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  1. Sorry about this, But since my court judgement (which I won) the DVLA has been factoring out SORN fines to a company called Capita - the same company that the TV licencing use. 1 of the directors has a distinctly scary past, I don't have any details on the other directors.
  2. Hi All, I read the DVLA thread to see how people are coping with SORN again as they tried it on with me again over another car. I did test the argument in court and won - the claim was dismissed. This was in county court though - I am quite happy to see them in magistrates court. They seem to be going down the DCA route (intimidation etc.) and taking some people to magistrates court from reading everyones posts. My argument worked in my situation, but not all situations are the same - so always seek additional advice from other people (CAB, or a free legal consultation
  3. They have sent me a statement of account - with lots of (what could be deemed) unfair charges, and also an option fee charged, when it explicitly states in the contract that the option fee may be paid at the end of the contract. The insurance amounts don't tally either. Speaking to the Corporate affairs chap again tomorrow, I'll post more when I get a chance tomorrow - btw your help is always apreciated Steven4064. The fun continues
  4. hopefully all will be resolved on wednesday
  5. Quick update, my protest is on hold till tuesday as I have to await the Director of Corporate Affairs cattles reply on monday. I must admit the dialogue I have had with him so far has been very positive - my view of welcome may be changing. Anyway if his reply is positive, there will be no protest - if negative I am 'manning the harpoons' so to speak. Looks like things may be moving along - had another positive chat with them today - will have more news on Wednesday
  6. Sorry, I completely forgot I agreed with the police that protests start at 10am and end at 5pm maximum. Danny
  7. Hi Everyone, I have dealt with welcome finance for quite some time, I have even reported them to the information commissioners office for their potential breaches of the data protection act. Last week, I got a bit fed up of their practices and dealing with them, so I arranged with Nottingham Police to protest outside their head office, from may 19th onwards. The Police are absolutely fine with that and have given me an incident number and a point of contact with the police. They do have a few rules though: The protest should be peaceful The protest should not hinder anyo
  8. Thanks for thoughts so far - yes I am going after the big guns, the most litigious company in the world. It is not a wind up either, I am deadly serious. I do not like being labelled as a terrorist and my clients like it even less. You may think I have balls of steel, but I am scared - they will make it rain lawyers on me, I just have to ignore them. Help is appreciated
  9. OK I was named in a court case in US as a terrorist, so I have started a civil case off here for 5K against the church for defamation of character and libel. (edit) Has anyone ot any hints or help? The claim is in and I am currently being followed, which is highly irritating. Dani
  10. Hi postggj, Do you have a link to it as I can't find the thread - hope it wasn't lost over the weekend.
  11. Quick note The intimidation tactic, as above is wrong as only a court can take action on the car and I had paid over their reposession amount in agreement #1 Thanks for your help again
  12. This is the loan the person at welcome forced me into, to cover the original loan and add some extra on - the figures seem a bit odd, bit unreadable too and also it states about interest charged on acceptance fee again. Sorry its in 2 parts - its a weird sized document.
  13. Two of Lots of letters from Welcome, only one with an actual handwritten threat on it, which wasn't enforceable anyway Blacked out any personal details and their agent's signature. BTW I have only 3 of the hand delivered 'while you weren't in, we charged you £25.00' ones, but lots of the charge £10.00 for calling me, even though nobody answered you ones, image below first.
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