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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks Crusher....... I cant wait !! LOL
  3. Thanks Maverick !! LOL Just done the letter to send to DG Solicitors with the full breakdown of charges and they will be posted in the morning ! I am now more determined than ever ! I have been thinking back about all the times I have sat in on a weekend skint after being hammered for charges and I'm fully prepared to got to court if need be and expose these "Banks" (I can think of other words for them). Fired up and ready to go ! PRODJB:)
  4. Had the usual DG solicitors response asking for a break down of all the charges ! That will be on the way in the morning ! And then wait !! Wish me luck PRODJB:)
  5. Not sure how to PM a senior moderator either......... God help us !!
  6. Many thanks again Maverick I will send the letter and print out of the charges first thing in the morning, it reads-----! HSBC Bank PLC Service Quality Team Arlington Business Centre Millshaw Park Lane Leeds LS11 0PP Dear Sir/Madam, SORT CODE: XXXXXXX ACCOUNT NUMBER: XXXXXXX After correspondence between HSBC PLC and myself, and an unsatisfactory outcome to reclaim my punitive bank charges I have now issued a claim in the Northampton County Court (claim number 6QZ42719). A full list of these charges and interest is enclosed. Yours
  7. Right !!!!!!! Its on it's way ! Claim No 6QZ42719
  8. Sorry Maverick do i send them to the bank or to the court.....??
  9. Many Thanks Maverick !! Total with interest is £3,425.40 HSBC here i come !! PRODJB
  10. Sorry not posted for a bit ... been away on holiday! All ready to persue my claim on the moneyclaim site now.... but I am still unclear as to what to put in the amount to be claimed, do i put the full amount with the 8% apr added or the basic full amount with the option to reserve the right to claim interest. Also, as to the particulars of the claim how am I best wording this section. Any help always appreciated. !! PRODJB:)
  11. I think I may try that first then....... Many Thanks PRODJB:)
  12. Many thanks chaps...!!!! Moneyclaim website here i come !!!
  13. Changed my mind...... it's obvious they are trying to put me off!!! Just going to file on moneyclaim now.... Just a quick word of advice ..... Do i put my local HSBC branch address or the main registered office ( 8 Canada Square) Had a good look throught the FAQ's cant find the answer to that one
  14. I have now just checked my account and further charges are due to be applied to my account so I will be sending this new letter to the HSBC..... Any advice as to wether this is a good idea... HSBC Bank PLC Service quality Team Arlington Business Centre Milshaw Park Lane Leeds LS11 0PP 8th June 2006 Dear Sir/Madam, SORT CODE: XX-XX-XX ACCOUNT NUMBER: XXXXXXXX Thank you for your letter dated 6th June 2006, I appreciate the speed in which you responded to my previous letter. However, in response to my claim for £2690 The amount is now £2815 after subsequen
  15. Many thanks maverick... I have spent a long time reading all the posts on HSBC and hadnt seen a letter quite like it before... Just thought i would check. I am considering sending them another letter basically telling them that court action is iminent and a speedy response is needed and out of courtesy will be waiting for a few more days , basically the rest of the 14 days originally set.. I am prepared to go to court if needed, but would prefer a pre court settlement. Any input would be greatly appreciated. PRODJB
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