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  1. anybody give me some pointers on the 'standard disclosure' and what i should put in it or leave out ?
  2. sent off a reply to what cantor law sent me last week, to which i had a reply stating that i couldnt re submit a defence without seeking authorisation from the court, they also say that a lot of things that i have been pointed too do not apply to second charge mortgages. ie mcob rules and also that the case that welshperson referred me to was totally incorrect, in fact they say they obtained a money judgment, possession order and substantial costs. so i am now at a loss at the moment. they say i am supposed to file a standard disclosure, any idea what i am supposed to put in a 'standard disclosure' ? they are hitting me with all this legal jargon and i dont mind admitting i am confused and not sure which way to go next. on top of that they made me an offer for me to pay back a reduced amount, not very much reduced though, to save on costs that they estimate to be in the region of £25,000 if they were to succeed in the trial. thanks Marvin
  3. sorry i havnt been online for a while, basically i have had a letter from the courts which have set out dates for certain things to happen, i.e the claiment had to file a reply by 25th April, both parties have to provide standard disclosure by May 23rd and an exchange of witness statements by 18th july. Blemain have filed their reply which basically says they are denying everything they say they have sent a breakdown of all charges / fees, yet they still havnt given proof of any costs etc.it is denied that any of the charges amount to penelty charges and it goes on and on it also says we had been in breach of the contract for 'substantial amounts of time' the longest we were ever behind was 3 months, we then made a one off payment to more than cover the missed payments.. basically i need to re affirm why i think the charges are unfair and for what reasons before 23rd May...or is there more i need to do. thankyou Marv
  4. well i have just had a letter of a 'reply' from cantor law which has been filed in the court, tried to get hold of welshperson3 but had no luck, is there anyone else able to give me a bit of advice ?. i am working my way through it with some help from other legal sites but would like to get it right before i return my reply. cheers Marv
  5. Hi bigmac, have tried to send you a message but it says your inbox is full
  6. hi bigmac, good luck to you also, am in the progress of getting everything i need listed and have also written to cantor law asking for a breakdown of every charge and exactly what it cost them. i noticed on their last letter they said they needed to employ extra staff to cover bad debtors..we will see what they come up with.
  7. well had the first hearing yesterday, didnt last long...blemain are now wanting it to go to trial. one good thing was that in an e mail i received cantor said they were going to get my defence struck out because it wasnt signed with a statement of truth, the one i sent to the court had been signed and the judge told them it was fine and ignored /deleted part of their direction....so now i have to start getting a lot of things together and wait for blemain to come up with proof of all their costs
  8. slick132, nothing in the letter, apart from a couple of lines saying that there has been a change in solicitors which has been filed in the courts. there is also just a copy of the change form that had been sent to courts. welshperson3, well i have sent the letter you suggested to them asking them to get in touch with me regarding 'coming to terms with the situation' that the old solicitors had suggested. i will wait to see what reply i get, i have a new court hearing date of 12th March. Marvin
  9. well, just got today's mail, a letter from a different solicitors. cantor law which interestingly has the same address as blemain. anyone had any dealings or heard of how they act ? will send the same letter to them now.
  10. done, i will await a reply...if i'm lucky
  11. thanks for that slick132, i have written to the court basically stating what welshperson quoted. should i also let the solicitors know what i intend doing before the next due date ? i still have had nothing from blemain even though the solicitors told the court that we are trying to come to terms over the matter
  12. Hi all, i would like to get in contact with either welshperson3 or site team member with a question that i dont really want to put up on here..could a team member please let me know how i can do this. Also, had a letter from blemains solicitors this week saying they have asked for the hearing to be adjourned AGAIN...after iv'e booked a day off work.
  13. well i feel a lot lot better already with all your invaluable help, i am now preparing the letter to send to the court, i will actually take it down personally and also send a copy recorded to blemain. one interesting point, i received a letter from blemain yesterday which is a 'terms and conditions revised tariff charges'. on the reverse of the letter there is a list of all their charges, including charges for arrears. funny thing is there is only one charge listed for arrears...an account management charge of £50 per month while the account is in arrears. no other charges or fees if someone is behind with payments. Marvin
  14. right, i have read a few times and understand the letter, i have just one query, can i include the insurance charges as unfair penalty charges or do i need to list them as a separate item and give reasons as to why i dont think we should have been liable for the charges. although we didnt actually send copies of 'our' buildings insurance we did write and tell them that we had cover and also informed them by phone. soon as i get an answer i will finish it off and post by recorded Monday morning. Marvin
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