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  1. where's the best place to get the CRA report ?
  2. Thanks for the help. Sounds like it'll be worth doing, for starters he might be able to get his own bank account which in turn will help get his credit rating up and may even allow him to get a mortgage in the not too distant future.
  3. Nah he said that's the only debt. So its risky ?, knowing his luck he'll be one of them rare unlucky ones in which they followup on the debt. Is £4,500 something they would chase for this long or are they likely to go after bigger debts. That said £4,500 is quite a tidy sum :-|
  4. So is it likely my brothers debt is now statute barred ?. Thanks,
  5. I just spoke to my brother and he was actually employed at the time, they took a pc, tv, stereo, car audio stuff. I read about something called 'statute barred', is it possible his debt be classified as that ?.
  6. Hi My brother had a credit card debit of around £4500 quite a few years ago. I'm pretty sure he got a CCJ and some bailiffs came round to his flat and took some goods. What they took was probably worth around £1000 but must only made a fraction of that amount at auction. He was unemployed at the time and had no way of paying the money so he moved out and moved in with me. I'm 99% sure the debt collectors/bailiffs have no idea where he is because he's had no letters from since the move. Also he uses my bank card and basically laid low for a while so he didn't appear on any systems. I'
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