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  1. just noticed a reference to my ex-wife in my sig, so after all i've just said, i'd better remove it!
  2. My Local MP was going to be my next port of call if i failed on my own so worth bearing in mind.... In the end their incompitence was their own down fall, not only were they taking the incorrect amount from my wages, but they were not passing it on to my ex-wife. In the end my ex and i came to an agreement ourselves and i have paid her like that ever since. Based on the CSA calculations i transfer the cash from my bank to hers via the internet. She wrote them a letter informing them of our arrangement and they finally left me alone! (don't forget to increase the amount when you get a pay ris
  3. I'm pleased to say my involvment with these idiots is over however, when i was going through the same i got myself sorted by following their complaint proceedure and requesting a 'one on one'. This was quickly arranged and i went to a meeting in the local DSS offices. I took someone with me and she 'took minutes' which i got the CSA bloke to sign to say they were correct etc.... He went away and my case was quickly sorted. Hope this helps (i had an AOE dropped within days and taken money refunded......)
  4. I didn't have any problems second time around. I wouldn't have thought the court can turn you down? That would be denying you right to the justice system - prob the banks speading scaremongering propaganda eh? On your first cliam though - was it un-conditional? They wanted me to agree to no more claims in the future, I said court it is then..., and they caved in without the disclaimer and paid anyway. Just a thought PS Halifax have never threatened my account with closure, I still have it but bank elsewhere now.
  5. Yes I understand that the records have to be kept for audit purposes etc, but when the contract has ended they shouldn't be processing the data they have on file should they? Thats what they are doing however. If contract ends on day - X, which was 30 days after I supplied them with written notice. (The phones were never used again after this date either) They sent the final bill, and I dispute it. Not only do they fail to explain the high level of the bill when requested (in writing) They claim that I never cancelled in the first place, pass my details to a DCA who are now sending threatening
  6. Update - Call from '1st credit' "I need to ask secruity questions etc etc" I'm not giving my details over the phone "I can't continue this conversation then" Okay - bye... What was the point in that? fools! I've slept on this and now decided on the following: Telephone harassment letter to 1st credit Relent and supply bank statements for the periods concerned but with a demand of an appology, return of documents I sent them, and an assurance that my details are removed from their and 1st credits database's. I'll post letter in this thread when I've come up with somethin
  7. I can with draw my consent- the consent is contained within the contract, by cancelling the contract cancels the permission. Or is that credit agreements....
  8. Thanks buzby, do you know of the England HQ, maybe a full and detailed complaint to them might resolve things? I find it incredible that I cancel the contract in line with the T&C, but even after the expiry date of the contract they are still allowed to process data? surly this can't be correct, thats what the DPA is for - to protect us from such like?
  9. Well they did not get chance to post the first letter (judgement by default) as they paid out today! My friends unfortuatly are technophobes that dod not have the internet, however i've explained the workings of this site and they have agreed to pass a sum to me in order for me to make a donation Looking forward to the Halifax replying to the 'estimated claim' though....
  10. Right, a bit long winded but here we go. Had myself a nice phone and the offer at the time was - 'buy one get one free', cool! one for OH. No problems what-so-ever with the life of the contract. Decided though after 18 months (contract term) that we'd have a change. Okay, check T&C and its 30 days written notice. No problem! Written notice sent recorded (Well I am a CAGGER!) The final bills came, well over the average but no call / text breakdown that we've been having for the last 18 mths. I wrote and questioned it. Nothing! Wrote again - nothing! Then a DCA (Hello Mr Moorcroft x) let
  11. Bit of a strange one this - Gets a letter from the infamous '1st Credit' requesting 400 odd quids for an unpaid water bill - usual threats - We will break in and take your kids / You're in court now me lad / You'll never have water again etc etc Bugger, I thought I'd got all these DCA behind me, but something was amiss - My address was spelt incorrectly, they'd used a 'Y' instead of an 'I' and the only person who does that is ex-mrs blanche. First call to UU went quite well, they explained that the outstanding figure is for April 06 to March 07 at my former and ex-mrs blanchie's curr
  12. Advising some friends on their claims and their joint acc is at 8K+ inc interest and court fees, the day for the Halifax to submit their defence has now passed so I've advised they write again giving seven days for settlement and additional interest for the time between filing MCOL to the present. Also, the settlement must be un-conditional and the acutual cheque in their hands by the seven day deadline. If they fail to comply, they will apply for judgement by default and if the halifax apply to have it set aside, protest to the court outlining just how much time wasting the Halifax has gone t
  13. If you have the recipt for the PO you can cash it in yourself at the post office no?
  14. Get on with it Nicki - I took Halifax 3 times on the same account before I eventually closed the account!
  15. yes, understood captain! Thats enough of this talk for now! plenty here though for members to mull over and apply to their own circumstances eh?
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