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  1. ok, 15 days until I see Barclays in court for my allocation hearing!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey snooks! And welcome! I have an allocation hearing set for 12th March, they are coming up more often now, Im presuming the amount of actual court cases that are being cancelled due to full payment was huge! and peeps were sending in huge court bundles to have them settled! courts maybe gatting annoyed at this! Dont panic, if you look at MILO19's thread you will see he/she had their claim settleed 1 hour before they were due in court, this seems to be happening more and more! C xxxxx
  3. OH MILO! My heart was in my mouth reading this since the last time I posted! I just thought, oh god! What else can go wrong!!!!! All worked out in the end though! Congrats, and although they are getting it all back, at least yu dont owe hem now, and it was kind of cash for free, with a bit of dragging of tootsies! It all worked out in the end. CONGRATS! xxxxxxxxxx
  4. YEY! Congrats Milo! did you call Rebecca or did she call you????? Im so happy for you! Chester xxxxx
  5. Absolutely everything is crossed! Literally!!!!!!! xxxxx
  6. Kelly, I have loads of stuff as I am taking Barclays to court.... you can borrow my disc next time I see you!!!!!! K xxx
  7. Personally I would....... just in case, as I say best to be over prepared than under prepared! C xxxxx
  8. Hi Milo, I have an allocation hearing too, but mine is not until the 12/03/07 however I have fully prepared for an actual hearing, just in case...... then, if they do turn up you have something to show their solicitors and the judge..... Best to be fully prepared than not prepared at all..... Just my advice really?
  9. hi hunny! rebecca connelly is the best person to speak to in the litigations and disputes dept, someone has a number but it escapes me who. Just go through to the main number and ask to be put through to her, they should either give you a number or transfer you??? Ill keep an eye on your thread see whats going on.... Cxx
  10. Mcuth.... You smacked my behind x Im also starting with my credit card and other current account, as I work for one, I assume I will get that back very soon........ Im thinking the police will get you drunk on anything, probably Wings too!?!?!?!?! I have no police friends to ask, authority fig's scare me! C xxxx
  11. Not that Im aware of, I think this is why Barclays drag it out, you have to fork out to get your money back, people who cant afford to do this will in my opinion fall at the 1st hurdle, and accept the 1st offer.
  12. tee hee hee! Im already prepared to defend now, since my OMG what is this allocation thing OMG I cant do this lapse, I have pulled myself together (Well you smacked my behind and said, GIRL SORT YOURSELF OUT) and Im all ready, just adding stuff to my bundle, daily! Im asked a friend of a friend who is a legal guy, if an allocation hearing is the same as a prelim hearing, and he said yeah, I have read a couple of threads which state that these were paid up before they even turned up to court, one had a call while they were in the court 15 mins before, saying Barclays would not be sending
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