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  1. I think the thing thats annoying me is the doubt in my mind whether I will get this money or not. I feel reassured by what you've had to go through and I do feel that Natwest try to take you to the limit to make you back out and I'm not going to do this but if I get this money back it will solve a LOT of my problems!! I shall persevere with it and go through my pack again tonight so I may be bombarding you with some questions tomorrow!!! Did you actually have to GO to court? At what point did they pay up for you? Have they tried to close your account?
  2. I've been going through this process now for 4 months and am still having to go to my local county court. I feel like Natwest are pushing me to my limits and everyone else I know seems to be getting settlement cheques in the post and I'm being taken the whole way Will Natwest back down - will I get my money???
  3. Allyxia Apologies for joining this half way through but I've just been told that this case is being referred to my local county court and i'm feeling like i'm NEVER going to win this money and that i'm on a wild goose chase aswell as having to fork out another £100 court fee Can I ask when you won the case? Did you have to go all the way with it?
  4. Hi there I received the defence from Natwest last week and am now confused with all the legal gooble-de-gook that is in there. I'm feeling quite confused and very deflated at the moment thinking that there are hundreds and thousands of people out there that get a cheque send to them after the mere mention of the word "court" and here's us lot being strung along like good-uns Do you think we'll ever get this money back????
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