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  1. Many thanks Antone Gosh it was certainly a round about way of putting it! It has already gone for reconsideration just waiting for the decision.
  2. Hi Guys, Have received a copy of my ESA Decision Makers score sheet, on it she has put the following statement under the heading below! Can anyone understand what it means! :s Limited Capability for Work Related Activity Evidence to support the opinion that the person does not meet any of the descriptors for limited capability for work related activity "The condition history, physical examination, mental state examination and medical knowledge of the condition does not suggest there would be a substantial risk to the mental or physical health of any person if they were found capable of work related activity." What does that mean, I have been put in WRAG but don't get any money as I have already had 365 days of Contribution based ESA. I scored 6 for mobilizing and 9 for Standing and Sitting. Stupid thing is went to WRAG and she told me to go home and that she would phone me.
  3. Thank you for reply even though I didn't want to hear that answer, in black and white I know it is so It was a Fcc train. Anyway I have called them and arranged an out of court settlement I certainly do not wish my sons life ruined by a lack of funds to pay £2.10
  4. Hi, I have disabilities not that it really matters in this case, but my son purchased a child ticket of £2.10 instead of adult £4.20 due to insufficient funds, he needed to get home to me quickly. The Collections Officer asked his name, age at first he did say he was younger, but panicked and said No I am sorry I am 18 but didn't have enough money for a adult ticket and need to get home to my mum. He was then asked his name and address and cautioned. By this time my son was in a real state and asked what it meant, the guy just chanted the caution again and said sign for your name and address and gave him slip of paper. All this before he even set foot on the train!. He was stopped at the barrier! Is this fair should you get taken to court before even being told you have to pay a penalty fine.
  5. Hi I live in Bedfordshire, England. I basically wish to inform the hotel directly to see what they say and do about what has happened....wouldn't have a clue if they could do anything..but obviously wouldn't want to jeopardize any possible 'legal' action due to the fact that i have informed them of my intentions!! do you understand where I'm coming from!
  6. In June 2008 went on holiday abroad, the holiday company, airline and especially the hotel were aware of my serious allergy to Nuts. We had been to this hotel a few times before and had a good relationship with the director of the hotel. The severity of my allergies were written in spanish and i showed the letter to all staff when i ate...however still with me taking all these precautions, some stupid person cooked with pesto sause and i went into full blown anaphylaxis. I do have epi pens and both were administered, i was rushed to hospital semi conscious and had to remain there for 24hrs, thankfully i survived but have been left with high blood pressure which takes 3 different tablets to control. Never been offered compensation of any kind Do i write to 'friend' of hotel and inform them of what my health is like even now, or does my husband go through solicitor. Not very keen on legal action but husband wants to, it has had such a serious impact on our lives. Not travelled abroad since either..too scared. Any advice??
  7. oh whoops.. thanks morteee a thousand apologies! I dont know all this 'internet jargon'
  8. I really dont know how this got into bailiffs and sheriff officers it was posted over 18 months ago! I am not a 'moody two shoes' though, thank you! I just dont like being taken for a ride
  9. thanks for the info Sarah i decided to go to through home insurance and a solicitor is dealing with it for me now! still a year on and have had the furniture replaced twice and the second lot is faulty too, funny how they discontinued the line hey!! They make me sick!
  10. Thanks Kingdom, will do my very best! But MFI just dont care! Bargaingirl
  11. Please dont give up that is exactly what they are hoping you will do..Know it is annoying frustrating etc etc but it will be worth it if you have money to be repaid. I am fighting MFI at mo and feel so close to giving up but that little voice inside my head says 'dont let the buggers get away with it!' See post if you are interested! Bargaingirl
  12. Sorry Guys not been intouch but this is the letter sent to MD.... Even the Store has confirmed that the carcases were spoilt too!!!! What is wrong with them! Dear Mr Ingle We have been dreadfully wronged by MFI. I enclose copies of all previous correspondence for your perusal. I have now spoken to Office of Fair Trading, Consumer Direct and a lawyer from Which! They all state that you are liable for reasonable costs to put things right, i.e. the cost for flat packing the furniture (as you requested) and the refit of the units. I have already paid once for them to be fitted! I am also requesting, under the Data Protection Act, a transcript of conversations between myself and MFI, which will clearly provide the evidence that you agreed to meet the costs. Please note the following MFI provided me with goods that were faulty, this was verified by staff from MFI viewing the units and thus they were replaced. MFI requested that the damaged furniture be flat packed as complete units would not be accepted. I asked who would pay for the cost of flat packing all the units! It was agreed verbally that the cost of this and the refit would be met by MFI and that I should send in the invoice, which I have. Ms Haffey telephoned and offered £150 after consultation with a fitter; for the replacement of the drawer fronts and wardrobe doors. I explained that it was not just these but the carcases that were replaced as they too were faulty. Anything that touched them would leave marks! I have photographic evidence of this. Ms Haffey has now replied in writing stating that £150 is in full and final settlement but this does not cover the cost of the losses. This is not acceptable and I urge you to look into this matter and refund me the losses incurred i.e. the invoice for £695.00. Yours sincerely MRS D Furr
  13. thanks for your reply have spoken to a lawyer now who states that there is a general contractual code which does cover any losses incurred as a result of faulty goods. she has stated that I acted on information they supplied eg had to get it flat packed therefore they are responsible for losses. In any event if the goods had not been faulty in the first place I would not be out of pocket to such an extent. Also as MFI record calls I am legally entitled to a transcript of all calls which will prove that they said I would be refunded. Am going to write to MD will post letter on site Thanks again! Bargaingirl! not this time!
  14. Hope this is in the right place now!! This is the letter sent to MFI (please read!) In September 2004!! We made a purchase of bedroom furniture, after it was installed we soon noticed that the cabinets were marking and contacted you at customer services, these tops were replaced but it was evident over the next few months that the entire order was faulty! After a ridiculous amount of emails and phone calls someone from head office confirmed that indeed there had been a fault with the Helsinki range and they would arrange for someone to come out from the store in Stevenage where it was purchased. Many months later, after more calls, Dave Lawman came out to view the marks and confirmed with head office that indeed everything needed replacing. However only the tops of some of the units were delivered. Then after a second visit this spring the carcases were delivered. And dribs and drabs have been delivered since! We are now left with bits and pieces of Helsinki furniture around our house, we have not had the carcases for the wardrobes delivered. The plinths and cornices have not been replaced, we have been advised that they will not come off of the existing furniture intact and although I have contacted the store to inform them of this nothing has been done. I have requested that he find out exactly what is to be done with the existing bedroom furniture as we are certainly not prepared to pay for the hire of a skip to dispose of your faulty goods. We were sold defective goods and the matter has still not been resolved! " They finally replaced all goods earlier this year!! However they told us we needed to get it flat packed as the drivers will not take furniture that was made up! therefore we paid to get it flat packed and refitted. As advised by customer services we sent the invoice into head office who would sort it out. It cost us £695 to get it flat packed and refitted, had to borrow the money to pay the guy and now they say they will only pay £150. I thought the law states you are entitled to replacements and any reasonable losses incurred as a result, boy have we incurred losses, the refit of the bedroom and flat packing as requested by MFI. How can they be allowed to go back on their word!! Can anyone help! :evil:
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