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  1. thank you will sort that out. I did not do the acknowledgement of service I thought that I had online
  2. Yes i thought that , I thought that they were bluffing but just rang court today on a hunch.. would you send letter to BC and inform them the debt has already been set aside on grounds of SB.
  3. Not a thing from court when i said this to court help line to day they said they sent it out three weeks ago, have been looking around and I am thinking I should fill in a n244 form do you think I should do this
  4. hi date of ccj 27 03 14 have logged in and no defense is showing I cant belive i was so stupid as to not check or get confirmation of receipt.
  5. So I have not defended the CCJ , I thought that I had, but must o fmade a mistake whilst submitting defense online, I am so worried will they be able to send in bailiff now they have ccj?
  6. I have spoken to court to day they said there is no record of it, I have not recieved papers from court either just a letter from Brayn carter to say that a ccj was entered against me
  7. I did it online and stupidly, I have no proof.
  8. Sorry .. I will start from the beginning I had a Statutor Demand set aside last year for a debt that Lowell was chasing . The debt was statue barred. Iwent to court to get SD set aside . the judge set the SD aside. Now Lowells have used bryan carter to get a CCJ against me for the same debt. I thought that I had defended CCJ but have spoken to court today and they say that was never received by the court and that Lowells have got a CCJ against me . for the same debt that was set aside because it was statue barred.
  9. bryan carter have sent a letter saying that a ccj was entered against me, i have spoken to court they said this is true. Debt was set aside by judge in a different court last year.
  10. Bryan carter have just been granted a ccj against me , however this debt was set aside over a year ago, is this legal, what should I do?
  11. Thanks guys, I will take a look at form tomorrow and try and complete it . I may need some assistance!!
  12. Thanks for merging threads I had forgotten about the fredricksonn thread, sorry If I have caused any confusion. This looks like a claim form from Northampton county court there is a claim number on it so I think it must be serious! I have so had enough of them and their bully boy tactics!
  13. Thanks guys, it is like being harrassed and not being sure what to do its like they are a law un to themselves!
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