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  1. we're trying to find a way of getting an end date for payments, the original defaults went onto his credit file years ago and have now disappeared again. His credit score is now not too bad. He was never taken to court for any of them so no CCJs. To protect his confidentiality I won't say what he does but he can't have bankruptcy or IVA/DRO. I'll see if Santander hold the original CCA and we await replies from the others. Thanks for your help guys
  2. interest is already frozen....presumably this means apex do not own the debt? should we request cca from santander?
  3. OK....response from Apex Credit Management following the CCA request: Apex..are not the data holding branch and are therefore not obliged to supply the data.....this information should be requested from our clients Santander... Is this correct??
  4. bonus!! will update once replies to cca requests come in
  5. There is no mention of these debts on his credit file with Noodle!! CCA requests going out today
  6. PPI has already been reclaimed and offset against balances as he is indeed self employed, it is the prospect of indefinitely paying that is the issue....will be getting credit report today and requesting cca's as a first step
  7. morning! he owns no property
  8. DRO won't work for him as he needs his vehicle and tools for business....but thanks for the thought
  9. will get cracking with that, thank you so much!!!!!
  10. Ooooh I'd forgotten that! Will get credit report and then send the requests!
  11. Lloyds bank £10000 with Moorcroft Debt Recovery Interest rate 0%, paying £30 a month, no term, pre 2009 debt Cahoot £6000 with Apex Credit Management, paying £20 a month, no term, pre 2009 debt RBS card services £6800 with Allied International Credit, this debt dates back to 2006 or earlier I will get him to get an up to date credit report... He does pay his priority debts and is effectively paying token amounts on the above. No threats of baliffs....
  12. My good friend is in a financial mess.. ..he owes thousands to a number of companies and the debts have been sold on several times. He is making small payments on each debt every month and has had the interest frozen but it is going to take him years to pay these off. He cannot go for an IVA or bankruptcy due to the nature of his employment. Any suggestions as to how we can agree an end date with these companies, with hopefully a proportion of the debts written off? He is very demoralised at the prospect of making these payments for the next 30 or 40 years, or until he dies.... He is a proud man and wants to pay what he can, and keep working but the only option I can see is for him to do an IVA or bankruptcy and lose his job and go on benefits which he does not want to do. Any ideas??
  13. Don't forget under ABTA Code of Conduct they have to respond within 28 days....check out the ABTA website
  14. I guess I will have to get some legal advice then :/
  15. I have suggested probate contact the hospital. I have checked, the earlier document is not a will just a letter and not witnessed. So it will come down to the validity of this will and interpretation of the wording :/ I can't really afford a solicitor and have successfully been to small claims/county court on a number of matters over the years so was hoping I could do it myself should it prove necessary. But my brother is adamant that he will not move/buy me out/ pay me rent on 50% or let me move in....
  16. We have not instructed solicitors, as executor I have applied for probate, no inheritence tax due so should have been fairly straightforward. However they have written back asking for contact details of the witnesses as they want to interview them.
  17. Blooming nightmare! Not sure of the best way forward?
  18. This was an amateur will unfortunately. My brother has lived there for years....never left home, but has not paid for maintenance etc, just weekly board. He has been spoilt really, never had to live in the real world and pay his way, now he seems to think he is entitled to free lodgings indefinitely and is grumbling about having to pay the bills!
  19. Probate want to interview the witnesses, perhaps because the will was written in hospital not long before mum died. The witnesses were hospital staff and there was no attestation clause. Mum had a brain tumour and raised intracranial pressure and was on high dose steroids at the time. There is no mention of who is responsible for maintenance etc, no time frames, no trust set up or anything. And mum had told me that I would be getting half the house. I currently pay a large mortgage and am struggling.
  20. Hi all, my mother died recently and left her house to my brother and I. He lives in the house. The estate is awaiting probate but the will was not specific regarding the house - it said that the house was to be left to both of us but my brother could live in it. Now probate are questioning whether mum had capacity but I am concerned about how we resolve the inheritance issue. I would like him to buy me out but he says he will not, nor will he sell or allow me to move in so I can rent my property out. He wants to live there for nothing. We are both executors. I don't want to fall out with him but do need the capital. Any ideas?
  21. My daughter gave written notice as per tenancy agreement with housing association. She then posted the keys back on vacating the property. The landlord claims they did not receive the letter giving notice and have charged her an additional months rent... Will she have to pay this or is it worth continuing to fight them, she is on income support but the housing benefit stopped the day she vacated and they aren't interested...help!!!
  22. I won my case. How did you pay? If by credit card get the card co involved under sec 75 of CCA, if by cash issue a claim in the county court quickly. Don't let them get away with it. What area is the dealer in?
  23. Whilst it is not an excuse it is a reality for some nurses in some trusts. When you have only 3 staff members on a ward for 28 patients on a night shift for example, there are going to be occasions when you cannot deliver high quality care to every patient. In my working area we are running at a ridiculous bed occupancy - we all know that this is contrary to infection control guidance, staffing guidance etc, staff are off sick with stress but management insist that we continue to admit patients, we flag it up in writing and complete incident reports but what changes? We do our best to provide quality care but at times we go home (late off and breaks missed) knowing that we have not achieved it. Still I'll keep banging on to management because ultimately I am a patient advocate - but please don't put all the blame on the nurses!
  24. 99% of the nurses I come across are equally frustrated by poor care standards - in many cases it is down to not enough staff, too many patients - and managers who just don't listen, who are equally put upon by trust boards. It all comes back to money at the end of the day
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