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  1. hello i boked with rayn air on the 9 jan due to go on the 24 jan but now im not well and can not travel so im goin to try to claim back the tax,s would u mind letting me know how u get on with your.s
  2. letter from RSB with a check enclosed for the full amount i am claiming from natwest i not sure why RSB asr paying it but iv put the check in my natwest account yesterday
  3. its has taken me over three months and i was due to go to county court on the 16 th jan but barclays have offered a full refuned but with conditions , so i will take it as i dont av much free time to mess around and go to court , anyway thanks for all the guidence im am to get back 1785 pounds but it been a challange i will be making a small donation to this web site when the money is in my bank . my adivce to all is stay strong and prove to the rest that these charges need to be challanged to fall in line with new card chages of 12 pouns or less .
  4. my daughter had phone call from halifax and offered her half of what they owe 275 pound she a lone parent so she needed the cash and has said yes .:-|
  5. hello im new to all this so please help , i have wrote to natwest and asked for all charges over the last six yrs to be refunded .they have refused any refund and have said to take it to court if i want to but that the charges of 800 pounds are all justified is this right thanks for any help u can give
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