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  1. let's just say it's a good job i found it otherwise they were going to get not such a nice letter! lol
  2. wait a sec, it gets more confusing!!! they have in fact paid the cash back into her closed account????? this statement is for her old account hence, why it looked like they had removed the cash from her current one! doh so she has £3247.37 in an account that was closed 18 months ago, with no card and not showing up on here online banking! nice one halifax double double edit, it appears that somehow they have hidden her account online, but i found some setting for it to show now all sorted
  3. got some bad news, just checked my g/f online banking, and now there's no record whatsoever that it's ever been paid in! except of course the bank statement they've sent through the post & of course their letter to say payment's have been made & will be made! what else can i do with the fact they seem to have taken out £3200 but left in £600 with no warning or explanation! not happy, but now they're gonna know even more interest.
  4. cbrundle

    CC v HSBC

    @ Latie - how very dare you! do you need me to come round and do any cleaning? as darkrage says it's not a particular good list from the printout and also a bit of the info doesn't come out, when i just select Bank, Case No & Amount
  5. cbrundle

    CC v HSBC

    cheers lattie, i've done the letter, etc just wanted to put the settled cases in on excel so it's nice and neat, but all i can do is select the options i want and print it from screen there is no spreadsheet per se. your lit_settled.xls doesn't open if it is an excel sheet don't suppose you could forward it my way? ta chris ps hanging slightly to the left!
  6. cbrundle

    CC v HSBC

    hi guys me again! lol trying to do this wasted costs order and trying to get the info for HSBC, i want to put it in a nice excel sheet, is the only way to do this via me retyping it or is there any option to put it into a spreadsheet? or even better does anyone else have one already typed up
  7. trying to get the info for HSBC, i want to put it in a nice excel sheet, is the only way to do this via me retyping it or is there any option to put it into a spreadsheet? cheers Chris
  8. cheers Meldrew, but does anyone know if i'm LEGALLY allowed to claim back say 6 years & 3 months from the small claims date if I've been in contact asking for the charges back 3 months earlier, but because they didn't act, i now have to discount £200 worth of charges?? or is it only 6 years back from the small claims date? because if that's the case, don't think it's worth doing all the prelim/LBA/etc!
  9. hi guys have posted on here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank-bank-scotland/74573-rb-halifax.html now I appreciate due to the limitations act you can only go back 6 years (I know some have gone back further) however is it from the first contact to the banks ie prelim letter or is it from court date. need to know in the eyes of the court. basically i've had a letter discounting 2 charges as they are longer than 6 years from when i started my court claim but within 6 years after my prelim letter??? so is there any technical legal jargon I can fire
  10. anyone help? I need to add something in the letter stating: "I originally sent a letter to yourselves on 13/03/07, therefore meaning that the first two charges on my schedule do in fact fall within the 6 year time limit set out in the limitations act. It is not my fault that you had fail to act accordingly to get this matter resolved. therefore the first two charges will remain to be claimed, and I'm happy for the judge to decide on this" that's what i was going to put, but is there any legal terms I can refer to that states categorically that it's from when first contact is m
  11. cheers moneyhelp and cheers sea-sidelady is there any particular terminology i can use in my letter to Halifax to tell them this? or the legislation that says it's when i first bring it to their attention?
  12. well got through to court claim time. they have "defended", but also offering £800, saying the first 2 (totalling £200ish) are outside the "legal 6 year time frame". however when i first contacted the bank back in 13/03/07 my first charge was on 31/03/01, therefore it was inside the 6 years on first contact. so what's the stance on this one, is it from first contact or from the date of claim filed? all help appreciated chris
  13. hi guys just wanted you to know that Halifax have just agreed to pay my g/f account in Full (even added on some extra interest payments until they payout, very nice of them ) 03/03/07 - PRELIM for £2,914 = no response (which was good) 27-03-07 - LBA for £2,914 = got an offer for £2,460 (23/04/07) tempting but rejected on 26/04/07 (they did in fact pay this into her account, but I sent a letter requesting that it wasn't an acceptance and could they withdraw it!) 01-05-07 - issued court proceedings for £3,829.49 (inc £795.49 interest AND £120 court fee) on 27/04/07 = FULL
  14. that's what I did, printed out the 48 pages, highlighted section 7.13 in pen. then I had the next page after with this exact paragraph typed out: HSBC Personal Banking Terms & Conditions Paragraph 7.13 As well as charging interest under 7.10, we may also charge our applicable fee for reviewing overdrafts not agreed in advance on each occasion if your bank account goes overdrawn, or further overdrawn, without an agreed overdraft. We may also charge this fee when your bank account goes over, or further over, any agreed overdraft limit. This fee is to cover our management
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