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  1. before 2005 they were self regulated or some banks were members of gisc .ge weren,t members of gisc so when the fsa took over regulation anything ge done before 2005 was not covered.ge subscribe to the fla basically the fla blows ge ,s trumpet about what the fsa would like to do in various banking /lending rules.no different to you or i joining the rac ,they get paid for looking after you when you need it . no doubt your insurance was provided by pinnacle draught a letter to ge ,stating why your policy was missold and you want the premiums returned .you have to get their final response before filing at court .ge aren,t just going to roll over and give it back you have to push them all the way .make it clear that you will take them to court . be strong ,look at it like this you have taken out an additional loan(extra funds) to buy a policy for five years whilst paying for it over the full term:mad:.you are right to be angry they knew what they were doing at the time , you ,i and many others trusted these to provide us with a product which was right for what was suitable at the time , only to find out when you claim that things aren,t what they seem,sadly apart from the help on here you,re on your own .do it
  2. hi bach good to see you still around .doesn,t sound right that ge can destroy files i would imagine they have to keep records for a specified amount of time on paper then stored on a microfiche system.it wasn,t ge money that was fined it was ge capital selling ppi with store cards although altogether they are part of the same group.as for the ppi bit contact the fos about pinnacle and state to them that they (pinnacle) never issued a policy document even after sar from yourself.ge sold you a loan to purchase this ppi in their t&c,s it would state who the insurance provider is ,so i,m thinking that if pinnacle have withheld the policy info from you they are at fault.how can you check if the policy is suitable within the 30 days cooling off period.also it would have come apparent that the policy would only be for 5 years and not the term of the loan.also what terms and conditions would you have to abide to as laid out by pinnacle not the schedule of insurance from ge.another point being ge state that further insurance would be offered if the insurance ends before the loan term ends,ok so if you made a claim on the policy on the 58th month (you understood that you were covered for the term of the loan hence the hefty policy cost) there is no way in hell that pinnacle or any insurance company would cover you as you are already claiming .pinnacle are covered by fos and they are as bigger rip off merchants(can,t type what i really call them )as ge money. give fos a ring .i feel you are halfway there if pinnacle say there never was a policy but ge state that they have sold it (you already have this proof in your cca) one or both have failed ie missold
  3. i don,t get why ge have cancelled your ppi .looking at it it seems front loaded ,meaning you borrowed the extra to buy a policy.another point is on the schedule (sent to you by ge)for the ppi does it state that neither yourself nor ge can cancel this policy,ge haven,t provided or underwritten this policy ,just sold you a loan to buy it .i can,t help with the cca part , i would file at court for the ppi ,i used a lot of alanfromderby ,s poc
  4. Too right! ge PAY to be members of the FLA:mad:
  5. i wasted 3 months with them ,they gave me the same drivel as ge well you signed the t&c,s so we agree with them .they did say i could go with ge into arbitration with an independant however if i take this offer and don,t get the result for me i then cannot take it to court.bum to that so i filed at court
  6. unfortunately ge weren,t members of the gisc so the fos aren,t able to help against ge .ge must be given time to address your issues as you know ,then they,ll offer you the fla ,i wasted 3 months waiting for them to make a decision ,only for them to decide that "oh you can go to an independant arbitrator but his say is final ".thanks but no thanks ,i trust the fla as much as i think ge are a trusting company:mad:. i sent mine to a rupert peacock at harrow ,but was dealt with by another ge employee.i,m sure if you address it to complaints dept it will get looked at. good luck keep posting
  7. it comes as no surprise you were never given t&c,s from pinnacle.i think this may have been the main swinging point in ge refunding one of our policy,s.you will need to push ge all the way ,we had to file at court .maybe an sar to pinnacle ,include all chat logs ,sounds like an admittance by pinnacle that the policy was not suitable but they were still ok about administering it .might be worth ringing the fos to make that point ,although i don,t think they can help in reclaiming recovery of your ppi
  8. pompey is right ,you could try the fla ,but as i,ve said before in other threads i found them a waste of time.we have successfully claimed against them only after filing at court,out of court settlement was reached.send them Subject Access Request then keep to your timescale ,you will probably get a letter to say but you signed and read the t&c,s,we have done nothing wrong blah blah.because they weren,t members of the gisc ge seem to hide behind this ,don,t give up it,s a slog ,unless you push them they most certainly aren,t just going to say oh sorry you are right and give you your money back:)
  9. probably the only way is to take them to court. i doubt going to downing st would be any good .birds of a feather as they say flock/stick together,who runs the regulators where were they when we were getting ripped off ,now if only guy fawkes was still about:cool:
  10. if you use the fla and they decide with abritration and it goes against you you cannot use court. build your case up and file at court.ge i doubt are not going to give you a refund unless you take them to court
  11. don,t be hard on yourself ,there is lots of info on here ,it just takes time to find that bit your,e looking for . contact the insurance underwriter sar them .they should provide a copy (if it exists) of the policy and it,s t&C also state that you require details of when it was originally supposedly provided to you.i think before fsa took charge in 05 it was only down to the underwriters to provide this info ,since then it is joint responsibility to have to provide copies. ok when you take out ppi you have 14days cooling off ,without a policy you would be unable to read through it to see if it was suitable. contact ge again ask for a full refund stating why you believe they missold it only after you have contact with the insurers ( this may be your proof that a policy ever existed or was provided as stated in their own t&c,s within your schedule),until you have ge,s final response you cannot use the fla or court. stick to your timescale merry christmas
  12. also did you receive a full policy document from the underwriters .not just a schedule from ge.i tried the fla and found them a complete waste of time ,it,s beyond me how they can look out for joe public regarding misselling ,when the banks they represent pay to be members:mad:
  13. i don,t think the fos can help because fn weren,t members of gisc before regs started in 2005.but still ring them though
  14. also you are only the registered keeper and are under no lawful obligation to provide any info to who was driving at the time ,even if you know who was
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