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  1. Thanks for all the replies. caro - The person I was doing it for is/was retired. And she assumed it was necessary. citizenB - I was contemplating the effectiveness of the Barclaycard one and asking if anyone had experience. But thank you for the pointer. Good to know for future if not this one. dx100uk - Thanks for the offer I already have asked for the statements and have the necessary spreadsheets. I was just contemplating other avenues while waiting for the information.
  2. Hi I just wanted to ask if anyone has used the PPI claim complaints page offered by Barclaycard to make a PPI claim? They have an online form and an option to print out a large PDF form to fill and send. To me there seems to be a large number of questions they are asking including employment status at the time etc, which I can not see the relevance of. If anyone has used this I would appreciate it if you can let me know of your experience,
  3. Thanks, I will add a paragraph (see the original post - new paragraph in red) This is the letter I am looking to send to their solicitors.
  4. Modified letter to be sent tomorrow. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks again for the assistance DX. Cant remember it going to court. To be safe I will leave it off the sheet and ask them to explain it. Onwards
  6. That was quick Thanks DX A couple more questions have arisen as I am going through the fees. Note that the account started in Oct 2005. 1) There is an amount in 2006 stated as "Standard Solicitors Fees" for over £300. I have no idea what this is or even why it was added to the account. Can this go in the charges? Or if not can I reclaim interest as I did not have a choice to settle it at the time if it was valid. 2) There seems to be an attempt to address the fees with two entries (Re-Dress Interest £35 and Re-Dress of Fees £444). This is was short as
  7. Hi I am in arrears with Paratus AMC (Previously GMAC) whom I gather to be difficult to deal with. As part of their pre-action they have kindly forwarded me the complete statement of the account. In it I have noticed that there are a large number of fee items and wanted to know if anyone can advice which ones can realistically be claimed against as unlawful charges: Unpaid DD Fee (£30) Arrears Fee (£50) Non Payment by DD Fee (£30) Thanks for any assistance
  8. Thanks you for the reply Brigadier. The account shows as Settled and belonging to the original lender, and I have had no communication from the original lender in relation to the reassignment. I guess I'll have to wait for the response from Lowell, to my letter requesting the deed of assignment.
  9. Hi I am a little unclear on the rules around accounts and defaults. I have account which has been in dispute for a very long time with the credit company who kept passing the account from one DCA to another who then sent it back when I informed them of the dispute. Earlier this month the account was marked as satisfied with the credit reference agencies, and this week I received a letter from Lowell with the usual threatening tone. I have replied in the letter, and as well as stating that no debt is acknowledged I have also stated that no contract or agreement exists as I h
  10. As it is not my own account, I do not wish to put any details up, in case there are anyone from the company looking at the thread. My understanding is that Zinc is effectively the new name for 'Ultimate Credit Management' who went bust. Glad to provide entertainment for you there I noticed the "may have" as well, but I am going to put a complaint in on the basis that it is worded to mislead any who do not know the law and put undue pressure on them. And thanks for the offer of help. I am quite happy with handling this. I am however a little rusty as I have been inac
  11. I am helping someone with an account of theirs which has been running for quite a while. They have just received a letter from Zinc Collections which states: Is this not effectively asking that they should borrow to pay them? If so is this not against section 2.6b of the OFT Debt collections guidelines? Any views or advice on a reply would be most welcome. Thanks
  12. Just checked the "Mobile Homes Act 1983" and it does not apply. Best Wishes MoonHawk
  13. Thanks Aequitas. I'll have a look. This was a holiday site and not residential, so there may be a difference, but I'll see. Lots of questions to answer here. I do not care too much about Royal Mails definition as I am not looking to send anything. I am interested in what the law means by it. In the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 itself there is a distinction between the two: We have been behind payments for a few months and I am not disputing what we owed them in any way. They were away of my intent to sell the caravan and to settle the account. I had even s
  14. Thanks for the reply LP My understanding was that 'Registered' & 'Recorded' are different. see TS Factsheet: Trading Standards Fact Sheet 31 My assumption would be that the registered is refering to Spacial Deliver. I believe one difference is that Recorded is with the other normal mail, but Registered/Special is kept separate until delivery. They have not agreed to any reimbursement. They are actually asking for more as they claim that the sale was less than what we owed. The caravan was on sale by us through their sales office at about £13k to £15k. We sent them se
  15. Hi I have had a static Caravan sited on a holiday park for several years. We fell behind the payments for the park and have just received a letter saying that the caravan has been sold by the park. They are still after a further £700. Neither I or my wife have received such a letter. Looking at the "Torts (Interference With Goods) Act 1977", my understanding is that the letter must have been sent "signed for", either by Registered or Recorded deliveries. This obviously has not happened. Is my understanding correct and if so do I have a case for a claim against the
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