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  1. Hi, Can anyone please help me find a suitable letter to send Robinson Way following a letter i had from them virtually admitting they couldn't provide me with a fully executed CCA? I've been searching the forum for hours & i can't find anything??? I sent them my CCA request on 22nd April, which by my calculations puts them in default by 5th June. Funnily enough on that very day i receive the following letter: "Further to your request for us to supply you with more information in regards to the above account. Our clients have now confirmed the following account was opened on
  2. Thanks Hadyanth, I really appreciate the support. It's not good news i'm afraid. The judge ordered a stay until the outcome of the OFT test case. There were two of us with Lloyds cases that were seen together. Firstly, the judge said that the 20 minutes that the court had allotted was not sufficient time to hear each case & that they would take approx an hour so wouldn't have been heard today in any event. (????) The judge went on to pick apart my objection to the stay letter (that i sent after [problem] said they were applying for one on the 1st Sept. He said he "didn't like"
  3. Thanks for the help with the fax number Barty! I've got my court date tomorrow, fairly nervous, but feeling a lot better after some fantastic advice from Hadyanth. I've done everything i can, so that's it, fingers crossed....
  4. Hadyanth, Thank you soooo much! Your last post is 100% spot on. Here i was, sat in a cold sweat panicking about tomorrow & you've really helped me prioritise the key points & calm down. You've been fantastic, a BIG heartfelt THANK YOU!
  5. Well done on your outcome, you must be breathing a sigh of relief! It's my turn to do battle with Lloyds tomorrow & i'm trying to cram in as much information as possible. Would you mind letting me have a copy of the Fzrkitten/GarryH statement that you used? My case is identical to yours, the court directions were written in a slightly different way but more or less said the same thing. Lloyds didn't bother entering any kind of defence but instead sent me a letter of their intent to apply for a stay. I sent a letter back to the Court last week oposing it, but i'm fully expecting
  6. Quick update - my court date is 12th Sept. Sent my bundle off before my hols on 23rd Aug. Heard nothing from SC&M or Lloyds while i was away, no documentation, nothing. Yesterday receive letter from SC&M saying they are applying for a stay - this now seems standard practice according to many other threds i've read. I've penned my reply, just about to send a copy to them & the court but i can't find SC&M's fax number - does any one have it?? Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
  7. Hi Tbeckett, Please can you tell me where you got your list of settled cases from that you refer to in your letter to the judge objecting to LLoyds request for a stay?? Got to send my letter today & i can't find them, any help gratefully appreciated! Thanks Rachel
  8. I received exactly the same letter yesterday from SC&M, my court date is the 12th Sept, so they are definitely outside of the 14 days with me. I've not received any other paperwork from them concerning my case, so i can only assume that they are counting on the stay to be granted by the judge. I think your letter looks great, will probably use it myself. Rachel
  9. Stratford-upon-Avon County Court on 12th September at 12.00 noon, should take no longer than 20 minutes. No later than 14 days before the hearing of the claim the claimant must sent to the Court and defendant copies of all the documents that they intend to rely on at the final hearing. They should be in a bundle with each page clearly numbered and the originals should be brought to the hearing. No later than 14 days before the hearing of the claim the defendant must sent to the Court and defendant copies of all the documents that they intend to rely on at the final hearing. They should be
  10. Thanks dpick, but i Spoke to the court earlier, they can't grant a stay as it wouldn't get heard until next tuesday (which kind of defeats the object as it's got to be in tomorrow). I've put together what i can, i'm really not sure if any of it is correct. I was hoping for some kind of advise & guidence as i'm so stressed about this. Unfortuntely no one's helped. Bit disappointed.
  11. Sorry to be pushy but i really need some help here & i'm majorly running out of time!!! Anyone?? Thanks
  12. So i finally received a letter last week (but been away from home) from my local court advising that the hearing date has been set for 12th Sept. The usual instructions apply up to this point, but then it asks me for the following BY TOMORROW!! & this is where i need help please: By 4.00pm on 22-Jun-2007 the claimant is to provide the Court and the defendant with a written schedule setting out:- (a) Each and every charge to which the claim relates (ok - done that bit) (b) Details of each and every statutory provision, regulation or contract term upon which the claimant relies to
  13. Thank you dpick & PeteCC, I will try & find out if a 'default' has actually been applied to my credit rating or whether this was just a phrase by the debt company. I'm assuming LLoyds should know this? PeteCC - you're information on the DCA was really useful, thank you. I feel reassured that they're not allowed to start harassing me for payment. It's a bit scarey when you have some guy from a DCA on the phone spouting some credit act, telling you you're in breach of it & that it invalidates your entitlement to any legal claim on bank charges! He also suggested that i got
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