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  1. Hi all, I'm conducting research into colour vision in employment situations. I'm a train driver that has been 'off track' (restricted from driving duties) for 2 1/2 years as I failed the Ishihara Colour Vision Test at a medical. I have conducted a long research project into colour vision in employment and am looking for people that work in safety critical industries that require normal colour vision but have been restricted in their work or dismissed because they have failed a colour vision test. Colour vision discrimination could be classed as indirect sex discrimination in law as it disproportionately affects males more than females. (it has been found at tribunal and appeal tribunal level to not be a disability under the Equality Act) I am also interested in the circumstances that the Ishihara Test is conducted under, whether a full spectrum light source was used, whether the room was otherwise dark, how long was allowed for each plate etc. Please let me know if you can help Blueskies (yes, that one for the old school on here)
  2. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. I think everyone in it has either contacted me or posted on a thread in this sub-forum in the past week. I think permissions could be sought easily. I am posting a copy to you today BankFodder
  4. Good news, I have found my copy and it isn't too scratched for my PC to read it. I am currently ripping it to my hard drive so can make more copies.
  5. Lisa (vampiress) or Paul (seminole) , have emailed them. Cillitbanger (can't remember her name)
  6. I have but not sure if it plays. Will look this evening
  7. With the sad passing of Martin, I thought it would be nice to recount a very happy memory of this lovely man. Not long after I discovered CAG in 2006 there was talk of a CAG meet. The venue was a camp site in Gloucestershire. When I arrived the last thing I expected was to find a disco (Yes, in a tent in a field). Behind this was one of the most eccentric but wonderful men, Martin Kay - Martin3030. What followed was a great party with huge amounts of alcohol consumed. After the event a DVD was produced of it, compete with introduction by Martin. After this I joined the site team and got to work closely with Martin and became friends with him. I have had occasional contact with him since I retired from this site and I will miss this. RIP Martin
  8. Someone needs to remove the details from the wiki also. http://www.consumerwiki.co.uk/index.php/Main_Page http://www.consumerwiki.co.uk/index.php/Guide_to_reclaiming_bank_charges
  9. Thanks, can anyone give me a link to the OFT case please?
  10. Hi all, I am back to pursue a couple of cases for my partner now and, having not been active on this site for a few years, I am a bit rusty as to the procedure (I'm guessing things have changed in this time) Can someone point me in the general direction of the procedure for reclaiming bank charges please. The Wiki hasn't been updated for a long time and I'm not sure how current it is. Bluey P.S. Hi to all my old friends on here. When I am up to speed I will return to helping out where I can.
  11. It is with great sadness that I have read this thread. As a former moderator of this site, I always took the view that, as long as the post/thread did not break the law or potentially libel anyone and put the site as risk, then it was allowed to stay, whether I or anyone else liked the post or not. When in doubt, I often referred to a senior moderator. I think I deleted about 5 posts in the year I was a moderator. I spent some time away from the site during my move from Kent to the North East and, quite rightly, my moderator status was removed until I returned. When I returned to the site things had changed massively and it was not to my liking at all. Previously nearly all decisions were discussed among moderators and we ran with things by consensus. Even when Dave (co-founder) proposed that I become a moderator, he asked the advice of currently serving moderators instead of promoting me on his own authority. When I returned to the site there was a 'manager' who had considerable say in what happened above the opinion of the moderators and I was removed as a moderator as I was offline for 3 weeks. I didn't challenge it as I had already become severely disillusioned with what was happening and as a result have only visited the site a handful of times in the past 3 years.
  12. I just thought I would add my name to the already long list of condolences. Rooster was a great help when I became a site helper and later a moderator on this site and gave me a lot of personal support via private messages both in my claims against my bank and also other personal issues I was going through at the time. I echo BF's comment that although I knew Rooster through here, I had not met him in person, nevertheless he had a large impact on me. Rest In Peace Rooster xxx
  13. Once again the old boys from Eton have helped out their old friends. A sad day for the justice system in this country.
  14. Wise point Yourbank. The use of Lebanese Loops is rife nowadays in most cities and although you can't get your card out, a thief may be able to.
  15. I had the great pleasure of having met Henry when I worked for SouthEastern. I worked a special train bringing him back from the Normandy commemorations. Although a little hard of hearing he had all of his faculties and was a very nice man. It is sad to see that he has died but his memory will live on in the people whose lives he touched. RIP
  16. I stand by my point regarding how (relatively) recently we have been eating meat. I was going back beyond the history of humanity to the apes species which we have evolved from. Most of the apes have a remarkably similar digestive system to us and cope very well on a purely vegetarian diet. We haven't evolved much since homo-erectus times physically, most of the evolution since that point has been intellectual evolution (though if you look at some aspects of society it appears we may be regressing back now).
  17. I had my motorcycle stolen from my back yard last year. It was not insured as I was not using it. It was recovered by the police the following day after having been torched. I was given the number of the recovery firm and asked to contact them. The firm was asking for the £150 recovery fee. This was higher than the value of the bike in it's condition. I told them that I would not be paying it for the following reasons. I was not in any way negligent in the storage of the bike (on private property with a secure chain which was cut) I was not given the opportunity by the police to recover the bike myself even though it was found after having been reported stolen. I did not form a contract with the recovery firm for the recovery, the police did. The liability of the recovery (i.e. the position it was found in) is down to the person that put it there - the thief) If anyone can point to any statute or judgement that makes me liable for the recovery can they let me know. I did do the firm the courtesy of offering to drop the paperwork off to them in exchange for them dropping any claim against me and they declined.
  18. To be honest, as someone who has met both of you, I disagree . I wish Tiglet all the best with this worthwhile project and encourage all those that can to go. I would be there had it not been for a double booking.
  19. The cost in the local markets in Newcastle is quite comparable with the supermarket prices for their 'normal quality' ranges (i.e. not value ranges) although the quality I have experienced is, on average, far higher. I do, however, have the luxury of being able to shop in places like that (I wouldn't have been able to where I lived in Kent for instance) and, as Bookie rightly says, being able to afford more than the cheapest prices.
  20. I have strived all of my adult life to have as little footprint on the planet as possible. Although I am a meat eater I disagree with Bookworms assertion that we have not evolved far enough to eat only a vegetable diet. Human beings have all the characteristics of omnivores and only recently in our evolutionary journey have we started to eat meat. We are not likely to evolve any more towards a vegetarian diet in the near future (the evolutionary cycle in an animal with as slow a reproduction cycle as humans wouldn't evolve to that extent for thousands of years, and also it would only happen if we had a predominantly vegetarian diet for that period). We do not need to clear any more space for farming purposes. The space we have is incredibly inefficiently used and with more efficient use of the space we would become more productive. A major harm to the environment in addition to the greenhouse gas emissions of livestock (would a cork cure this problem???) is the very high environmental cost of transporting livestock (either alive or as carcasses). To this end I only eat meat that is sourced in Northumbria or County Durham (which is easy if you avoid supermarkets and buy from local markets (be sure to ask where the meat is from though)). The two biggest steps I have taken to shop ethically has been to boycott Nestle products (12 years now) and stop shopping at supermarkets (with the occasional exception of the Coop I haven't shopped in one for a year).
  21. Hi LL, how are you? I haven't been on here much lately, planning on a comeback myself when I get the chance and the outside world doesn't get in the way.
  22. Unfortunately I have my own BBQ party at home on that Saturday, otherwise I would be asking Booky for room on her comfortable sofa myself. I hope all goes well for Tiglet (hoping she is feeling better too!) and IPSEA.
  23. We're not avoiding it at all, we are not available, sorry. most of you have met me anyway
  24. Unfortunately I am unable to make it now as I am at work in London. Hope you all have a good time
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