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  1. Thanks for that advice I have sent notice of dispute to them today.
  2. Yeah it was an offer for a full refund upto the date of the offer. But accepting the thier offer meant that I could not then reclaim any charges which they may have applied in the future.
  3. I followed the guidance on this website and Lloyds TSB's solicitors offered to make a payment to me which was to be a final conclusion to the matter. I was about to accept this offer when low and be hold they sent me a letter telling me that there about to take further charges on the 9th May. So I wrote telling them that I would accept the offer if these further charges were not added to my account and I would then be happy to be bound by all of the terms of their offer. Just wanted to check that I've dont this right. I know that if you hold out for interest etc the court is likely
  4. Hi I recently sent my DPA to Alliance and Leicester, only to recieve a letter about 4 days later that they were withdrawing my overdraft because funding does not amount to £1000 a month. In the six years I have had this account the funding has never been at this level. This just smacks of childish behaviour to me they know whats coming and are trying to get in there first. My overdraft is £500 which of course I cant afford to repay in a lump so I have made an offer to pay them £15 a month which they will have to accept as I have sent them a income/expenditure breakdown. And thats a
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