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  1. So I should claim back the insurance and use this to pay off the balance? Also why are the payments each month showing as ok and all green on the credit file? Any ideas?
  2. Hi all, This may be a long post as I'm going to attempt to include as much info as possible. I obtained a car loan from WF in March 2008. The total cost was £12774.56. This sum included PPI and shortfall extra insurance. This was broken down as such (as shown on credit agreement): Amount of credit for the goods: £5700 Amount of credit for the Insurances: £1964.11 Total amount of credit: £7664.11 Duration of agreement: 48 months Total amount payable for the goods: £9632 Total amount payable for the Insurances: £3142.56 Total amount payab
  3. Thanks for the posts guys and sorry for the delay inbetween responses (work commitments). I've written to the company and requested that the ccj be marked as satisfied. The deposit increase is a no no so it remains at £18000. We were getting deperate for a moment there and almost fell into the trap of a sub prime lender however came to our senses when we read through a few posts here on this forum along with the high repayments and shabby customer care, etc. It would appear that we'll just have to hold on for 4 years which is a shame as we loved the house. Thanks for the comments.
  4. The ccj is from last year. Paid in full but not marked as satisfied. There is a small chance we could raise the deposit to £62000.
  5. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I was last here (claiming bank charges) and I'm in a much better state credit wise thanks to you people. I think the best way to see my problem (unable to get a mortgage) is to desbribe the lead up to it. Essentially my wife and I were in around £6000 debt which we were paying through an IVA until 4 months ago. We were able to clear the debt in total thanks to our parents which has enabled us to be completely debt free. The problem arises with a CCJ we were unable to pay in full before the 30 days were up for £1600. The d
  6. Hi Guys and Gals. Where should I post for some advice on a ccj mortgage? There's a gazillion different categories since I was last here claiming my bank charges so I'm unsure. Help, as always is very appreciated.
  7. Actually, if I've got his right, Barclays acknowledged on the 18th, so that gives them an extra 28 days so they have until the 15th of January, is that correct? Or is it 14 days after acknowledmedgement?
  8. Should something have happened by now, MCOL is still showing as acknowledged on the 18th?
  9. Thanks for all the very helpful replies. Merry Christmas
  10. Thanks Welshman, in the progress of sorting it now with Bankfodder. P.S. My claim was acknowledged on the 18th so that gives Barclays 28 days to reply, is that correct? Also, I've still not had my Notice of acknowledgement sent through the post yet, I don't suppose that will be until after Christmas now.
  11. Hmm, I'm having problems getting to my paypal account, it's old and unused, is there another menthod of payment, perhaps a bank transfer or something?
  12. Thanks Welshman, it's payday on Thursday so I'll be donating 20 squid for now Until I win my case that is ;-)
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