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  1. Thank you all for your help! It's much clearer now. I'm gonna download this spreadsheet right now and put it in the post! Leonor:smile:
  2. HI everyone! I got a copy of all my statements from the past six years and i'm ready to send the preliminary approach letter. I have around £212 pounds in unfair charges. Not too much...i'm hoping they will eventually decide to pay me the full amount as going to court would be more expensive! I have been doing some more reading and i see that i have to send a copy of the completed schedule of charges spreadsheet. Where do i get that? I guess sending a highlighted (where i have been charged) copy of my statemens won't be any good? Also, i don't understand about interests. I have been a st
  3. Thanks for that! I'll send it straight away. I've got another question....sorry if this sounds very stupid. I'm just not sure how to send the £10. I'm guessing a cheque would be the simplest way but who should i make it payble to? Natwest? Thank for your help! Leonor
  4. Hi, After reading and doing some research i'm finally going to send the data protection act letter. I need to find the address for the data protection controller for NatWest. there's this link in the website: http://www.esd.informationcommissioner.gov.uk/esd/search.asp that goes to the data protection public register. But they ask you for all this information: Registration Number, Name,Address,Postcode, Organisation sub-division . I don't know if that's information about the bank they need or about myself! What's organisation sub-division? Can anyone help? English is not my first language a
  5. THanks for that. I guess i'll get down to business now ans send the first letter!
  6. :? Hi everyone! I have recently joined the site as i as well have been ripped off by my bank! I have been reading a lot, trying to take in all the information about the procedures that need to be done. I am still unclear about many things, though. I was hoping someone could help me. Sorry if what i ask is too obvious....i'm quite thick will "legal" matters. I've been reading and apparently the first step to take is to send the Data Protection letter. I actually have been charged the unfair penalties quite recently and i could easily go to my branch and ask for a print out of my statement fo
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