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  1. Update. The money was paid into my account today! Thats just one day after receiving the letter! I can hardly believe how quick its been. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Thanks for the replies. It actually says: After we have paid the refund into your bank account, we may use the funds to reduce any outstanding balance you might have. If we intend to do this, we will let you know in advance.
  3. Just received a letter from Lloyds saying my claim for misselling of ppi has been upheld. I am very pleased with this, even though its only for a fewhundred pounds. In the letter though it says that the amount may be used to pay off some of the debt! My debt with Lloyds, however, was sold to Cabot, and original debt with Lloyds is down as satisfied in my credit report with Noddle. Can they still do this or am I likely to be paid the full amount? Thanks for you advice.
  4. Thanks, they already have overlooked being notified several times. I have now sent my last NHS pension advice statement off to them three times!
  5. With every slightest change having to be reported, and the inefficiency of the DWP, its hardly worth claiming any more. Would a phone call suffice, or do you think it has to be put in writing?
  6. My wife had her meeting today (unfortunately I was unable to attend). They wanted to know why I hadnt declared £31.56 pension I receive once a year! But we did declare this when we first got assessed for pension credit! When a woman came out to our house! I have to phone her tomorrow to explain!
  7. Thank you for your replies.
  8. We have to attend another compliance interview this Thursday, 2.5 months after the last one! Last time it was discovered that my wife had been overpaid by £29 per month pension credit, because of an increase in her private pension due to tax changes back in April. Because of cock ups in the DWP offices this still has'nt been rectified! We know this money will have to be paid back (when they pull their collective finger out), but has anyone any idea how this will have to be paid back? This problem has been made worse because of their delay in sorting this out, because my wife now owes far
  9. Thank you for that, some good news at last.
  10. I received a letter this morning from e.on saying, "The department for Work and Pensions may have let you know that you're eligible to get £140 towards your electricity as part of the Warm Home Discount scheme." Now, my wife is in receipt of and Pension and Pension Credit, but the letter is addressed to me as I am the e.on account holder. I find it all rather puzzling? I haven't signed on for Jobseakers Allowance for over a year. So it can't be aimed at me! I am just wondering if anyone else has received this and what their situation is/circumstances are? I am also wo
  11. Ok, thanks for all your replies.
  12. I couldn't find it mate when I looked. Anyway, I have just written to Ian Duncan Smiths office for clarification, as no one seems to have a definitive answer on this, there are too many grey areas and too much contradiction!
  13. "New rate plus" what though? She should get the new rate plus what she gets now! People are saying she won't?
  14. What a waste of time my wife paying extra contributions!
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