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  1. Hi there thankyou for your reply ,my husband is on the conrtibution based support group esa he will never work again,and im on esa contribution based esa the wragg group,we do get child tax credit
  2. Hi please can anyone give me any advice ,my husband has been retired through ill health and gets a ocupational pension he as been put in the esa contribution based support group is ocupational pension is 192.00 every month,and he recieves 127.50 conribution esa support every two weeks should he be in the contribution one or the normal esa ,any advive would be appreciated thankyou
  3. it was with citi financil ,it was someone i was talking too that told me it was irresposible lending ,at the time we was vunrable retired through ill health ,and on certain benefits we have paid quite alot of now was just wondering if there was any advice out there
  4. In 2006, was it possible to get secured loand totally income of benefits
  5. Hi there just wondered if there is any advice out there ,my husband and i got a secured loan in january 2006,it was a consoidation loan,we had no ppi has my husband had medical problems and retired through ill health i didnt work at the time due to anxiety and depression ,our only income was benefits and my husband had a small ocupatinal pension,the money we borrowed was to pay sill debts we was charged a fee too . the total ammount of loan was 30,684.81,we owe around 16000 now we are struggling with the payments and asked if i could lower them ,but was told we couldnt,could anyone tell me i
  6. Hi can anyone give m any advice, my husbandand i have a couple of loans with blackhorse finance. when we took the loans out my husband had hydrocephlus,and i had anxiety and depression which we told e guy when we took the loans. should they of let us take the ppi knowing of these conditions, they say we cannot do anything aboutit because we have signed for the ppi is this true can anyone advice plase thankyou
  7. H im new to this site and just wonder if anyone out there can help me. my husband and i hae had several loans with blackhorse finnncial and its jst come to our attention we may have been missold ppi with our loans. can anyone tell me if we have a case with blackhorse when we too out the loans my husband was retired through ill health and i didnt work due to anxiety and depression, wetold the guy at blackhorse all about our conditions and that my husband was retired,should we have been sold the ppi with our loans.we have signed the agreements at the time do we have a le to stand on can anyo
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