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  1. can anyone help... want to claim back charges from capital one, acct is disconnected and do not have acct nmbers.... any ideas??? cheers
  2. ive just won £3299.61 from natwest, but they had charged me a further £445.00 while the claim was going thru, i sent revised chrges to the court and natwest...... shall i claim the further £445???? i have already banked the £3299.61.
  3. u will get the charges back, be patient i waited for over 4 mnths. im now going to get the further £445.00 ive already banked the cheque for £3299.61.
  4. i received cheque on 13/4 for £3299.61 from Cobbetts, the cheque was dated the 30/03 i sent my court evidence on the 10/4. i had sent a revised schedule of charges for £3745.00. i now need to sent letter to court and cobbetts to say i accept the cheque for £3299.61.... shall i ask for the further £445.00 ??????
  5. hello everyone ........... im claiming £3750.00 from natwest, now received my court date 16th may, sending court details on tuesday 10th april, hopefully natwest will offer full refund before next month. anyone else got to this stage. also reported natwest to trading standards for breach of DPA. I asked for bank statements they sent me another customers bank statements TWICE. sending letter of complaint tmorrow, awaiting reply
  6. im also claiming from natwest they owe me £3750.00 which includes £120.00 to mcol and £100 court costs. i would say to natwest you accept the full offer only of they include the £120.00 and interest.
  7. thanks for that info....... im already claiming £3000 from natwest, i have received my court date (16th may) i asked for more bank statements bcause i wanted to claim charges for this mnth, that is when i received the other customers statements. should i wait for the offer of £3000 before i start reporting them to trading standards ????
  8. i received them only a few days ago. ive reported natwest to trading standards, now sending complaint letter
  9. thanks for the reply............ i only have the customers names and sort code and acct nmber, do not have their address. if i seal the envelope the bank may open it and throw the letter to the customer????
  10. hiya dont accept the offer, you want the full amount..... they will pay up
  11. I asked for my current Bank statements and they have sent me another customers statements, i called my branch, they did not apologise(surprise surprise) they advised me to throw away???? i then received more bank statements on monday, again another customers bank statements. any suggestions???? i called Trading Standards and they advised me to send a letter of complaint.
  12. Need advice...... i am claiming £3000 back from Natwest since Nov 06, i called them last week to ask for some more bank statements, they sent me statements that belonged to another customer??? i called to complain they apologised and said destoy the statements or hand into my local branch. i then recieved more bank statements on saturday morning... again belonging to another customer???? is that DPA breech??? what should i do now??? i got my court date for 16th may, waiting now for large cheque
  13. can anyone help???? im at the stage of paying £100 to my local court and now waiting for a court date, claiming £3000 back from NATWEST since nov 06 and still charging me now........... how long now????
  14. hiya im on the same stage, i paid £100 to my local court with the AQ, i then received the same AQ from Cobbetts saying the same thing that i have not sent my proof of charges even though i sent them recorded delivery. they now say it will be striked out. they are just trying to scare you, you can call the court to see if they have a further update or just wait now for a court date. i have been claimimg chrges since NOVEMBER 06 and they owe me £3000 and still charging me now... dont worry be patient. hope this helps ????
  15. anyone claimimg from natwest????? i started my claim on November 2006, asking for £3200.00 back, i have paid £120.00 court costs and a further £100.00. sent back AQ and now awaiting court date....... has anyone else got this far ???? or know how long a court date takes???? im also going to claim back the charges from November 2006 to this date as they are still charging me each month. any help would be appreicated. thanks in advance :-?
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