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  1. Sorry if someone's mentioned this already, but if you want evidence (and, indeed, encouragement) that this is not all over, then look at s52 of the judgement when the Supreme Court Justice says just that, and then goes on to blame government for not strengthening consumer protection they way other member states did: Lord Walker: "52. If the Court allows this appeal the outcome may cause great disappointment and indeed dismay to a very large number of bank customers who feel that they have been subjected to unfairly high charges in respect of unauthorised overdrafts. But this decision is
  2. For what it's worth, here's my blog on the Birmingham Post in response to the decision, although I've not read the decision in full yet: Banks win - but it should still be payback time if the politicians have courage and are on the side of the consumer. - Birmingham Post - Business Blog
  3. The OFT should now appeal the Penalty Charges decision to the Supreme Court, if it's not out of time. OFT should appeal to Europe, while they're at it. Supreme Court says Fairness could be looked at 'under other powers' but I suspect that will apply to future and not past charges? It's about the future, not the past I suspect now. We should have let the banks fail completely earlier in the year.
  4. Morning All! Lord Phillips here! Shall I tell you now!? Bet you'll remember my face one way or the other, eh? What can you tell from my face now? See you later! BBC 9.45 a.m.
  5. So best bet is BBCNews Website for extended coverage and BBC News Channel for the immediate decision. JC
  6. Thanks for reading up to 10 anyway, Barry_2008; I suspect you would have had apoplexy and snuffed it had you read the rest! We're all on the same side really on this site, even though our political views elsewhere might diverge.
  7. Thought you might like a bit of light reading while you wait expectantly! My Blog on the Birmingham Post, 'It's payback time, Mr. Banker': It's payback time, Mr. Banker! - Birmingham Post - Business Blog
  8. Here's the reply from the BBC on my request that Democracy Live cover the Charges decision live and in full. (I hope this means the BBC News website will cover the full works and not just the first 10 minutes.): Thanks for your email. I understand the BBC news website will be carrying the bank charges announcement live tomorrow morning and will, no doubt, attract a sizeable audience. More generally, it has been decided that the Supreme Court's proceedings will not be contained within Democracy Live. This is based on the fact that the court is now totally separa
  9. Have just sent this to the BBC's DemocracyLive website, perhaps others could join in?: To:democracylive@bbc.co.uk Is Democracy Live going to cover the historic Supreme Court decision on Bank Charges on Wednesday 25th November at 9.45 a.m.? House Of Lords Court Decisions have been shown live in the past (e.g. Pinochet decision). This decision will be big news in any event, but the massive public interest will ensure massive viewing figures, especially if trailed. Bearing in mind the processes of the independent judiciary are a crucial part of the UK concept of Democracy, I w
  10. Sorry about that; it is annoying. Assuming you've filled in the antispam letter box, you have, in my experience when things don't go right first time to copy the text you want to comment, come out of the site, go back in again. Paste it in afresh and type in a new anti spam code. Really sorry about that. CAG is much better!
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