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  1. Payday Loan companies complaint success I have had below Wonga - Debt written off - I was happy with this Payday UK - Debt written off and £296 pounds refunded Lending stream - Debt written off All successfully upheld, I had become so dependant on Payday loans and juggling them all, used this as the evidence for lending cash when clearly was unaffordable to pay back and in-ethical lending, obviously the complaints were upheld ( with no admission of guilt of course ) the main thing is I have my debt under control and no longer depend on these loan, if you can get away from them an
  2. Rather not ignore any other advice as we a planning on writing to them , with Photocopies of the reciepts we have for when we shopped and did pizza hut, so the stay I think is valid and puts their 3 hour limit out the window.?
  3. Hi All, Need some advice regarding the below so please bear with me. We had parked at Meadow Hall Retail Park to do some shopping, we had parked in a disable bay ( just for information ) and we shopped at PC World, toys r us, Hobby Craft and B&M, we then decided to have some thing to eat at Pizza Hut as a family, now they stated that we were parked for 214 minutes and only allowed a 180 minutes so we breached the duration of our stay. I am not happy with this we took our time, we did not rush, they have not stated who there client is as we were parked on their clien
  4. Hi All, I have a major problem some months ago I went through CLaims 4u see link (EDIT)Claims 4 U - UK?s Consumer Rights Experts[/url] to claim back my PPI charges from yes car credit ( own by provident ) sent them all my paper work they charged me £90 OVER 3 MONTHS and so far I have not heard a dicky bird back the phone number I have is no longer working??? Does any one have any idea how to proceed they are under CRM14486 with the ministry of justice and are still operatiing, I am in the process of writing to them now but still need some information or a phone numebr for the compan
  5. have spoken at length to Trading standards and they have said the signs are neither lawful or unlawful however they did quote a better chance of using sale of goods and services act 1982
  6. Hi all, here is the repsonse I have got after I sent the LBA this has all been done by email. Mr Quinn I am in receipt of your latest e mail to Customers Service and I note the comments therein. I have the authority to make the decisions I have already made as per my previous correspondence. I will again reiterate them. Travelodge rely on the ‘No Liability’ status, as displayed in all our car parks. This is common in most UK car parks. You are of course at liberty to challenge that fact in the small claims or civil court and we will defend those actions, as appropriate. I am
  7. Oh on quick note, as my grammer is not very good can some one help me draft an initial letter ??? Please Many thanks
  8. Well an update have had a chat with Norman Clark, there could be a case of negligence on Travel lodge even thought they put cctv in and barriers ( exit one was a roller door ) the front one a barrier so any can walk in off the streets, also they should have informed me of the spate of break inns which they did not, now this can be deemed as negligence on there side as measures although were put in place were inadequate to stop it from happening and the fact they knew it has been a problem, they again should have informed me and/or put signs up stating the fact there has been a problem with the
  9. found this useful link let me know what you think Don’t be fooled by the disclaimer notice.
  10. Thanks Joncris, you help is fantastic will get the ball rolling, with def keep you informed of this one, but if ny knows of specific case files similar to my own please let me know. Again appreciate all the advice and help
  11. Oh berfore I forget, a resounding no, I have not and will not accept liability, I am holding them liable for damage caused and will not claim from my insurance company, I thought and correct me if I am wrong or have been miss informed, but if you operate a priate car park as in this case, i presume you must have some form of liability insurance???? can you help me on this one.
  12. Hi Crisjon and every one else keep the advice coming, painting a great picture for me can you explain the last term "report signage to TS" what is this TS if you dont mind me asking, I seem to be having a gereatric moment. Thansk for all the advice everyone.
  13. Hi all this is the repsonse from the travel lodge. Dear Mr Quinn, I reiterate the information I gave you in my first e mail. I am satisfied that the signage is correctly displayed and adequate for the car park at Bristol Central. There is no obligation on Travelodge to provide any security function whatsoever. However where there are issues we install the appropriate security systems. Bristol central has been equipped with a CCTV system, and barriers at the entrance and exit. When you enter our car park the signage is very clear. No liability will be accepted for any loss or damage
  14. Has there been any case files like this, that have been successful, I just want to take this further than I already have.
  15. They ripped the soft top at the back and all the stitching so yes the damage was excessive. Regardless of signage, they have proved negligent in the security for the fact that it has been a regular occurance. Travel Lodge have admitted that the security has been less than adequate and the staff already knew this was going on for some time. The fact they also charge for the carpark as well. To the fact this happened at about 7-8 in the evening less than 2 hours after parking the car. And please tell me where did you get it recovered for £80 just not possible
  16. Hi Hope this thread is in right place, first off I have been fighting this for months now. My MGF had the softop damaged by some individual in the car park , that is the carpark owned and run by the bristol central travel lodge, the staff were very un helpful and now the travel lodge just ignore my emails. Damage was totalled at £800 for a new softop, the CCTV footage was well below par according to the police and they told me that it was awefull this has not been an isolated case, in the car park, I need some advice as what to do next. They have admitted that security has not
  17. Mmmm, May need to resend them both, was in to much of a rush to get them in the post, may need to start the process again just to make sure, do you recommend this course of action?
  18. I sent my Prelim letter to halifax on the 16th of November and recieved no response, I am claiming £798 in charges over the 6 year period recent charge is £39 on the 14 November 2006 puzzled about the charge as it is alot considering I do paperless banking online???? How ever have now sent my LBA today and will proceed from there wish me luck
  19. Hi, New to this now, I have recieved all my bank statemend from last 6 years in less than 5 days, I have the total amount now all laid out in a spreadsheet and will be sending prelim letter tomorrow, heres hoping I get something back.
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