt
  3. Hi Dellar I sent the letter requesting the charges back and the deadline is tommorow. Do I write immediately tomorrow advising them that I will be making a referral to the county court. I am a bit worried and am only asking for about £1300, I thought they might just settle. Also, have you made arrangements for another bank account yet? Any help greatly appreciated. Liz Very unhappy disadvantaged gold account customer
  4. LizzyB

    Nat West

    Hi Paul Thanks for that. Just a further quick question for your opinion. My brother accepted an offer for £780 (ish) against a claim of £1400 (ish), as he was scared that the bank may withdraw the offer if he declined to accept. However, I have read in the forum that you should accept what they initially suggest in "part payment" and write back requested the remainder. Any thoughts. Thanks again and I won't bother you again, hopefully! Liz
  5. LizzyB

    Nat West

    Hi everyone Sorry to butt into the middle of this. I have just sent off the letter to Nat west with the schedule of charges in order to try and claim back £1334. Has anybody been successful with this relatively small amount without it going to court?? (as have to admit I'm a bit scared at that thought)! Also, will NW close the account and is it worth looking round now to swap banks. Any help greatly appreciated asap. LizzyB xx
  6. Hi Haydn I am in the first throws of making a claim against NatPest, sorry NatWest. Bit scared, but feel compelled to do it. Hope you get on well and it works out for you. I only had about 21 months worth of statements and that in itself came to about 500 quid. Actually got charged 75 pounds (sorry pound sign not working!) last month, 35.00 was for 'card misuse' and then the obligatory 28 for charges and 12 because i have the unfortunately advantage gold account, which doesn't give anyone except natwest the advantage. Just about to send the first 'give me my statements' l
  7. Hi there, I am just starting a battle with the Nat West to regain my charges. Did you obtain all your statements and then send the first letter and if so, is this the one they have responded to as above in your message. I have only gone through 21 months of statements and they have charged me 534 quid so far, multiply that by 4 and it is worth fighting for. Also, are you claiming for a current account or credit card. Thanks for your help. Liz x;)
  8. Hi, Don;t think you are on your own. I have only just joined as well. I have added up my bank statements for the last 21 months and in that space alone, I have been charged 534 quid. I have downloaded the letters from the site and will be sending one to the bank to request all my statements for the last 6 years. Martin Lewis was on Radio 2 today, and he said that the highest award paid out so far was about 19,000 pounds (sorry, the pound icon doesn't seem to be working) I think you should be OK with 2,000. but start acting now, the sooner you get your statement, the sooner you can ge
  9. Hi, I have just received a statement from Natwest advising me that they have charged me £75 for going £32 over my overdraft. These are made up of £35 for "card misuse" which I have NEVER had before on my statement, despite the bank saying this has been the fact for ages. The remaining £40 is made up of £28.00 charges and a £12 charge for having an advantage gold account !!! which quite frankly is more clay than gold! I am going to be compiling stuff to try and recoup charges from the last six years. Anyone out there who has won against Nat West, please please let me know.
  10. Hi Jonni2bad I have just joined this thread Jonni and feel like I am in soap opera. Completly gutted that your date has been put back to November.... I will have to do some work now! I am just in the process of compiling documents to start taking NatWest on. Keep up the good work Liz xx:p
  11. Hi Nodd1 I, like you, am new to this. I received a statement yesterday from Nat West, advising me of £35.00 "card misuse" and £40 charges. I was told eventually by the lending department that the £35 was due to the bank having to honour my purchases due to not enough money being in the account and the £40 was made up of £28 charges and £12 charges because i hold an advantage gold account, which apparently is one of the worst accounts for charges. I was over my limit by £32 and have been charged £75! If you get an answer to your query, let me know, as I am unsure also as to what I can clai
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